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Go en Inglés
proceed, move; travel; leave; extend from one point to another; function properly; pass, elapse; match, suit; fit; become impaired; be used up; die; break; become; sell; say (Informal) act of going; attempt, try; energy, vigor, spirit; period of activity; success Japanese game for two players on a board that is checkered with 19 horizontal and 19 vertical lines deteriorate gradually because of neglect

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Go en Griego
πηγαίνω, υπάγω, πάω

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Go en Chino (s)
去; 行走; 离去; 旅行; 拿...打赌; 忍耐 轮到的机会; 精力, 精神#尝试

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Go en Chino (t)
去; 行走; 離去; 旅行; 拿...打賭; 忍耐 輪到的機會; 精力, 精神#嘗試

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Go en árabe
ذهب, مضى, خرج, غادر, مشى, سافر, أدى, انطلق, استهلك, حدث, لجأ, دار, عرف ب, ساعد على, اعتزم, أصبح, قال نشاط, تجربة, محاولة, نجاح

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Go en Español
ir, acudir, andar, asistir, dirigirse, marchar; volverse, hacerse; ir por, apostar empuje, ímpetu juego japonés para dos participantes sobre un tablero cuadriculado con 19 líneas horizontales y 19 verticales

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Go en Ruso
идти, ходить; работать; сделать какое-л. движение; проходить, проехать; поехать, ездить, съездить; регулярно посещать; путешествовать; доходить до; исчезать ход, ходьба, движение; обстоятельство, положение; неожиданный поворот дел; попытка; порция, сделка; энергия, воодушевление; рвение, успех, успешное предприятие

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Go en Holandés
lopen, gaan; gaan (rijden); aankomen; worden poging; enthousiasme; activiteit (spreektaal) Japans bordspel voor twee personen in ruiten verdeeld door 19 horizontale en 19 vertikale lijnen

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Go en Portugués
ir; viajar; chegar; partir; caminhar; marchar; mover-se tentativa; energia; atividade (Gíria); moda

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Go en Turco
gitmek; başlamak; girmek; geçmek; uymak, yayılmak; olmak, haline gelmek; tükenmek; sonuçlanmak; kaybolmak; ölmek; koyulmak; yapılmak; bahse girmek, iddiaya girmek, işlemek gitme, gidiş; güdü, gayret; başarı; bardak; deneme, girişim; tutulma; porsiyon; moda

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Go en Italiano
andare, recarsi; andarsene, partire; funzionare; riuscire; procedere; arrivare; passare, scorrere; finire; entrare, stare, essere contenuto l'andare; (fam) vigore, energia, animazione; (fam) tentativo, prova, (fam) colpo; (fam) successo; (fam) affare; (fam) pasticcio, imbroglio

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Go en Francés
aller; voyager; arriver; se rendre; devenir expérience; entrain; activité (argot) Go, jeu japonais pour deux joueurs qui se sert d'un tableau comprenant 19 lignes horizontales et 19 lignes verticales

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Go en Alemán
weiterkommen, bewegen; reisen; verlassen; von einem Punkt zum anderen strecken; passen; verbrauchen; sterben; brechen; werden; verkaufen; gehen; fahren; fliegen; laufen; kriechen; reiten Versuch; Schwung; Aktivitätspeiode; Erfolg Go, japanisches Brettspiel für zwei Personen

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Go en Japonés
行く; 進む; 出かける; 出発する; 立ち去る; 至る; 正確に作用する; 経つ; 合致する; 適合する; 弱まる; 働かせる; 死ぬ; 壊れる; なる; 売る; 言う(略式) 行くこと, 進行; 試み; 元気, 活気; 活動期間; 成功

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Go en Hebreo
ללכת; לנסוע; להגיע; להיעשות ניסיון; מרץ; פעילות (סלנג)

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Go en Coreano
가다, 나아가다; 돌아다니다; 출발하다; 뻗어가다; 제대로 작동하다; (시간 등이) 지나가다, 경과하다; 어울리다, 맞다; 적합하다; 못쓰게 되다; 소비되다; 죽다; 부수다; ...이 되다; 팔다; 말하다 (구어) 가기, 감; 시도; 원기, 정력; 사태, 일이 벌어지는 형편; 성공

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Go en Sueco
gå; åka; komma; bli försök; kraft; aktivitet (slang)

