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concurrent, simultaneous
occur simultaneously



(adj.) = simultaneous ; concomitant ; concurrent.
Ex: Therefore, as a logical corollary, the catalog is itself a surrogate of the collection, more importantly, as a result of the added entry structure, several simultaneous surrogates.
Ex: If we require specificity, we have at the same time to accept the concomitant complexity of headings and the occurrence of grouping.
Ex: These devices enable concurrent sharing of a single line among multiple uses.
* búsqueda simultánea en varios ficheros = cross-searching [cross searching].
* búsqueda simultánea en varios sitios = cross-search [cross search].
* fichero de sonido simultáneo = streaming audio.
* interpretación simultánea = simultaneous interpretation.
* multimedia simultánea = streaming ; multimedia streaming.
* técnica de audio simultáneo = audio streaming.
* técnica de vídeo simultáneo = video streaming.
* vídeo simultáneo = streaming video.

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