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presumptuous, arrogant, haughty, conceited
prig; poseur
presume, suppose, conjecture


(n.) = hoity-toity ; poseur.
Ex: It's the kind of barn where you can learn to ride without feeling mocked or like some hoity-toities are looking down their nose at you.
Ex: This is an interesting little town wholly populated by poseurs and backpackers with a few salty sea dogs thrown in for good measure.
(adj.) = conceited ; smug ; presumptuous ; self-important ; high-blown ; vain .
Ex: She wanted to say: 'You are a conceited, obstinate, inflexible, manipulative, pompous, close-minded, insensitive, abrasive, opinionated, platitudinous oaf!'.
Ex: A little later in the same document, in a passage dealing in a rather smug way with the then infant county libraries we read that the purpose of such libraries should be to relieve the tedium of idle hours quite irrespective of intellectual profit or educational gain.
Ex: Many feel that it is presumptuous to think that a 150- to 250-word abstract can carry enough information from a well-written 3,000-word paper to be of much use except as a guide.
Ex: He was described as 'a self-important, self-righteous blowhard, puffing his filthy pipe, patches on the elbows of his well-worn tweed jacket, decked out in the cliche costume of the shabby liberal icon'.
Ex: In our media saturated world of high-blown hype and suffocating spin they do their best to tell you the truth.
Ex: The common idea that success spoils people by making them vain, egotistic and self-complacent is erroneous.
(v.) = boast ; brag ; grandstand ; show off.
Ex: In fact, he boasts that he knows more about library work than all of us who have our master's degrees put together.
Ex: While pirates and ancient mariners may have bragged about sailing the seven seas, the phrase is merely figurative.
Ex: Low key and humble, he would never be the type to grandstand and bluster about injustice.
Ex: The district will proudly show off its historical heritage: the monastic library at Broumov, founded in the 13th century by Benedictine monks.
(v.) = presume.
Ex: We presumed this principle of organization in the case of searching the public library for a document about programmed instruction.

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