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profession, vocation, skilled occupation

(n.) = career ; line of business ; profession ; occupational group ; pursuit in life ; occupation.
Ex: She began her career at Central Missouri State University where she was Head of the Documents Depository.
Ex: The computer people are muscling in on our line of business and we can't stop them.
Ex: Scientists, engineers and other subject specialists in other professions may be employed together with information scientists as full-time abstractors.
Ex: Over the past 10 years, role conflict, role ambiguity, role clarity and job satisfaction have been given increased attention in the study of organisational behaviour for a number of occupational groups.
Ex: People who are blind, regardless of their pursuit in life, will not have access to current information, books, learning, or education opportunities unless all libraries and blindness organizations agree to work together.
Ex: Headings such as SALESMEN AND SALESMANSHIP and FIREMEN, since they are assigned to works covering the activities of both men and women in these occupations, are not specific.
* actuar en defensa de la profesión = advocacy.
* compañero de profesión = colleague.
* dar mucha importancia a la profesión = be career oriented.
* defensa de la profesión = advocacy.
* dentro de la misma profesión = intraoccupational.
* desempeñar una profesión = practise + Posesivo + profession.
* ejercer una profesión = practise + Posesivo + profession.
* entre la profesión = intra-professional.
* entre profesiones = cross-occupational.
* herramienta de la profesión = tool of the trade.
* profesión de archivero, la = archival profession, the.
* profesión de bibliotecario = library profession.
* profesión de bibliotecario y de documentalista, la = library and information services profession, the.
* profesión dedicada al servicio de otros = service profession ; helping profession.
* profesión dedicada a prestar un servicio a la población = service profession.
* profesión de documentalista, la = information profession, the.
* profesión del bibliotecario y documentalista, la = library and information profession, the.
* profesión de soldado = soldiering.
* profesión de vocación social = caring profession.
* profesiones de bibliotecario y de documentalista, las = information professions, the.
* profesión, la = trade, the.
* profesión liberal = liberal profession.
* profesión médica, la = medical profession, the.
* profesión sanitaria = healing professions ; medical profession ; health profession.
* riesgo de la profesión = occupational hazard.

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