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foolish, silly, idiotic, soft headed
fool, dummy, stupid, idiot
tone, key; ring; pitch; shade

foolish, silly


(n.) = fool ; witless ; bonehead ; goofy ; imbecile ; cretin ; lemon ; airheaded ; duffer ; drongo ; schmuck ; schmo ; moke ; twerp ; dweeb ; chump ; birdbrained ; birdbrain ; dork ; plonker ; goof ; goofball ; idiotic ; nitwit ; schlep [schlepp/shlep] ; jackass ; ass ; half-wit ; gumph ; gubbins ; ninny.
Ex: A chapter each is devoted to the comic hero, comedian, humorist, rogue, trickster, clown, fool, underdog, and simpleton.
Ex: She refutes the idea of the women's magazine as a 'mouthpiece of masculine interest, of patriarchy and commercialism' that preyed on 'passive, dependent, and witless' women readers.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Field Research for Boneheads: From Naivete to Insight on the Green Tortoise'.
Ex: The article 'Book pricing: economics of a goofy business' examines briefly the economics of the book publishing process from the viewpoint of the book wholesaler.
Ex: The same evil is done in slaving, tormenting and killing, say, chimpanzees as is done in so injuring human imbeciles.
Ex: Cretin is a word derived from an 18th century Swiss-French word meaning Christian.
Ex: The court also heard the victim's brother accuse the defendant of physical abuse and of calling him a 'lemon and a retard'.
Ex: She's just an airheaded bimbo, with an endless capacity to push aside unpleasant realities in favor of her more satisfying interests: young men and jewels.
Ex: Plus, no matter what she did to stop people from picking on her she always ended up being called a duffer.
Ex: Now I know to you inteligent types this sounds a simple problem but to a drongo like me it is like quantum physics!!!.
Ex: Schmuck entered English as a borrowed word from Yiddish, where it is an obscene term literally meaning a foreskin or head of a penis, and an insult.
Ex: This team of schmoes is capable of anything.
Ex: States know better what their own citizens needs are than do the mokes in Washington.
Ex: He started life as a twerp, then fairly quickly became a jerk and ended up an old sourpuss.
Ex: For this reason, I will probably not vote in the London mayoral election at all and this doesn't make me a whinging negativist dweeb.
Ex: Americans are such chumps, because we refuse to see what is going on right in front of our eyes.
Ex: She has her own birdbrained way of thinking about things, but most of what she says is vaguely prophetic.
Ex: I am thinking humans can be such birdbrains when it comes to communication.
Ex: And then we get nongs like Joe here who just cant help himself from being a dork.
Ex: If she'd been my daughter in fact I'd never have let her go out with an obvious plonker like myself.
Ex: They're such goofs -- they were pretending like they forgot that the webcam was on.
Ex: Mom doesn't want to be boss, but she has to because dad's such a goofball.
Ex: Marc basically can't believe that someone he is so close to would make such an idiotic purchase.
Ex: The very idea that any voter would take such nitwits at all seriously is the real horror story.
Ex: I wonder why she puts up with him, he's such a schlep!.
Ex: Well, maybe if you hadn't been such a jackass I wouldn't make fun of you.
Ex: Maybe they have it in for him because he's such an ass.
Ex: Experts confirmed this week that the U.S. populace appears to have fallen under the spell of yet another pink-faced half-wit.
Ex: But I never know whether to believe Clare, she's such a gumph.
Ex: At some point along the way my camera died because I am such a gubbins I didn't charge my battery.
Ex: It's not my fault that the ninnies you hired were such yellow-bellies!.
* a lo tonto = for nothing ; just like that.
* a lo tonto, a lo tonto = before + Pronombre + know it.
* a tontas y a ciegas = headlong ; runaway.
* a tontas y locas = like there's no tomorrow ; without rhyme or reason.
* chica bonita y tonta = bimbo.
* chiste tonto para desternillarse = knee slapper.
* chiste tonto pero gracioso = knee slapper.
* como un tonto = stupidly ; foolishly.
* con un ataque de risa tonta = giggly .
* guaperas tonto = himbo.
* hablar a lo tonto = talk through + Posesivo + hat.
* hacer el tonto = fool around/about ; horse around/about ; clown around/about ; monkey around/about ; goof around/about ; lark around/about.
* hacerse el tonto = act + dumb.
* no tener un pelo de tonto = there are no flies (on/about) + Pronombre.
* oro de los tontos = fool's gold.
* risa tonta = giggle.
* risita tonta = giggle.
* rubia tonta = dumb blonde.
* ser tonto del bote = the cheese slid off + Posesivo + cracker.
* terminal tonto = dumb terminal.
* típica rubia tonta = bimbo.
* típico guaperas tonto = himbo.
* tonto de capirote = blockhead ; prize idiot.
* tonto del bote = as thick as a brick ; as thick as two (short) planks ; as daft as a brush ; bonehead ; birdbrain ; knucklehead.
* tonto del cullo = arsehole [asshole, -USA].
* tonto del culo = mug ; prick ; as daft as a brush ; prize idiot ; knucklehead ; dink.
* tonto del pueblo, el = village fool, the.
* tonto de marca mayor = prize idiot.
* tonto de remate = as daft as a brush ; as thick as two (short) planks ; prize idiot ; knucklehead.
* tonto genio = idiot savant.
* tonto perdido = as daft as a brush ; as thick as two (short) planks ; knucklehead.
* tontos /tarea de tontos = fool's errand.
* un tonto y su dinero no están juntos mucho tiempo = a fool and his money are soon parted.

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