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variety, assortment; breed; contrariety; description




(n.) = breadth ; breadth and depth ; diversity ; variety ; varietal ; gamut ; latitude ; choice ; smorgasbord ; range ; strain.
Ex: Legal bibliographies are prime research tools as they provide the breadth and background that might otherwise be unavailable.
Ex: Stock breadth and depth and reader groups must also be considered.
Ex: Given the diversity of filing practices, it is important to recognise the most common filing dilemmas.
Ex: Current trends favour cataloguing practices which can be applied to a variety of library materials.
Ex: The primary aim was to identify chemists who are experts in the agricultural production of plants and their varietal selection and the extraction of oils and balms from these plants.
Ex: This gamut of information presents the indexer and user with problems in choosing access points for conference proceedings.
Ex: Rules and procedures are firm, while policies, as guides, allow for latitude in their use.
Ex: The most noticeable effect the advent of Islam had on Arab names was not so much on structure as on choice.
Ex: The article 'Teaching reference by the smorgasbord method' describes in detail the 6 component features of teaching reference work.
Ex: It is unavoidable in such cases that provision will be less adequate in range, balance, colleciton size or physical quality for a language in which little is published.
Ex: The dynamism of a continent-wide free society drawn from many strains depended on more people having access to more knowledge to be used in more ways = El dinamismo de una sociedad continental libre compuesta de muchas razas dependía de que un mayor número de personas tuviera acceso a un mayor conocimiento para que se utilizara de más formas diferentes.
* aumentar en variedad = grow in + kind.
* en la variedad está el gusto = variety is the spice of life ; it takes all kinds (to make a world).
* espectáculo de variedades = variety show.
* programa de variedades = variety show.
* teatro de variedades = variety theatre ; vaudeville.
* una amplia variedad de = a wide range of ; a broad range of ; an extensive range of ; a diverse range of.
* una espléndida variedad de = a panoply of.
* una extensa variedad de = an extensive range of.
* una gran cantidad y variedad de = a wealth and breadth of.
* una gran variedad de = a wide range of ; a multiplicity of ; a rich tapestry of ; a plurality of ; a broad variety of ; a broad range of ; a whole gamut of ; an extensive range of ; a full range of ; a diverse range of ; a good range of.
* una mayor variedad de = a wider canvas of.
* una variedad cada vez mayor de = a growing range of.
* una variedad de = a range of ; a variety of ; an array of ; an assortment of ; a spectrum of ; a menu of ; a diversity of ; a palette of.
* una variedad muy rica de = a treasure of.
* variedad de colores = variegation.
* variedad de, la = range of, the.
* variedad de + Nombre = breadth of + Nombre.
* variedad enana = dwarf variety.

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