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(v.) = reload ; replenish ; recharge.
Ex: Its major weakness is its inability to update easily and modify records without reloading the entire data base.
Ex: The supply would need to be replenished when the multiple copies had been used, so a master would be kept - usually for offset litho reproduction or for cutting a stencil on an electronic scanner.
Ex: With a range of 150 km, the car has been built to recharge to 80 percent of its capacity in under half an hour.
(v.) = overload ; overburden ; burden.
Ex: Otherwise, drinking too much fluid at once, even a pint or two of spring water, simply overloads the kidneys without actually hydrating the body.
Ex: Our prison system is greatly overburdened by non-violent drug offenders.
Ex: Libraries that aren't burdened by millions of volumes do not need subject heading lists prepared for million-volume libraries.
* recargar los recursos = burden + Posesivo + resources.

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