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utilization; reclamation

use, assignment, application, usage, disposition utilization

use , utilization


(n.) = deployment ; disposition ; exercise ; exploitation ; tapping ; usage ; use ; utilisation [utilization, -USA] ; employment.
Ex: In the context of this report any such policy would have to accept that speedy response to current problems requires the deployment of resources in favour of innovative information-driven programmes.
Ex: The process provides an effective means of controlling such serials until a final decision has been made regarding their disposition.
Ex: A poorly structured scheme requires the exercise of a good deal of initiative on the part of the indexer in order to overcome or avoid the poor structure.
Ex: Thus, the subject approach is extremely important in the access to and the exploitation of information, documents and data.
Ex: Those alternatives call for the tapping of new pools of potential students: high school graduates who are nonattenders; college dropouts; transfer students from two-year colleges; adults.
Ex: Changes in usage of terms over time can also present problems = Los cambios en el uso de los términos con el transcurso del tiempo también pueden presentar problemas.
Ex: Systematic mnemonics is the use of the same notation for a given topic wherever that topic occurs.
Ex: On occasions it is necessary to adopt an order or arrangement which leads to the efficient utilisation of space.
Ex: Through the employment of such implicitly derogatory terminology librarians virtually give themselves licence to disregard or downgrade the value of certain materials.
* de utilización = exploitative.
* nivel de utilización = degree of use.
* tarifa basada en la utilización de un servicio = traffic-based pricing.
* utilización compartida = time-sharing [timesharing].
* utilización compartida de bases de datos textuales = text timesharing ; text timeshare.
* utilización de la biblioteca = library use ; library usage.
* utilización de los recursos del personal propio = insourcing.
* utilización de los recursos del personal propio = insourcing.

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