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quick, fast, rapid; swift, nimble; hasty; prompt; snappy, lively
rapids, section of a river with a swift current; express train; shoot

fast, quick, rapid, speedy, swift

quick quick rápído

(adj.) = cursory ; fast ; fleeting ; meteoric ; prompt ; quick ; rapid ; ready ; speedy ; swift ; expeditious ; fast-paced [fast paced] ; quick-fire ; quick and dirty ; rapid paced ; accelerated ; nifty ; nippy ; fleet ; fleet of foot ; fleet-footed ; snappy .
Ex: A cursory glance at the first column on this page of the schedules shows you that the terms listed here have a code number assigned to each.
Ex: This arrangement is faster than waiting until documents are ordered.
Ex: From time to time librarians do catch a fleeting glimpse of how others see them when some journalist or academic does articulate this widespread phobia.
Ex: This article discusses the serious implications of published research on price comparisons, especially when periodical prices are experiencing a meteoric rise.
Ex: In some instances the exploitation of centralised cataloguing records contributes to more prompt cataloguing, since less local cataloguing needs to be performed.
Ex: Fixed length fields the are economical on storage space, and records using fixed length fields are quick and easy to code.
Ex: Currency is more important in subjects where developments are rapid, than in more stable areas.
Ex: Any shelf arrangement systems which do not permit ready location of specific documents are cumbersome for the user or member of staff seeking a specific document.
Ex: Thus familiarity with normal filing orders becomes an important factor in complete and speedy retrieval from almost all printed sources.
Ex: For example, books close to the door and the circulation desk may be intended for the user who merely wishes to make a swift selection of items to take away and read elsewhere.
Ex: Activities can be plotted to allow the librarian to determine the most expeditious route that can be taken to finish the event.
Ex: Access to current, reliable quality news is an important need in the fast-paced environment of all large corporations and service organisations.
Ex: The librarian should be at pains to avoid the quick-fire response of the quiz contestant.
Ex: A 'quick and dirty' method is for all participants to select their 'favourite five' from each category.
Ex: This is a rapid paced, 30 minute session that introduces students to the concept of a search strategy and to various reference sources in print.
Ex: The author locates the waning educational computing craze in the historical context of an ed-tech trajectory that has brought visions of accelerated academic achievement followed by disappointment.
Ex: Cannes and Monaco have lots of money, beautiful women, nifty cars, lots of style and arrogance.
Ex: Around city and suburbs, the car is nippy and responds well.
Ex: Running up my forearm were what appeared to be several hundred teeny, tiny, very fleet baby spiders.
Ex: You are right, he did look very fleet of foot and he was indeed throwing punches in bunches.
Ex: Mercury was named by the Romans after the fleet-footed messenger of the gods because it seemed to move more quickly than any other planet.
Ex: The answer 'The New Columbia Encyclopedia' may seem like a snappy, precise, and efficient response.
* actuar rápido = be quick off the mark ; be quick off the blocks.
* aguas rápidas = wild waters ; whitewater ; turbulent waters.
* a un paso rápido = at a rapid pace.
* a un ritmo rápido = at a rapid pace.
* avance rápido de imágenes = fast motion.
* cada vez más rápido = ever faster.
* cocción rápida = fast cooking.
* comenzar muy rápido = be off to a fast start.
* comenzar rápido = be quick off the mark ; be quick off the blocks.
* comida (de preparación) rápida = convenience food.
* comida rápida = junk food ; fast food.
* comprobación rápida = spot check.
* consulta rápida = ready reference.
* creación rápida de prototipos = rapid prototyping.
* de crecimiento más rápido = fastest-growing.
* de crecimiento rápido = fast-growing ; fast-evolving.
* de desarrollo rápido = fast-evolving.
* de movimientos rápidos = quick-moving.
* de rápido crecimiento = rapidly expanding ; rapidly growing.
* de una forma rápida = quickly.
* de un modo rápido = overnight ; at short notice.
* empezar rápido = be quick off the mark ; be quick off the blocks.
* en rápida expansión = fast expanding.
* eyaculación rápida = rapid ejaculation.
* ir más rápido = go + faster.
* ir rápido = fly.
* menos rápidos, los = less fleet of foot, the.
* mirar rápida y brevemente = catch + sight of.
* moverse muy rápido = zap along.
* mucho más rápido = far faster.
* muy frecuente y rápido = rapid-fire.
* obras de consulta rápida = quick reference material.
* pensar rápido = think on + Posesivo + feet.
* rápida y enormemente = at a bound.
* rápidos = rapids.
* reaccionar rápido = be quick off the mark ; be quick off the blocks.
* recordar de un modo rápido = sweep back to.
* responder rápido = be quick off the mark ; be quick off the blocks.
* restaurante de comida rápida = fast-food restaurant.
* ser de crecimiento rápido = be a quick grower.
* ser muy rápido = be quick off + Posesivo + feet.
* ser rápido = be quick off the mark ; be quick off the blocks.
* tan rápido como una liebre = as quick as a wink.
* tan rápido como un rayo = as quick as a wink.
* tan rápido como un relámpago = as quick as a wink.
* venderse rápido = sell + fast.

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