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Tonos en Inglés
tone, key; ring; pitch; shade

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(n.) = tenor ; tone ; overtone ; quality ; shading ; pitch ; undertone ; chime.
Nota: De timbre, campana, reloj, móvil o similar.
Ex: My second point may be a slightly tangential, but I hope it is a concrete reaction to the general tenor of Mr. Lubetzky's remarks and the general subject posed.
Ex: 'Get on with this,' the principal dictated, in a somewhat less severe tone.
Ex: Those materials they describe as ephemera must be collected and despite the derogatory overtones of the descriptor, carefully organized.
Ex: 'I'm rather surprised that Arnold would have bothered you with such a trivial matter, Ms. Bragge,' Wronski said with a reassuring smile which had an almost fatherly quality.
Ex: The darkest and the lightest shading took the shortest amount of time, the medium shading the longest.
Ex: The heading PITCH (Music) illustrates how to qualify a word by another in parenthesis to clarify the meaning = El encabezamiento TONO (Música) ilustra cómo modificar una palabra con otra entre paréntesis para aclarar el significado.
Ex: Speakers covered the history of the campaign to alert parents to racist undertones in children's books.
Ex: After hearing the chimes, dial your ten-digit customer identification number.
* cambiar el tono = modulate.
* chiste subido de tono = off-colour joke.
* con tono arrepentido = contritely.
* con un tono + Adjetivo = in a + Adjetivo + tone.
* dar tono = tone.
* dar un tono = give + effect.
* de dos tonos = bitonal.
* de todos los tonos y matices = of all shades and hues ; of every shade and hue.
* de tono + Adjetivo = Adjetivo + in tone.
* en tono burlón = mockingly ; jokingly.
* en tono cáustico = scathingly.
* en tono guasón = mockingly ; jokingly.
* en tono mordaz = scathingly.
* en tono reprobatorio = reprovingly ; reproachfully.
* en tono sarcástico = sardonically.
* en tono servil = grovelling [groveling, -USA].
* establecer el tono = set + the theme.
* marcar el tono = establish + the tone.
* recitar en tono monótono = chant.
* relativo al tono = tonal.
* subido de tono = risqué ; racy ; bawdy ; off-colour.
* tener un tono + Adjetivo = have + a + Adjetivo + quality.
* terminar en un tono + Adjetivo = end on + a + Adjetivo + note.
* tomar un tono + Adjetivo = take on + Adjetivo + character.
* tono apagado = flat tone.
* tono auditivo = audio tune.
* tono continuo modulado = half-tone.
* tono de llamada = dial tone.
* tono de voz = tone of voice.
* tono ligero = light touch.
* tono muscular = muscle tone.
* tono rojizo = reddishness.
* tono superficial = light touch.
* voz + adquirir + tono = voice + take on + quality.

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