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Go en Inglés
Fly Ltd - GOE Go-Fly Ltd Stansted UK

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\go\ (?), n. something that goes or is successful; a success; as, he made a go of it; also, an agreement. "well," said fleming, "is it a go?"
\go\ (gō), obs. p. p. of go. gone.
\go\, v. i. [imp. went (w&ebreve;nt); p. p. gone (g&obreve;n; 115); p. pr. & vb. n. going. went comes from the as, wendan. see wend, v. i.] [oe. gan, gon, as. gān, akin to d. gaan, g. gehn, gehen, ohg. gēn, gān, sw. g?, dan. gaae; cf. gr. kicha`nai to reach, overtake, skr. hā to go, as. gangan, and e. gang. the past tense in as., eode, is from the root i to go, as is also goth. iddja went. ?47a. cf. gang, v. i., wend.]
1. to pass from one place to another; to be in motion; to be in a state not motionless or at rest; to proceed; to advance; to make progress; -- used, in various applications, of the movement of both animate and inanimate beings, by whatever means, and also of the movements of the mind; also figuratively applied.
2. to move upon the feet, or step by step; to walk; also, to walk step by step, or leisurely.
note: in old writers go is much used as opposed to run, or ride. "whereso i go or ride." you know that love will creep in service where it can not go. thou must run to him; for thou hast staid so long that going will scarce serve the turn. he fell from running to going, and from going to clambering upon his hands and his knees.
note: in chaucer go is used frequently with the pronoun in the objective used reflexively; as, he goeth him home.
3. to be passed on fron one to another; to pass; to circulate; hence, with for, to have currency; to be taken, accepted, or regarded. the man went among men for an old man in the days of saul. --1 sa. xvii. 12. [the money] should go according to its true value.
4. to proceed or happen in a given manner; to fare; to move on or be carried on; to have course; to come to an issue or result; to succeed; to turn out. how goes the night, boy ? i think, as the world goes, he was a good sort of man enough. whether the cause goes for me or against me, you must pay me the reward. --i watts.
5. to proceed or tend toward a result, consequence, or product; to tend; to conduce; to be an ingredient; to avail; to apply; to contribute; -- often with the infinitive; as, this goes to show. against right reason all your counsels go. to master the foul flend there goeth some complement knowledge of theology. w. scott.
6. to apply one's self; to set one's self; to undertake. seeing himself confronted by so many, like a resolute orator, he went not to denial, but to justify his cruel falsehood. sidney.
note: go, in this sense, is often used in the present participle with the auxiliary verb to be, before an infinitive, to express a future of intention, or to denote design; as, i was going to say; i am going to begin harvest.
7. to proceed by a mental operation; to pass in mind or by an act of the memory or imagination; -- generally with over or through. by going over all these particulars, you may receive some tolerable satisfaction about this great subject.
8. to be with young; to be pregnant; to gestate. the fruit she goes with, i pray for heartily, that it may find good time, and live.
9. to move from the person speaking, or from the point whence the action is contemplated; to pass away; to leave; to depart; -- in opposition to stay and come. i will let you go, that ye may sacrifice to the lord your god; only ye shall not go very far away. viii. 28.
10. to pass away; to depart forever; to be lost or ruined; to perish; to decline; to decease; to die. by saint george, he's gone! that spear wound hath our master sped. w. scott.
11. to reach; to extend; to lead; as, a line goes across the street; his land goes to the river;
 great go 
 go against 
 to go it alone 
 internet go server 
 to go it 
 go after 
 on the go 
 go across 
 to go off 
 to go shares 
 to go through the mill 
 go about 
 go away 
 to come and go 
 go around 
 go along 
 to go to ground 
 to go through with 
 to go large 
 to go it blind 
 go back on 
 to go off the hooks 
 to go to loggerheads 
 go back n 
 go back 
 go down 
 go by 
 to go off halfcocked 
 go bad 
 to go on the road 
 to go to law 
 go flatline 
 go far 
 to go bet 
 to go to naught 
 go down on 
 to go on 
 go forward 
 to go on the stump 
 to go below 
 to go over 
 to see how the squares go 
 go forth 
 go for 
 go off 
 to let go 
 go into 
 go in 
 go game 
 go over 
 to go out 
 go out 
 go on 
 to let go by the run 
 no go 
 go steady 
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 go root 
 to go one`s way 
 go past 
 go to bed 
 to go by 
 go to 
 to touch and go 
 go through 
 go under 
 to go beyond 
 go to sleep 
 go to pieces 
 go wrong 
 let go of 
 go with 
 go up 
 let go 
 to go over to or to join 
 little go 
 to go cross lots 
 let it go 
 to go by the board 
 to go for 
 to go far 

