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transparent, clear, filmy

diaphragmatic, limpid, diaphanous, transparent


(adj.) = clear ; translucent ; transparent ; seamless ; see-through ; seamless ; uncloudy ; unclouded ; diaphanous.
Ex: In practice the distinction between one term and the next is not very clear.
Ex: On the top are slanting translucent screens, on which material can be projected for convenient reading.
Ex: A macroform is a generic term for any medium, transparent or opaque, bearing images large enough to be easily read by the naked eye.
Ex: CD-I (CD-Interactive) finally allows them to be integrated together in a seamless fashion = Finalmente el CD-I (CD-Interactivo) les permite integrarse de una manera transparente.
Ex: Eventually the solution was found in long rectangular see-through plastic containers used for storing Christmas wrapping paper.
Ex: The solution was found to be a composition of glue and treacle which could be cast on to the roller stock and which made a seamless, resilient surface that inked perfectly.
Ex: In that case, the peak of solar energy could be at an uncloudy moment in the morning or afternoon, even though the sun wasn't highest in the sky at that moment.
Ex: As they grow up in those heady post-war years, in the blue unclouded weather of the late 1940s, these are the sisters you'll never forget.
Ex: The moments of grace that he had with her will truly become diaphanous memories imprinted in the very core of his soul.
* de un modo transparente = seamlessly.
* film transparente = cling film.
* notación no transparente = non-expressive notation.
* no transparente = non-transparent.
* película transparente de plástico = polyethylene film.

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