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urban, city, town; urbane
traffic policeman, policeman whose job it is to enforce traffic laws; urbanite, city dweller, resident of the city




(adj.) = urban ; urbane ; urbanised [urbanized, -USA].
Ex: This document contains information on such concepts as settlement, urban growth, field patterns, forest clearance and many others.
Ex: His urbane manner, formidable erudition, and background experience might have led one to conclude that perhaps he was somewhat out of his element there on the prairie.
Ex: There are a number of factors prevalent in mainly urbanized society which together have produced a situation of crisis proportions.
* área urbana = urban area.
* autobús urbano = city bus.
* basura urbana = municipal waste.
* centro urbano = downtown.
* comunidad urbana = urban community.
* contribución urbana = tax rates ; local rates ; council tax ; local taxes ; tax rates ; real estate tax ; real estate property tax.
* crecimiento urbano descontrolado = urban sprawl ; suburban sprawl.
* dispersión urbana = suburban sprawl ; urban sprawl.
* distrito urbano = urban district.
* en el centro urbano = downtown.
* entorno urbano = built environment.
* expansión urbana = urban expansion ; urban growth.
* expansión urbana descontrolada = urban sprawl ; suburban sprawl.
* microclima urbano, el = urban canopy, the.
* plan de ordenación urbana = town planning.
* población urbana = urban population.
* remodelación urbana = urban renewal.
* seguridad urbana = urban safety ; urban security.
* transporte urbano = local transport.
* transporte urbano público = local public transport.
* vida urbana = city life ; urban life.

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