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Buscadores en Inglés
searcher, seeker; investigator; prospector

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Buscadores en Catalán
buscadors, cercadors

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Buscadores en Inglés

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(n.) = seeker ; portal ; search engine ; crawler ; Web crawler ; spider ; intelligent agent ; mining agent ; intelligent search agent ; search agent ; digger ; prospector.
Ex: The cards in the index are liable to become disorganized if inexperienced information seekers tamper with the index.
Ex: Portals are those Web sites which tend to be the starting points for Internet users and are the most intensively used consumer Web sites in the world.
Ex: The number of World Wide Web (WWW) databases or search engines has grown rapidly = El total de bases de datos o buscadores World Wide Web ha aumentado rápidamente.
Ex: Automated 'crawlers' index the complete text of Web documents = Los 'motores de búsqueda' indizan el texto completo de los documentos web.
Ex: The Internet search engines, such as AltaVista and Excite, send out robots or Web crawlers to trawl the Internet and automatically index the files that they find.
Ex: These spiders dynamically take a user's selected starting homepages and search the most closely related homepages on the Web, based on links and keyword indexing = Estos buscadores usan dinámicamente las páginas web principales seleccionadas por un usuario y buscan en la web las páginas más estrechamente relacionadas que contengan enlaces y palabras clave asignadas similares.
Ex: Intelligent agents are specialized software designed to search through electronic mail and databases, and scan networks for interesting pieces of news and information on behalf of a single searcher.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Complementing search engines with online web mining agents'.
Ex: The author reviews the range of software designed to act as intelligent search agents to assist users find materials of interest in the Internet.
Ex: Search agents could be used for monitoring the World Wide Web, or searching newspapers.
Ex: Based on real events on the Australian goldfields in the 1850s, 'Three Diggers' chronicles the adventures of three gold prospectors.
Ex: In 1897 he quit a wretchedly underpaid job and set out to make his fortune as a prospector in the gemstone fields of Alice Springs.
* buscador de empleo = job applicant ; job seeker.
* buscador de información = information seeker ; searcher.
* buscador de oro = gold digger ; gold prospector.
* buscador de placeres = pleasure seeker.
* buscador de trabajo = job applicant ; job seeker.
* buscador por materias = subject gateway.
* buscador web = Web spider.

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Buscadores en Italiano
motore di ricerca

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