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Científico en Inglés
scientific scientist

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Científico en Búlgaro
 a 1. adj научен; 2. m учен.

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Científico en Catalán

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Científico en Alemán
wissenschaftlich / Wissenschaftler Naturwissenschaftler

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wissenschaftlich wissenschaftlich

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Científico en Danés

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Científico en Inglés
scientifical, scientific scientist, scientific

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(n.) = scholar ; scientist ; academic.
Nota: Nombre.
Ex: Under 'American scholar' he found editions published beginning, I believe, in the 1880s.
Ex: Thus the electronic journal (e-journal) is a concept where scientists are able to input ideas and text to a computer data base for their colleagues to view, and similarly to view the work of others.
Ex: It is well past the time for academics to challenge growing unconstitutional restraints on freedom to publish.
* científico de la industria = industrial scientist.
* científico de las ciencias de la tierra = geoscientist.
* científico de la universidad = academic scientist.
* científico del gobierno = government scientist.
* científico teórico = theorist.
(adj.) = academic ; learned ; scholarly ; scientific.
Ex: Academic disputations are generally entered under the heading for the faculty moderator.
Ex: Abstracts will accompany various learned, technical or scholarly contributions.
Ex: Personal authorship has been accepted for some time, and indeed reflects the scholarly practice of the western world.
Ex: Over one hundred data bases are available, of which around half could be broadly categorised as scientific and technical.
* argumento científico = scientific argument.
* artículo científico = scholarly article ; academic paper ; scientific article.
* campo científico = academic field ; scientific field.
* científico-técnico = scientific-technical ; sci-tech [scitech o sci/tech].
* científico-tecnológico = scientific-technological.
* comité científico = scientific committee.
* composición científica = academic writing.
* comunicación científica = scientific communication.
* comunidad científica = knowledge community.
* comunidad científica, la = scientific community, the ; research community, the ; scientific research community, the ; scholarly community, the.
* conocimiento científico = scientific knowledge.
* CRISP (Recuperación Automatizada de Información sobre Proyectos Científicos) = CRISP (Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects).
* cuestión científica = scientific issue.
* cultura científica = scientific culture.
* debate científico = scientific debate.
* deshonestidad científica = scientific misconduct.
* disciplina científica = scientific discipline.
* divulgación científica = popular science.
* documento científico = scholarly work.
* edición científica = academic publishing.
* editorial científica = scholarly publisher ; scholarly press ; academic publisher.
* expedición científica = scientific expedition.
* expresión científica = scientific locution.
* falta de ética científica profesional = scientific misconduct.
* fraude científico = scientific fraud.
* histórico-científico = historico-scientific.
* impacto científico = scientific impact.
* información científica = scholarly information ; scientific information.
* información científica y técnica = scientific and technical information (STI).
* informe científico = scientific report.
* Instituto de Información Científica (ISI) = Institute of Scientific Information (ISI).
* investigación científica = scholarly research ; scientific enquiry ; scientific research ; academic research.
* investigador científico = scholarly researcher.
* lenguaje científico = scientific language.
* ley de productividad científica de Lotka = Lotka's scientific productivity law.
* leyes científicas = laws of physics.
* libro científico = scholarly book ; scientific book.
* literatura científica = scientific literature.
* locución científica = scientific locution.
* mala conducta científica = scientific misconduct.
* mal comportamiento científico = scientific misconduct.
* mundo científico, el = scholarly community, the ; scientific world, the.
* no científico = unscientific.
* pensamiento científico = scientific thought.
* poco científico = unscientific ; hit (and/or) miss.
* política científica = scientific policy ; science policy ; research policy.
* producción científica = scholarly output ; research writings ; scientific output ; publication output.
* producción científica de investigación = research literature.
* productividad científica = scientific productivity.
* publicación científica = research publication ; scientific publication ; scholarly publication.
* redacción científica = scientific writing ; research writing.
* reunión científica = scientific research meeting.
* revista científica = journal ; scholarly journal ; scientific journal ; technical journal ; academic journal ; scientific periodical ; scientific serial ; scholarly periodical ; learned journal ; research journal.
* sociedad científica = scholarly academy ; scientific society.
* teoría científica = scientific theory.
* trabajo científico = scholarly work ; scientific work.

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Científico en Finlandés
tieteellinen tiedemies

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tiedemies, tutkija

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