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breeder; breeding animal

(n.) = replicator ; reproductive ; reproducer ; breeder.
Ex: Studies place the maximum disk life between '18 months' and 'as long as civilisation', but disc replicators, who have nearly total control of the quality of the media, typically offer only 90-day warranties.
Ex: Cataracts, reproductive problems and skin rashes are alleged to result from radiation exposure.
Ex: So he sets a reproducer in action, photographs the whole trail out, and passes it to his friend for insertion in his own memex.
Ex: With this database we hope to reduce the incidence of inherited disorders in dogs by providing information to owners and breeders.
* aparato reproductor = genital tract.
* órgano reproductor = reproductive organ.
* reproductor de audio = audio player.
* reproductor de microformas en papel = reader/printer [reader-printer].
* reproductor de sonido = audio player.
* reproductor de vídeos = video player.

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