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local telephone company, company which provides local telephone service in a particular geographical area (Telecommunications)

local exchange carrier
lan emulation client (lane, atm)
layered error correction (cd)
local exchange carrier (fcc, lata, iec)

Local Export Clearance

Local Area Network Emulation Client + Local Exchange Carrier

LAN Emulation Client: The entity in end systems which performs data forwarding, address resolution, and other control functions.

LEC ( Local Exchange Carrier )
The local telephone company serving an area.There are Incumbent LEC’s( ILEC )-those with a local monopoly-and Competitive LEC’s (CLEC ).Long distance companies,also known as IXC’s(Inter Exchange Carriers),pay LEC’s a free access to local telephones.

Lec or LEC may refer to:
  • Lake Erie College, a College in Painesville, Ohio
  • Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University, England
  • Lao Evangelical Church in Laos
  • Laredo Entertainment Center, a sports arena in Laredo, Texas, US
  • LEC Refrigeration, former British white goods manufacturer now part of Glen Dimplex
    • LEC Refrigeration Racing, British Formula One constructor associated with the company
  • Little East Conference, an NCAA Division III collegiate athletic conference based in New England, US
  • Living Enrichment Center, a defunct New Thought church in Wilsonville, Oregon, US
  • Lonsdale Energy Corp Centralized Heating Provider, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • LucasArts Entertainment Company, George Lucas' computer game company

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Local Area Network Emulation Client +

Local Engineering Change

Local Exchange Carrier

Local Exchange Carrier

Local Exchange Carrier

Abbreviation for local exchange carrier. A local telephone company, i.e. , a communications common carrier that provides ordinary local voice-grade telecommunications service under regulation within a specified service area.

Local Exchange Company

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