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maid, chambermaid
servant, attendant



(n.) = handmaiden ; maid ; maidservant ; housemaid.
Ex: We need, on behalf of our students, indeed on our own behalf, to be bridges into that future and not handmaidens to the past.
Ex: Nearly half the children in the survey were cared for in their own homes by au pairs, nannies, housekeepers or maids.
Ex: In all three novels, a lovestricken swain believes that he is disporting himself with the handsome object of his affections, when actually he lies abed with the grotesquely ugly maidservant of his mistress.
Ex: A Qatari man is facing charges of raping a Filipino housemaid, when she was 17, on her very first day of employment in his house.
(n.) = servant ; jockey ; skivvy ; menial worker ; menial.
Ex: In 1807 Whitbread's Bill for elementary education was opposed on the grounds that it would spread discontent among the poorer classes and make them poor servants.
Ex: But unless technical staff want to remain in a servant role as mere tool jockeys, they must complete the evolution from craftsperson to professional.
Ex: Cheever's book tells the tale of an educated man's attempt to work as a skivvy.
Ex: These free Negro women could earn only such wages as were paid to menial workers.
Ex: However numerous the class of menials may be, it has not, as a rule, been able to absorb the whole number of those left propertyless.
* sirviente para todo = dogsbody ; general dogsbody.

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