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provider, purveyor, supplier; tradesman; caterer

(n.) = provider ; supplier ; vendor ; purveyor ; stockist ; dispenser ; supply house ; jobber.
Ex: The information available on Prestel changes as the information providers come and go.
Ex: The receipt of materials and invoices and suppliers' reports are recorded in acquisitions records.
Ex: Thus some current awareness services can be purchased from external vendors, whilst others may be offered by a library or information unit to its particular group of users.
Ex: What advantages or disadvantages do libraries offer as purveyors of community.
Ex: The library is often the only stockist in Scandinavia of some journals = En Escandinavia, la biblioteca a menudo es la única proveedora de algunas revistas.
Ex: All members of the campus community have accepted and approved of the library as a dispenser of Internet support.
Ex: In this context, the supply houses are those dealing in furniture, media supply (wholesalers), technical services, circulation systems, and bibliographic service.
Ex: Many library managers believe that the services provided by jobbers and other middlemen are well worth the additional cost.
* cambiar de proveedor = churn.
* cambio de proveedor = churn.
* casa proveedora = components supplier.
* compras fuera de acuerdos con proveedores = maverick spending ; rogue spending.
* comunidad de proveedores = vendor community.
* comunidad de proveedores, la = vending community, the.
* dirigido al proveedor = supplier-oriented.
* pensado para el proveedor = supplier-oriented.
* proveedor de asistencia sanitaria = care provider ; health care provider.
* proveedor de bases de datos = database provider.
* proveedor de bibliotecas = library supplier.
* proveedor de información a través de la red = content provider.
* proveedor de material de oficina = office supplier.
* proveedor de materiales = materials vendor.
* proveedor de reclamaciones = claim vendor.
* proveedor de servicios = service supplier ; service provider.
* proveedor de servicios de búsqueda en línea = online search service supplier.
* Proveedor de Servicios de Internet (ISP) = ISP (Internet Service Provider).
* proveedor de servicios de Internet = Internet provider.
* proveedor de sistemas = systems supplier ; system supplier [systems supplier].

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