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Gas Oil

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v. jaH excl. Ha'

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Go, G.O., or Go! may refer to:
  • Go (verb), a verb whose basic definition is "to move from one place to another"

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The Go!! Show (also known simply as Go!!) was a top rating Australian popular music television series which aired on ATV-10 Melbourne from 1964 to 1967, and was produced by DYT Productions at the Channel 10 (then known as network 0) studios in Nunawading, Victoria.

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adverb prefix

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This relates to the fact that in South Pacific societies cooked food was 'noa' or the opposite of tapu (tapu is loosely translated as sacred though it has a deeper meaning than that). The head was considered the most sacred part of the body and one doesn't usually pat children on the head, or stroke a person's hair. An exhortation to turn your head into cooked food was regarded as the greatest possible insult. Meaning
Follow the rules.
The book is 'The Good Book' - the Bible. Meaning
Nautical origin. Things that were put 'by the board' were discarded over the side (boards) of the ship. Meaning
Follow the rules.
The book is 'The Good Book' - the Bible. Meaning
Act hastily.
Flintlock rifles can be fired from full cock or half cock but only work well from full cock. Meaning
Take a risk to support someone or something.
From the danger involved in going out onto the limb of a tree. Meaning
Go berserk.
Originated in the USA in 1990s, where there were several incidents of people going berserk and shooting numerous members of the public in post offices. Meaning
Form of oath - 'may bad things happen to you'.
There seems to be no known source of this phrase, which originated around the turn of the 20th century. Speculation, but it may go like this: the handbasket is a reference to a wheelchair which used to be made of wickerwork. To be rendered disabled and sent to hell would be a sort of oath along the lines of the more recent 'eat shit and die'. Origin
Advertising slogan for eggs. Origin
From Shakespeare's All's Well That Ends Well. Meaning
Exclamation of surprise.
Originated in the north of England. Origin
From the Bible, Mark 10:25. Origin
From the Bible. Ephesians 4:26. Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath. Meaning
Frightening supernatural events.
From the Cornish prayer:
'From ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggety beasties
And things that go bump in the night, Good Lord, deliver us!' Origin
Part of introductory voiceover to Star Trek.

