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always, ever, forever; each time

constantly, continually, continuously


= all the time ; always ; at all times ; at any one time ; invariably ; throughout ; all along ; all the way down the line ; all of the time ; on-the-go ; at every turn ; all the way through ; all the while ; at all hours ; under all circumstances.
Ex: Improvements are, however being made all the time: the dividing line between microcomputer and minicomputer is already blurred.
Ex: Plainly, it is not always the case that there is a connection between farming and spelling, and many other documents can be identified where these subjects are not connected.
Ex: One obligation resting upon every public institution in a democracy is that of standing ready at all times to render an account of itself to the people.
Ex: Any one document may be required by author, title, subject, form or other characteristics, but this one document can only be grouped according to one of these characteristics at any one time.
Ex: New editions of DC are invariably greeted with cries of horror by libraries faced with this problem.
Ex: In this section of the course you will be introduced to the Universal Decimal Classification which will be referred to throughout as the UDC.
Ex: 'I know you want to do the best job you can -- not that you haven't all along'.
Ex: If we get the right person, then he or she'll get the right people all the way down the line, and we'll be offering the kinds of services and doing the kinds of things a good public library should be offering and doing.
Ex: Many others besides Rothstein have suspected the truth of these figures for years, bearing in mind Robert Kennedy's hardbitten politician's conclusion that `one fifth of the people are against everything all of the time' = Muchos otros junto con Rothstein han sospechado durante años de la verdad de estos datos, teniendo presente la conclusión del político escarmentado Robert Kennedy de que "una quinta parte de la gente está en contra de todo siempre".
Ex: With technologies such as SMS, Podcasting, voice over IP (VoIP), and more becoming increasingly mainstream, the potential to provide instant, on-the-go reference is limitless.
Ex: Three of the five councilors, one of whom is the mayor, thwart him at virtually every turn in his efforts on behalf of these institutions.
Ex: All the way through, the Jews are portrayed as bloodthirsty.
Ex: The males are the ones who bob and bow and hop around, warbling all the while.
Ex: Since many people go into and out of the hospital at all hours, theft is a concern.
Ex: Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances.
* andar siempre detrás de las mujeres = womanise [womanize, -USA].
* aunque no siempre = if not always.
* casi siempre = almost invariably.
* como siempre = as always ; true to form ; true to pattern.
* de siempre = lifelong [life-long].
* durar para siempre = last + forever.
* el cliente siempre tiene la razón = the customer is always right.
* estar siempre a disposición de Alguien = be at + Posesivo + beck and call.
* estar siempre + Adjetivo = be ever + Adjetivo.
* estar siempre al servicio de Alguien = be at + Posesivo + beck and call.
* estar siempre buscando = be on the lookout for.
* estar siempre dispuesto a ayudar = be always willing to assist ; be always willing to help out.
* haber (siempre) una salida = there + be + (always) a way out.
* irse para siempre = go + forever.
* marcharse para siempre = go + forever.
* más no es siempre mejor = more is not always better.
* no siempre = not always.
* para siempre = forever ; in perpetuity ; for good ; eternally ; terminally ; ever after ; for evermore ; evermore.
* para siempre en el futuro = for the indefinite future.
* para siempre jamás = for evermore ; evermore.
* perder de vista para siempre = drop off + the face of the earth ; vanish from + the face of the earth ; disappear from + the face of the earth.
* perder para siempre = lose to + posterity.
* perdido para siempre = irretrievably lost.
* por siempre jamás = for evermore ; evermore.
* que siempre va a la última moda = fashion-conscious.
* ser el mismo de siempre = be + Posesivo + usual self.
* ser siempre el último en enterarse = be always the last (one) to know.
* siempre cambiante = ever-changing [ever changing] ; ever-shifting.
* siempre en danza = on the go.
* siempre fiel = Semper Fidelis.
* siempre hay un princpio y un final = there is always a beginning and an end.
* siempre joven = ageless.
* siempre lo mismo = the same old thing.
* siempre nuevo = ever-new.
* siempre que = whenever ; wherever ; for as long as ; on the condition that ; with the condition that.
* siempre queda una esperanza = where there's life there's hope.
* siempre que lo solicite = at + Posesivo + request.
* siempre querer más = enough + be + not/never + enough.
* siempre que + ser + posible = whenever possible ; when possible.
* siempre que se solicite = upon + request.
* siempre que se + Subjuntivo = as + Participio Pasado ; when + Participio Pasado.
* siempre que Uno puede dedicarle el tiempo = in + Posesivo + own time ; on + Posesivo + own time.
* siempre y cuando = subject to ; on the condition that ; with the condition that ; if and when ; as long as.
* siempre y cuando + Subjuntivo = provided (that).
* tan + Adjetivo + como siempre = as + Adjetivo + as ever.
* tan contento como siempre = as happy as ever.
* tan feliz como siempre = as happy as ever.
* tanto como siempre = as much as ever.
* un minuto en los labios, para siempre en las caderas = a minute on the lips, forever on the hips.
* vivir para siempre = live + forever.
* volvemos siempre al principio = things swing full circle.
* volver a ser el de siempre = be back to + Posesivo + usual self.
* volver a ser El Mismo de siempre = be + Reflexivo + again.

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