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moan, wail; grumble, murmur; niggle; complaint; (Slang) penis, prick


he/she complains

(n.) = complaint ; cry ; discontent ; grievance ; remonstration ; demand ; hand-wringing ; reproach ; axe to grind ; gripe ; whining ; jeremiad ; beef ; plaint ; letter of complaint ; nag ; niggle ; bleat ; whinge [winge].
Ex: CACs have dealt with pre-shopping advice, education on consumers' rights and complaints about goods and services, advising the client and often obtaining expert assessments.
Ex: The cry is often heard that it is impossible to put nonbook materials on open shelves because they will be stolen.
Ex: No one complained about Duff to her, and she decided not to probe for discontents.
Ex: So, in the bicentennial spirit here's a three-point bill of particulars or grievances (in addition to what was mentioned previously with respect to offensive or unauthentic terms).
Ex: Interestingly enough, the immediate effect of Bodley's remonstrations was the inclusion in the inventory lists of additional separate entries for books bound with other books.
Ex: Demands from clients will often throw up an occurrence of similar problems, revealing perhaps the operation of an injustice, the lack of an amenity in the neighbourhood, or simply bureaucratic inefficiency.
Ex: The book is simply an occasion for ritual hand-wringing about Northern Ireland's troubled past and present troubles = El libro es simplemente una ocasión para lamentarse sobre los problemas pasados y presentes de Irlanda del Norte.
Ex: A standing reproach to all librarians is the non-user.
Ex: The seventeenth century could tolerate the growth of a public library which was committed to the spread of knowledge without any particular axe to grind other than the rather vague one of promoting a happy Christian state.
Ex: The article 'Interlibrary loan: automation, whither thou goest; some gripes and an accolade' advises postponing automation until dedicated funds are available and hardware is standardized.
Ex: Electronic, peer review journals provide the clearest examples of the value of the Internet as a medium for serious scholarship, a counterpoint to whinings over digital disinformation and knowledge fragmentation.
Ex: He offers an antidote to modern-day jeremiads that criticize easily duped consumers.
Ex: My major beef about ProCite (and it's actually true of Reference Manager as well) is that the import filters are not updated.
Ex: A common plaint among some critics is that resemblance is a necessary condition of pictorial representation.
Ex: In the course of reading this article, you may spot a factual error which makes you bristle, or you may think the writing is biased, but by now the ink has dried; all you can do is send a letter of complaint.
Ex: The article is entitled 'One last nag or two or three: it's the last chance this year for vendors to take my advice: put users first!'.
Ex: Wilson was limping around so he must have picked up a knock or aggravated a niggle that he already had.
Ex: But other than a few bleats in the media, the public has completely ignored this story.
Ex: His whinges make me fume.
* atender quejas = handle + a complaint.
* atender una queja = deal with + a complaint.
* dar lugar a queja = evoke + complaint.
* desbaratar las quejas = disarm + complaints.
* después de la queja = postcomplaint [post-complaint].
* expresar queja = voice + complaint.
* interponer una queja = file + a complaint ; file + a grievance.
* invalidar las quejas = disarm + complaints.
* motivo de queja = pet peeve.
* persona que se queja = complainant.
* posterior a la queja = postcomplaint [post-complaint].
* presentar una queja = register + a complaint ; lodge + a complaint ; file + a complaint ; file + a grievance ; make + a complaint ; enter + a complaint.
* quejas = grumbling(s).
* tratar una queja = handle + a complaint ; deal with + a complaint.
(v.) = complain ; grieve ; grumble ; protest ; remonstrate ; moan ; whinge [winge] ; be (all) up in arms ; voice + complaint ; whine ; niggle ; carp ; groan ; rail against ; cry + foul ; fuss ; grouch (about) ; whimper ; yammer ; express + discomfort ; express + despair ; bitch.
Ex: Then he complained to the reference librarian and said, 'Well, you have one edition under one title and another edition under another title'.
Ex: If we take Cindi, Albert will almost surely grieve.
Ex: Staff have continually grumbled about this extra effort.
Ex: 'He's building himself a small empire,' one protested bitterly.
Ex: 'I'd love to be able to get them off my back', he remonstrated with a deep sigh.
Ex: The article 'Don't you weep, don't you moan: a sermon on entrepreneurship for acquisitions librarians' urges librarians to become entrepreneurial, to market their services, and to become visible.
Ex: The advice is summarized under the headings: be positive; be honest; be exact; and don't whinge.
Ex: And everyone who reads, writes, sings, does research, or teaches should be up in arms but the real question is why so few people are complaining.
Ex: Occasional users did not, as a rule, voice complaints.
Ex: Nothing you can do about that so no use whining.
Ex: The House of Commons passed the week in niggling without result over a profusion of theoretical issues.
Ex: You who carped that the 007 films had devolved into a catalog of fresh gadgets and stale puns, eat crow.
Ex: Young kids like listening to these shaggy dog stories, but don't usually 'get it', while parents generally groan over the punch lines.
Ex: She has vented her frustration over the nation's over-zealous traffic wardens and railed against the littered streets.
Ex: Hillary has put her cards on the table and her supporters still do not cry foul.
Ex: A baby who fusses, cries or displays other colicky symptoms is most likely reacting quite negatively to something that his or her mother is eating.
Ex: You can choose to grouch about what they don't have OR open your mind up and see what they have to offer.
Ex: My baby is 2 months old, he spends most of his waking time either whining or whimpering, only occasionally seems content.
Ex: The righties in this country keep yammering about 'we shouldn't be giving terrorists the same rights Americans enjoy'.
Ex: If the child continues to express severe discomfort or if the herniated bulge returns to the navel area, contact your physician immediately.
Ex: In this passage, Macbeth expresses despair at the realization that death is inevitable.
Ex: Nobody bitched, because there was nothing to bitch about.
* quejarse de = deplore ; bemoan ; bleat (on) about.
* quejarse en vano = bay at + the moon ; bark at + the moon.
* sin quejarse = uncomplaining ; uncomplainingly ; without complaining ; without (a word of) complaint ; without question.

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