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incedo, vado

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Gas Oil

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1. a time for working (after which you will be relieved by someone else); "it's my go"; "a spell of work"
(synonym) spell, tour, turn
(hypernym) shift, work shift, duty period
(derivation) move
2. street names for methylenedioxymethamphetamine
(synonym) Adam, ecstasy, XTC, disco biscuit, cristal, X, hug drug
(hypernym) methylenedioxymethamphetamine, MDMA
3. a usually brief attempt; "he took a crack at it"; "I gave it a whirl"
(synonym) crack, fling, pass, whirl, offer
(hypernym) attempt, effort, endeavor, endeavour, try
4. a board game for two players who place counters on a grid; the object is to surround and so capture the opponent's counters
(synonym) go game
(hypernym) board game
(classification) Japan, Nippon, Nihon
1. change location; move, travel, or proceed; "How fast does your new car go?"; "We travelled from Rome to Naples by bus"; "The policemen went from door to door looking for the suspect"; "The soldiers moved towards the city in an attempt to take it before night fell"
(synonym) travel, move, locomote
(hyponym) go around, spread, circulate
(see-also) advance, progress, pass on, move on, march on, go on
(verb-group) move, displace
2. follow a procedure or take a course; "We should go farther in this matter"; "She went through a lot of trouble"; "go about the world in a certain manner"; "Messages must go through diplomatic channels"
(synonym) proceed, move
(hypernym) act, move
(hyponym) work
3. move away from a place into another direction; "Go away before I start to cry"; "The train departs at noon"
(synonym) go away, depart
(antonym) come, come up
(hypernym) exit, go out, get out, leave
(hyponym) shove off, shove along, blow
(derivation) departer, leaver, goer
4. enter or assume a certain state or condition; "He became annoyed when he heard the bad news"; "It must be getting more serious"; "her face went red with anger"; "She went into ecstasy"; "Get going!"
(synonym) become, get
(hypernym) change state, turn
(hyponym) sober up, sober
5. be awarded; be allotted; "The first prize goes to Mary"; "Her money went on clothes"
6. have a particular form; "the story or argument runs as follows"; "as the saying goes..."
(synonym) run
(hypernym) be
7. stretch out over a distance, space, time, or scope; run or extend between two points or beyond a certain point; "Service runs all the way to Cranbury"; "His knowledge doesn't go very far"; "My memory extends back to my fourth year of life"; "The facts extend beyond a consideration of her personal assets"
(synonym) run, pass, lead, extend
(hypernym) be
(hyponym) come
(verb-group) range, run
8. follow a certain course; "The inauguration went well"; "how did your interview go?"
(synonym) proceed
(hypernym) happen, hap, go on, pass off, occur, pass, fall out, come about, take place
(hyponym) drag, drag on, drag out
9. be abolished or discarded; "These ugly billboards have to go!"; "These luxuries all had to go under the Khmer Rouge"
(hypernym) disappear, vanish, go away
10. be or continue to be in a certain condition; "The children went hungry that day"
(hypernym) be
11. make a certain noise or sound; "She went `Mmmmm'"; "The gun went `bang'"
(synonym) sound
(hypernym) cause to be perceived
(hyponym) snarl
12. perform as expected when applied; "The washing machine won't go unless it's plugged in"; "Does this old car still run well?"; "This old radio doesn't work anymore"
(synonym) function, work, operate, run
(hyponym) double
(verb-group) run
13. to be spent or finished; "The money had gone after a few days"; "Gas is running low at the gas stations in the Midwest"
(synonym) run low, run short
(hypernym) end, stop, finish, terminate, cease
14. progress by being changed; "The speech has to go through several more drafts"; "run through your presentation before the meeting"
(synonym) move, run
(hypernym) change
15. continue to live; endure or last; "We went without water and food for 3 days"; "These superstitions survive in the backwaters of America"; "The racecar driver lived through several very serious accidents"
(synonym) survive, last, live, live on, endure, hold up, hold out
(hyponym) stand up, hold up, hold water
(entail) be, live
(verb-group) be, live
16. pass, fare, or elapse; of a certain state of affairs or action; "How is it going?"; "The day went well until I got your call"
(see-also) collocate with, construe with, cooccur with, co-occur with, go with
(derivation) going, sledding
17. pass from physical life and lose all all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain life; "She died from cancer"; "They children perished in the fire"; "The patient went peacefully"
(synonym) die, decease, perish, exit, pass away, expire, pass
(hypernym) change state, turn
(hyponym) suffocate, stifle, asphyxiate
(verb-group) die
(derivation) passing, loss, departure, exit, expiration, going, release
18. be in the right place or situation; "Where do these books belong?"; "Let's put health care where it belongs--under the control of the government"; "Where do these books go?"
(synonym) belong
(hypernym) be
19. be ranked or compare; "This violinist is as good as Juilliard-trained violinists go"
(hypernym) compare
20. begin or set in motion; "I start at eight in the morning"; "Ready, set, go!"
(synonym) start, get going
(hyponym) go on, come up, come on
21. have a turn; make one's move in a game; "Can I go now?"
(synonym) move
(hyponym) bluff, bluff out
(entail) play
(verb-group) move, make a motion
(derivation) spell, tour, turn
22. be contained in; "How many times does 18 go into 54?"
23. be sounded, played, or expressed; "How does this song go again?"
24. blend or harmonize; "This flavor will blend with those in your dish"; "This sofa won't go with the chairs"
(synonym) blend, blend in
(hypernym) harmonize, harmonise, consort, accord, concord, fit in, agree
(verb-group) fit
25. lead, extend, or afford access; "This door goes to the basement"; "The road runs South"
(synonym) lead
(hypernym) be
26. be the right size or shape; fit correctly or as desired; "This piece won't fit into the puzzle"
(synonym) fit
(hypernym) fit
(hyponym) tesselate
(verb-group) blend, blend in
27. go through in search of something; search through someone's belongings in an unauthorized way; "Who rifled through my desk drawers?"
(synonym) rifle
(hypernym) search
28. be spent; "All my money went for food and rent"
(verb-group) run low, run short
29. give support (to) or make a choice (of) one out of a group or number; "I plumped for the losing candidates"
(synonym) plump
(hypernym) choose, take, select, pick out
30. stop operating or functioning; "The engine finally went"; "The car died on the road"; "The bus we travelled in broke down on the way to town"; "The coffee maker broke"; "The engine failed on the way to town"; "her eyesight went after the accident"
(synonym) fail, go bad, give way, die, give out, conk out, break, break down
(hypernym) change
(hyponym) crash, go down
(verb-group) die, decease, perish, exit, pass away, expire, pass
1. functioning correctly and ready for action; "all systems are go"
(antonym) no-go
(similar) a-ok(p), a-okay(p)

