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ferriage; conveyance, transportation; transposition; freight, shipment
transport, carry; move; drive; ferry; ship

transport, transportation


(n.) = carrying ; transport ; conveyance ; transit ; transportation ; porterage ; movement ; haulage ; cartage ; drayage.
Ex: This article gives instructions for installing an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) in a mobile library van (bookmobile) thus enabling the carrying of a computer on board.
Ex: Similarly, if we substitute 'mass media' for 'television' or 'transport' instead of 'land transport' specificity is lost.
Ex: In these circumstances the book is primarily a medium for the conveyance of information of one sort or another = En estas circunstancias el libro es principalmente un medio para la transmisión de información de diverso tipo.
Ex: This article calls attention to dangers of deterioration of photographs, caused by exhibition and transit.
Ex: This paper discusses the farming techniques, transportation, and economics of the onion industry.
Ex: The price includes porterage based on one suitcase per person.
Ex: She is a dynamic dancer and expresses her movements with ultimate power.
Ex: Haulage, also called cartage or drayage, is the horizontal transport of ore, coal, supplies, and waste.
Ex: Haulage, also called cartage or drayage, is the horizontal transport of ore, coal, supplies, and waste.
Ex: Haulage, also called cartage or drayage, is the horizontal transport of ore, coal, supplies, and waste.
* agencia de transportes = transportation company ; transport company.
* bono de transporte público = travel card.
* caja para el transporte de Algo = carrying box.
* departamento de transportes = transport authorities.
* durante el transporte = in transit.
* ensamblaje de transporte = carriage assembly.
* enviable por transporte = shippable.
* facilidad de transporte = transportability.
* gastos de transporte = freight charges.
* huelga del transporte = lorry strike ; trucker strike ; haulage strike ; road haulage strike ; haulier strike.
* huelga del transporte público = public transport strike.
* industria del transporte aéreo, la = air cargo industry, the.
* ministerio de transportes = transport authorities.
* ministro de transporte = transport secretary.
* ruta de transporte = transportation route.
* servicio especial de transporte = shuttle ; shuttle service.
* sistema de transporte = transport system.
* sistema de transporte público = public transport system.
* transporte aéreo = air freight [airfreight] ; air transport ; air transportation ; air cargo.
* transporte de material = freight forwarding.
* transporte de mercancías = haulage.
* transporte de mercancías peligrosas = hazardous goods transport ; dangerous goods transport.
* transporte de pasajeros = passenger transport.
* transporte escolar = school transport.
* transporte local público = local public transport.
* transporte marítimo = sea freight ; ocean freight.
* transporte por carretera = road transport ; road haulage.
* transporte por tierra = land transport.
* transporte público = public transportation ; public transport ; mass transportation ; mass transit.
* transporte terrestre = ground transportation ; road haulage ; land freight.
* transporte urbano = local transport.
* transporte urbano público = local public transport.
* vehículo blindado para el transporte de tropas = armoured personnel carrier ; personnel carrier.
* vehículo de transporte de pasajeros = passenger vehicle.
(v.) = carry ; carry over ; haul ; transport ; cart ; carry away ; ferry.
Ex: Cable TV systems have now been introduced in the United States that have the technical ability to carry two-way signals.
Ex: A modem is an electronic device which converts or modulates data coming from a computer into audio tunes which can be carried over normal phone lines and demodulates incoming tones from the phone line into data that can be used by the computer.
Ex: However, he would prefer a binding that will stand up to being stuffed into after-hours book drops and being hauled from one library to another.
Ex: And it takes little imagination to conceive of future combinations and developments to existing systems, not to speak of new and even more sophisticated means of storing, retrieving and transporting information.
Ex: In England, this job fell to the nightmen, who came after dark to cart the city waste into the countryside for fertilizer.
Ex: When the cells use the oxygen, they make carbon dioxide and other stuff that gets carried away by the blood.
Ex: Celebrities will even hire chauffeured cars to ferry their children to school because they feel this is a safer option.
* caja para transportar libros = book bin.
* ser transportado = be taken away.
* transportar a = take + Nombre + back to.
* transportar al pasado = send + Nombre + back in time.
* transportar en autobús = bus.
* transportar en camión = truck.
* transportar enfermedades = carry + disease.
* transportar en trineo = sledge ; sled.
* transportar por aire = airlift.

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