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vomit, stomach contents which have been expelled through the mouth
vomit, disgorge, throw up

regurgitation, regurgitate, upchuck, vomit vomit, puke

he/she vomited

(n.) = vomit ; vomiting ; spew ; puke ; barf.
Ex: The section on hygiene gives particular attention to methods caregivers can use to deal with blood, saliva, tears, bites, faeces, urine, vomit, and the ritual by which children become blood brothers or sisters.
Ex: The use of antiemetics was evaluated in hospitalized patients receiving cancer chemotherapy agents with a known propensity for causing, alone or in combination, varying degrees of nausea or vomiting.
Ex: I was a little stunned to read Ken's latest post, in which he complains about 'an endless, rancid spew of spam'.
Ex: I see so many mounds of puke in the gutter, on the sidewalk and in the subway, but I never see the perpetrator.
Ex: He stumbled down her hallway looking for the bathroom and grabbed a towel to try and clean up the barf on her bed, head, and arms.
* bolsa para vómitos = vomit bag.
* náusea y vómito = nausea and vomiting.
(v.) = vomit ; spew (out) ; puke ; throw up ; yack (up) ; barf (up) ; be sick ; toss + Posesivo + cookies ; belch out.
Ex: The author considers sources for two versions of a woodcut broadsheet showing Daniel in the lion's den and Jonah vomited out by the great fish.
Ex: Simultaneously, automatic gunfire spewed out from a sandbagged position west of the village across the river mouth.
Ex: The word 'puke' is sometimes considered offensive.
Ex: He fell so hard that it made him throw up and both his legs swelled and went black and blue.
Ex: I had my head in the toilet yacking up my breakfast when I heard the doorbell ring.
Ex: I hate to say this but it's true -- she looked like something that a cat barfed up.
Ex: They are there to study and knuckle down to academic work, not get drunk, be sick, miss lessons/lectures, and generally be a tax/soap dodger.
Ex: She hadn't actually tossed her cookies, but the dust of the road and the smell of the exhaust combined with the bumpy ride had nauseated her.
Ex: In the early 18th century the volcanoes in this area belched out molten lava and buried entire villages and hamlets.
* con ganas de vomitar = queasy .
* hacer vomitar = make + Nombre + sick ; make + Nombre + feel sick in the stomach.

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