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recipe; prescription

prescription, recipe

it prescribes


(n.) = recipe.
Ex: Recipes is an isolate denoting form, in this case it is the form of the presentation of the subject.
* libro de recetas = recipe book.
* receta de cocina = cookery recipe.
* receta del éxito = formula for success ; recipe for success.
(n.) = formula prescription ; prescription.
Ex: There is no formula prescription, no simple panacea which will revive damaged sensibilities quickly.
Ex: Patient care relies on the correct prescription and proper use of drugs.
* con receta médica = on prescription.
* medicamentos con receta médica = prescription medication.
* medicamento sin receta médica = over-the-counter medicine.
* medicamentos sin receta médica = non-prescription medication ; over-the-counter medication.
* receta médica = doctor's prescription.
* sin receta médica = over the counter ; non-prescription.
(v.) = prescribe ; fill + prescriptions.
Ex: Factors here may be: any guidelines set internally, by external agencies or networks restricting the length and content of abstracts, and prescribing stylistic features.
Ex: Some pharmacists, however, disagree and refuse on moral grounds to fill prescriptions for contraceptives.
* recetar medicamentos = prescribe + medicines.
* recetar medicinas = prescribe + medicines.

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