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hijacking; seizure; distraint; sequestration; abduction, kidnapping
hijack; kidnap, abduct; sequester

kidnapping, abduction


(n.) = highjack ; kidnapping ; sequestration ; abduction ; hijacking [highjacking].
Ex: This article reports on the coverage by the New York Times of the killing of a hostage victim during a highjack.
Ex: This is an introduction in accessing basic legal resources pertaining to parental kidnapping on the state, federal, and international levels.
Ex: Ignoring saturation leads to an overstatement of the potential importance of sequestration strategies.
Ex: This paper chronicles the growing frequency of child abductions by divorced parents who are warring over child custody.
Ex: The hijacking of a passenger jet ends in violence and further bloodshed after the plane is stormed by commandoes.
(v.) = hold + hostage ; hijack ; kidnap ; abduct.
Ex: The author recounts some cases where librarians have been killed or held hostage, and the lessons learned from these incidents.
Ex: Information may have been hijacked as the province of computer operators rather than librarians.
Ex: Tom Sutherland, a professor at the American University of Beirut, was kidnapped in 1985 and held prisoner for six and a half years, for much of the time shackled to his prisoner Terry Anderson.
Ex: Suppose you are abducted by a highway robber, who intends to ransom you and in return for your release you promise to deliver the ransom yourself; should you subsequently keep your promise?.

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