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journey, trip, voyage; travel; ride, drive
travel, go on a journey, go on a voyage, move, go from one place to another

journey, trip, voyage



(n.) = travel ; trip ; trek ; voyage ; journey ; journeying ; transit ; ride.
Ex: SIA in the United Kingdom covers information on travel and transport, economics in EEC countries, construction of nuclear power stations, and financial information.
Ex: The approach may differ according to whether the person is preparing for a trip, settling a bet, beginning work on a 15-minute talk to a service club, or is undertaking to write a book on the subject.
Ex: Standing in the early morning on the balcony of her apartment, she was smote as she always was by the grandeur of the sky turning to scarlet as the rim of darkness in the east released the sun for its sluggish trek through the heavens.
Ex: Compound headings are quite widely used, eg Pilgrims and pilgrimages, Pilots and pilotage, voyages and travels.
Ex: When at one stage of his journey Christian lost his roll, he was very distressed until he found it again.
Ex: Sometimes of an evening, after my miserable journeyings through the day, I would stand for hours in the Strand, leaning against the shutters of a closed shop, and watching the compositors at work by gaslight on the opposite side of the way, upon a morning paper.
Ex: This article calls attention to dangers of deterioration of photographs, caused by exhibition and transit.
Ex: For the second part, the conference will move to island Mljet, less than a two-hour ride from Dubrovnik on a fast catamaran.
* agencia de viajes = travel agency ; travel agent.
* agente de viajes = travel agent.
* asistencia en viaje = roadside assistance.
* bolsa de viaje = travel grant ; travel bursary ; travelbag.
* cheque de viaje = travellers' cheque.
* comenzar un viaje = set off on + a journey.
* compañero de viaje = fellow traveller.
* compañía de viajes = travel company.
* compartir el viaje en coche = car-pool [carpool].
* diario de viajes = travel journal.
* dieta de viaje = travel allowance.
* documental sobre viajes = travelogue [travelog, -USA].
* duración del viaje = journey time.
* emprender un viaje = set off on + a journey.
* empresa de viajes = travel company.
* gastos de viaje = travelling expenses ; travel expenses.
* guía de viaje = travel brochure.
* guía de viajes = travel guide.
* hacer un viaje = make + a journey.
* información sobre viajes = travel information.
* informe del viaje realizado = travel report.
* ir de viaje de novios = honeymoon.
* libro de viajes = travel book ; travelogue [travelog, -USA].
* literatura de viajes = travel literature.
* modalidad de viaje = travel scheme.
* narración sobre viajes = travelogue [travelog, -USA].
* pertrechos de viaje = travelgear.
* primer viaje = maiden voyage.
* programación del viaje = travel plan.
* programa de viaje = travel plan.
* realizar un viaje = make + a journey.
* relacionado con los viajes = travel-related.
* sector de las agencias de viajes, el = travel sector, the.
* sector de las agencias de viajes, el = travel industry, the.
* seguro de viaje = travel insurance.
* tarifa plana de viajes = unlimited travel.
* viaje al extranjero = foreign travel.
* viaje a través del tiempo = time travel.
* viaje cultural = cultural visit.
* viaje de compras = shopping trip.
* viaje de descubrimiento = voyage of discovery.
* viaje de estudio = study trip.
* viaje de ida = one-way ticket.
* viaje del colegio = school trip.
* viaje de novios = honeymoon.
* viaje de vacaciones = holiday excursion ; holiday trip.
* viaje en autobús = bus ride ; bus trip.
* viaje en avión = air travel ; air transportation.
* viaje en bicicleta = bicycle ride.
* viaje en coche compartido = car-pool [carpool].
* viaje en el tiempo = time travel.
* viaje en tren = train ride ; train journey.
* viaje espiritual = spiritual journey.
* viaje organizado = package holiday ; vacation package.
* viaje por agua = sailing trip.
* viaje por el tiempo = time travel.
* viaje por mar = sailing trip.
* viaje por motivos académicos = study trip.
* viajes = wanderings.
* viajes ilimitados = unlimited travel.
(v.) = travel ; journey ; trek.
Ex: Each packet includes the address of the final destination, and the packets travel separately, perhaps taking different routes through the network.
Ex: Pilgrims journeyed to the cathedral to view the Veil of the Virgin, a strip of cloth believed to have been worn by the Virgin Mary at the Nativity of Christ.
Ex: It makes sound sense to house all materials on the same subject together so that the information seeker needs to go to one place only rather than trek to half a dozen different areas to discover the books, pamphlets, periodicals, portfolios, cassettes and slides on his chosen subject.
* ansias de viajar = itchy feet.
* haber viajado mucho = be well-travelled.
* pasión de viajar = wanderlust.
* persona que ha viajado mucho = seasoned traveller.
* personas que siempre están viajando, las = those on the go.
* viajar al extranjero = visit + abroad.
* viajar a través del espacio = travel through + space.
* viajar a través del tiempo = time travel ; travel through + time.
* viajar de acompañante = ride + shotgun.
* viajar de copiloto = ride + shotgun.
* viajar en barco = sailing.
* viajar en el tiempo = travel through + time ; time travel ; time travel.
* viajar en primera clase = travel (in) + first-class.
* viajar en segunda clase = travel (in) + second-class.
* viajar hacia atrás en el tiempo = travel back in + time.
* viajar llevando un mochila = backpacking.
* viajar mucho = travel + extensively.
* viajar por = tour ; travel around.
* viajar por el espacio = travel through + space.
* viajar por el mundo = travel around + the world ; travel + the world.
* viajar por el mundo en coche = drive around + the world.
* viajar por el tiempo = travel through + time.

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