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To start in a race; slang, of an effort to win.

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téigh, gabh
I go: téim
go away: imigh
I go away: imím

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Go = ad. somewhat, partly Addu = v. to go, to proceed Arafu = v. to go slower Athu = v. to go, to proceed Cernial = n. to go cheek by jawl Cilio = v. to retreat, to withdraw, to go out of the way Cyneica = n. to go after dogs Debed = v. to go, to depart Dos = n. drop, particle, v. go, do thou go Dyllwng = v. to let go Dyragu = v. to precede, to go before Dywrthredu = v. to go adversely Eb = n. issuing out; utterance; v. to go; to send from; to say Echu = v. to go aside, to retire Eddu = v. to press on, to go Edfyn = v. to go off; to depart Ethu = v. to proceed, to go Glaniaw = v. to go ashore Gogoi = v. to go aside, to avoid Gollwng = n. a loosing, v. to loosen, to let go Gollyngiad = n. a loosening, a letting go; remission Gwarthafu = v. to go upon; to ride Gwesta = v. to go visiting Gwesu = v. to depart, to go out Gwo = a. prefix, used for Go Hebredu = v. to go in the evil circle, to transmigrate Hebryngu = v. to go on with Helyntio = v. to go on a course Hol = n. a fetch, a bringing to; v. to fetch, to go for Llongi = v. to go on board a ship Llyryo = v. to go on the stream Maddau = n. dismissal; pardon = v. to let go; to pardon Mercheta = v. to go a-wenching Mordwyo = v. to go by sea Myned = v. to set out, to go Negesa = v. to go on errands; to negociate Neillduol = v. to go aside; to put aside; to separate; a. separate, distinct. Cyfreithiau neilduol, by-laws
Osgoi = v. to go aslant; to start Pellau = v. to put far off; to go far or distant Rhagfyned = v. to go before Tramwyo = v. to go about Trotio = v. to go on a trot Wybro = v. form air; to go into air; to soar in the air

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Gas Oil

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Point both index fingers toward each other and rotate them around each other as they are moved away from the body.

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Governmental Organisation

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Glorioso Islands (FIPS 10-4)

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Ground Outs

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Governmental Organisation

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Exchange: OTCBB
Not Available

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A circumstance or occurrence; an incident.
A glass of spirits.
Act; working; operation.
Noisy merriment; as, a high go.
Power of going or doing; energy; vitality; perseverance; push; as, there is no go in him.
That condition in the course of the game when a player can not lay down a card which will not carry the aggregate count above thirty-one.
The fashion or mode; as, quite the go.
   (p. p.)
   (v. i.)
To apply one's self; to set one's self; to undertake.
   (v. i.)
To be passed on fron one to another; to pass; to circulate; hence, with for, to have currency; to be taken, accepted, or regarded.
   (v. i.)
To be with young; to be pregnant; to gestate.
   (v. i.)
To have recourse; to resort; as, to go to law.
   (v. i.)
To move from the person speaking, or from the point whence the action is contemplated; to pass away; to leave; to depart; -- in opposition to stay and come.
   (v. i.)
To move upon the feet, or step by step; to walk; also, to walk step by step, or leisurely.
   (v. i.)
To pass away; to depart forever; to be lost or ruined; to perish; to decline; to decease; to die.
   (v. i.)
To pass from one place to another; to be in motion; to be in a state not motionless or at rest; to proceed; to advance; to make progress; -- used, in various applications, of the movement of both animate and inanimate beings, by whatever means, and also of the movements of the mind; also figuratively applied.
   (v. i.)
To proceed by a mental operation; to pass in mind or by an act of the memory or imagination; -- generally with over or through.
   (v. i.)
To proceed or happen in a given manner; to fare; to move on or be carried on; to have course; to come to an issue or result; to succeed; to turn out.
   (v. i.)
To proceed or tend toward a result, consequence, or product; to tend; to conduce; to be an ingredient; to avail; to apply; to contribute; -- often with the infinitive; as, this goes to show.
   (v. i.)
To reach; to extend; to lead; as, a line goes across the street; his land goes to the river; this road goes to New York.
   (v. t.)
To bet or wager; as, I'll go you a shilling.
   (v. t.)
To take, as a share in an enterprise; to undertake or become responsible for; to bear a part in.

