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sell, trade, market; place

dispose of, sell, vend

to sell

(v.) = market ; sell ; flog ; dispose of ; peddle ; cash out (of) ; sell off.
Ex: In information retrieval applications it was more usual for one organisation to carry most of the burden of development of the system, and then to market it to others.
Ex: Since a software package is to be sold it must be visible on the marketplace.
Ex: Shops which keep on selling cigarettes to children under 16 will be banned from flogging tobacco.
Ex: List and describe the steps involved in withdrawing and disposing of books which are no longer required.
Ex: It could lose those shareholders who may not want to be associated with a conglomerate which also peddles death and destruction.
Ex: The next generation is opting to cash out of the small, family-owned farms that harbor centuries of rural wisdom and deep tradition.
Ex: After selling off a few things, they went to a bar where they had a few rounds of drinking, and a few bar hops later they both passed out on the sidewalk.
* arte de vender = salesmanship ; specsmanship.
* con licencia para vender bebidas alcohólicas = licensed.
* llamar a una casa para vender = cold call.
* no vendas la leche antes de ordeñar la vaca = don't count your chickens before they are hatched.
* que se vende = priced.
* sin vencer = unexpired.
* sin venderse = unsold.
* tienda que vende de todo = general store.
* vender a Alguien como esclavo = sell + Nombre + into slavery.
* vender a crédito = make + a charge sale.
* vender a cuenta = trade for + credit.
* vender al contado = trade for + cash.
* vender al detalle = retail.
* vender al por mayor = sell in + bulk ; wholesale.
* vender al por menor = retail.
* vender a precio de costo = sell at + cost.
* vender a precio de ganga = sell at + bargain price.
* vender a un precio más barato que = undercut.
* vender de casa en casa = peddle.
* vender el alma = sell + Posesivo + soul.
* vender el alma al diablo = sell + Posesivo + soul to the devil.
* vender en el extranjero a precios inferiores que en el país de origen = dump.
* vender la moto a Alguien = pull + the wool over + Posesivo + eyes.
* vender más barato = undercut.
* venderse = change + hands.
* venderse a cambio de oro = sell + Reflexivo + for gold.
* venderse barato = sell + Reflexivo + short.
* venderse caro = play + hard to get ; play it + cool.
* venderse como churros = sell like + hot cakes ; go like + hot cakes.
* venderse como pan caliente = sell like + hot cakes ; go like + hot cakes.
* venderse como rosquillas = sell like + hot cakes ; go like + hot cakes.
* venderse más que = outsell.
* venderse por + Dinero = fetch + Dinero.
* venderse por oro = sell + Reflexivo + for gold.
* venderse rápido = sell + fast.
* vender todas las entradas de un Evento = sell out.
* vender un producto = carry.
* vender un servicio = market + service.
(v.) = change + hands.
Ex: This handbook is a collector's guide to popular children's beanbag animal toys, rare examples of which change hands for thousand of dollars = Este manual es una guía para el coleccionista de animales de juguete rellenos de bolitas para niños, algunos de los cuales (los más raros) se llegan a vender por miles de dólares.

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