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proposition; resolution; intent; tender; intention, aim; object

determination, decision design, diagram, plan, plane


purpose purpose

(n.) = intent ; mission ; point ; purpose ; drift ; meaningfulness ; objective ; agenda ; resolution ; resolve ; design.
Ex: The quality of indexing is influenced by the intellectual level and intent of document content in the subject area.
Ex: Its mission is to advise the three sponsoring agencies on how best to coordinate their programs in this area and to recommend priorities for action.
Ex: There seems little point in hundreds of cataloguers in separate locations wading through cataloguing codes and classification schemes in order to create a variety of catalogue records for the same work.
Ex: Chapters 7 and 8 introduced the problems associated with author cataloguing and have surveyed the purpose of cataloguing codes.
Ex: The main drift of the proceedings concerned national libraries -- their role, functions and financing.
Ex: The author challenges the meaningfulness of precision and recall values as a measure of performance of a retrieval system.
Ex: An objective is an individual act intended to be carried out, and a number o which are required to be carried out in order to reach a goal.
Ex: Robert Kent's sole agenda is to attack Cuba and vilify the Cuban library community while supporting the US government's interventionist destabilization policies.
Ex: The Economic and Social Committee and the European Parliament will use it to broadcast their opinions and resolutions.
Ex: Their faces show the stern resolve and strength of people who have no time to shilly-shally.
Ex: Now this terrible message was good news to Florus; and because his design was to have a war kindled, he gave the ambassadors no answer at all.
* APP (a propósito) = BTW (by the way).
* a propósito = deliberate ; for the record ; incidentally ; intentionally ; by the way ; in passing ; anecdotally ; purposely ; by design ; on purpose ; wilfully [willfully, -USA] ; on a sidenote ; studiously ; by the way of (a) digression ; by the by(e) ; speaking of which ; designedly ; as an aside.
* a propósito de = apropos of.
* a propósito de nada = for no specific reason ; for no particular reason.
* buenos propósitos de Año Nuevo = New Year's resolutions.
* con el propósito de = with the purpose of ; with the aim of ; in the drive to ; in a drive to ; in a move to ; with an aim to.
* con el propósito de superarse uno mismo = self-improvement-oriented.
* de propósito general = general-purpose.
* hacerse el propósito de + Infinitivo = make it + a point to + Infinitivo ; make + a point of + Gerundio.
* hecho a propósito = tailor-made [tailormade] ; custom-made ; custom-built [custom built] ; custom-designed [custom designed] ; custom-tailored [custom tailored].
* para cualquier propósito = for all purposes.
* propósitos = designs.
* ver el propósito = see + the point.

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