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vertiginous, dizzy; breakneck


(adj.) = exponential ; staggering ; spiralling [spiraling, -USA] ; dizzying ; fast-paced [fast paced] ; galloping ; fast-moving ; heady ; giddy ; fast and furious.
Ex: Information technology continues to develop at an exponential rate.
Ex: It's a staggering list of accomplishments, and considering bureaucracy and some of the internal problems of the Library of Congress, I think that the Library deserves a great deal of credit and commendation.
Ex: The ARL Serials Project is an initiative by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) designed to combat the spiralling increases in periodicals prices.
Ex: Unfortunately, the dizzying array of computing and networking environments often frustrates end users' attempts to navigate the Internet = Desafortunadamente, con frecuencia la variedad tan desconcertante de entornos informáticos y de redes frusta los intentos de los usuarios finales de navegar por la red.
Ex: Access to current, reliable quality news is an important need in the fast-paced environment of all large corporations and service organisations.
Ex: But the introduction of market economics, galloping inflation and the breakdown of old administrative structures are causing problems, especially over funding..
Ex: I have also taken the opportunity to up-date every chapter of the book so as to help the reader keep track of this fast-moving technology.
Ex: The heady integration scenario is that given a seemingly simple query the system would automatically expand the search beyond the capabilities of an inexperienced user.
Ex: After rising to giddy heights, share prices of Internet companies have dropped.
Ex: The pace was fast and furious and the noise was non-stop.
* ascenso vertiginoso = spiralling [spiraling, -USA].
* aumento vertiginoso = spiralling [spiraling, -USA] ; exponential increase ; exponential growth.
* a un ritmo vertigionoso = at a blistering pace.
* avanzar a un ritmo vertiginoso = proceed + at a blistering pace.
* cambio vertiginoso = spiral of change.
* crecimiento vertiginoso = exponential growth ; exponential increase ; exponential rate of + growth.
* crecimiento vertiginoso de la información, el = information explosion, the.
* en caída vertiginosa = tumbling.
* Nombre + vertiginoso = exponential rate of + Nombre.
* ritmo vertiginoso = blistering pace ; dizzying pace ; dizzying speed ; staggering rate.
* subida vertiginosa = spiralling [spiraling, -USA].

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