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terrible, awful, horrible; fearful, dreadful, causing fear

terrible, dreadful


(adj.) = formidable ; harrowing ; dreadful ; horrendous ; redoubtable ; terrible ; ghastly ; excruciating ; appalling ; god-awful ; shattering.
Ex: 'It's up to you to see that things are done,' she defended herself, somewhat nervous and abashed by his formidable stare.
Ex: See Michael R. Booth, 'English Melodrama', for further details of this harrowing tale.
Ex: The same author also wrote the book 'Serials deselection: a dreadful dilemma'.
Ex: If we were confronted with the alternatives that Mr. Gorman described this morning, it would have been a horrendous undertaking.
Ex: The city has returned a majority for every Democratic presidential candidate since 1916, when Woodrow Wilson took 65% of the city's vote against the redoubtable Charles Evans Hughes.
Ex: She had a distant fleeting vision of a workplace in which people acted like free and sensible human beings, instead of like the martyrized and victimized puppets of a terrible system called 'one-upmanship'.
Ex: True, ghastly additions were made to XML.
Ex: Loneliness can involve excruciating physical pain as well as harrowing mental suffering.
Ex: His article, 'The skeleton in the our closet: public libraries art collections suffer appalling losses,' examines the problem of theft and mutilation of art materials in public libraries.
Ex: The director and deputies deserve the most recognition because they actually had to give up time with their families for the god-awful places we sent them.
Ex: The death of Scindia was shattering to all of us who knew him.
* Atila el Terrible = Tilly the Hun.
* experiencia terrible = shattering experience.
* jaqueca terrible = splitting headache.
* la terrible verdad = the awful truth.
* noticia terrible = shattering news.
* pérdida terrible = shattering loss.
* revés terrible = shattering blow.
* Terrible, el = Hun, the.
* terrible experiencia = ordeal.

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