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overall; world, universal

general, usual


(n.) = universal ; all-encompassing ; all-embracing ; embracing ; encompassing ; all-purpose.
Ex: Document analysis is, then, a universal tool.
Ex: In publishing itself there is little use made of the all-encompassing schemes such as Dewey or the Library of Congress.
Ex: Some databases are very all-embracing in their coverage and attempt to provide comprehensive coverage of entire disciplines.
Ex: What is needed is an embracing approach to guarantee freedom for Palestine and legitimacy for Israel.
Ex: By drawing Russia into an encompassing coalition with Europe and other powers, the risk of conflict will be diminished.
Ex: In UDC the colon has to act as an 'all purpose' facet indicator to a very large extent.
* casi universal = quasi-universal.
* CBU (Control Bibliográfico Universal) = UBC (Universal Bibliographic Control).
* escolarización universal = universal schooling.
* lenguaje universal = universal language.
* servicio universal = universal service.
* SGML (Lenguaje Estándar Universal para el Análisis Formal de Documentos) = SGML (Standard Generalised Markup Language).
* sistema de clasificación universal = universal classification scheme.
* sufragio universal = universal suffrage.
* UAP (Accesibilidad Universal a la Información) = UAP (Universal Availability of Information).
* UDC (Clasificación Decimal Universal) = UDC (Universal Decimal Classification).
* URI (Identificador Uniforme de Recursos) = URI (Uniform Resource Identifier).

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