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rendering; replica, reproduction

facsimile, reproduction reproduction

reproduction reproduction

(n.) = reproduction.
Ex: Included are also rare imprints in the history of medicine such as Edward Rigby's work on birth and reproduction.
* de reproducción = reproductive.
* época de reproducción = breeding season.
* reproducción asexual = asexual reproduction.
* reproducción asistida = assisted reproduction.
* reproducción sexual = sexual reproduction.
* tasa de reproducción = rate of reproduction.
(n.) = playback ; reproduction.
Ex: So, any recording and playback system for TV signal must follow one or another, or several of these standards, and thus be either incompatible or costly.
Ex: Acknowledgements: the author wishes to acknowledge her debt to the authors of the literature that has gone before, and also to the various persons and organisations that have kindly permitted the reproduction of their work.
* derecho de reproducción = reprographic right.
* derechos de reproducción = reproduction rights.
* obtención del permiso de reproducción = clearance of rights ; copyright clearance ; rights clearance.
* permiso de reproducción = copyright clearance ; rights clearance.
* reproducción casi facsímil = quasi-facsimile.
* reproducción de archivo = archival print.
* reproducción de documentos = documentary reproduction.
* reproducción en offset = offset litho reproduction.
* reproducción en papel = blowback.
* reproducción ilegal de libros = book piracy.
* reproducción impresa = blowback.
* velocidad de reproducción = playing speed.

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