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compact disk that can be written to more than one time

compact disc rewritable

CD ReWritable

Compact Disk - Re-Writable

CD-RW (Compact Disc-ReWritable) is a digital optical disc storage format. A CD-RW disc is a compact disc that can be written, read arbitrarily many times, erased, and written again. The technology was introduced in 1997.

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Compact Disk - Re-Writable

(See CD-ROM) (See CD-DVD )

an erasable CD-ROM, called CD-RW, or CD-ReWritable. Backers of the new technology say that erasable CDs will become a flexible new storage solution, holding 450 times more data than a typical floppy. Critics point out that CD-RWs can't be played on most of the currently installed CD-ROM drives. CD-RW drives will appear in the first quarter of 1997, and eventually will replace today's CD-ROM drives. Hewlett-Packard hopes to market a temporary solution called "MultiRead" to enable all new CD-ROM drives to handle CD-RW discs. CD-RW technology differs from CD-Recordable (CD-R) technology, which can be recorded on only once. If a mistake is made, the disc is worthless. Meanwhile, the new DVD (digital video disc) drives that will be coming out next year will be able to handle CD-RW discs. (Investor's Business Daily 22 Oct 96 A8)

Compact disc-rewritable. The most recent addition to the compact disc family. It was originally called "CD-Erasable." The official name is CD-ReWritable, and it is a media and recording system that allows the user to erase previously recorded information and then record new information onto the same physical location on the disk. See "What is CD-ReWritable?"  article.

Refers to compact disks that can be recorded one a time and where an unwanted recording can be recorded over. The disks themselves are constructed differently from other types of CD's; they contain an organic dye that represents the pits that in turn represent the recorded content. "The jury is out" as far as the longevity of these disks goes; to this writer the organic content suggests possible aging problems that color film today still has. Not all CD players can play CD-RW disks since the reflective surface has a different color from the usual silver or gold.

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