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Forestay Outrigger (IMS, 805.3)

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1. fight ('Have a go at him'); 2. attempt ('Give it a go!'); 3. chance ('Fair go')”); 4. something that goes well; a success: “to make a go of something”; 5. say, especially used when reporting speech: “So I go to him, ‘Shut your face!’”; 6. have some specified food or drink: “I could really go a beer right now”
directed at a slow batsman in cricket mad; silly; insane something is right with it; popular 1) very thirsty; 2) very dry 1. fair or reasonable course of action: “Do you think that's a fair go?”; 2. adequate opportunity: “He never had a fair go”; 3. appeal for fairness or reason: “Fair go, mate!”
statement you make when someone is not letting you do or say something from start to finish to try have anal intercourse have sexual intercourse react with excessive and unrestrained pleasure, excitement, etc.
react with unrestrained emotion go crazy start at the beginning become crazy; get furious become uncontrollably angry; become mentally unbalanced to become mad, to look like going mad
be quiet
1. (obsolete) die; 2. break down; cease to function; 3. fail; 4. become bankrupt (from the Aboriginal language Jagara) to go into hiding; to turn one's back on civilisation; adopt a way of life close to nature become angry with (rhyming slang: "butcher's hook" = "look"; "crook") become angry with (rhyming slang: "butcher's hook" = "look"; "crook") begin such a relationship become angry assertively express one’s anger, upbraid noisily assertively express one’s anger, upbraid noisily if you don't like it, bugger off 1. occur; happen: "What's going down?"; 2. perform fellatio or cunnilingus fail dismally; fail to elicit the desired response perform fellatio or cunnilingus on (someone) go to ruin off to the hotel or pub work very hard a sly look at something to have short rest, sleep, nap to be going to urinate
to go for a long walk, for an aboriginal holiday away in the bush; period of spiritual enlightenment.
(gambling, investment, etc.) risk all one's capital in the hope of a very large gain; take a major risk in pursuing an activity, objective, etc., to its extreme; to go all out exhortation to action 1. bet all one's money on a race; 2. go all out expression of encouragement or consent strong request to be left alone by someone, or for someone to stop annoying you have a period of success at something (surfing) take off on a wave expression of dismissal; piss off! expression of dismissal; piss off! expression of dismissal; piss off! to do something very fast
go very fast 1. move fast; 2. (of a machine) function well be really fast or impressive selling or given away very fast; be really fast or impressive move fast 1. (of a party, dance party, etc.) be excellent; be successful; fire: “It was a great night, it really went off”; “the place was going off”; 2. (surfing) produce many good riding waves; really pump; 3. (of an illegal establishment) be raided by the police criticise or scold go wild 1. go crazy, be raging; 2. (of a party, dance party, etc.) be excellent; be successful; fire; 3. (surfing) produce many good riding waves; really pump; 4. (of an illegal establishment) be raided by the police

go insane; become violently agitated; lose control of the emotions be in an amorous or sexual relationship: "they've been going out for donkey's years"; "going out with the star of a soapie" fail dismally; fail to elicit the desired response (surfing) wipe-out from the top of a wave going over with the lip collapse, become ruined go crazy; go berserk wake up to yourself (used in the imperative) offensive request that someone leave you alone to become crazy or mental
(“that” refers to an upheld finger) offensive request that someone leave you alone
lead an honest life, especially after a prison sentence impolite dismissal indicating the speaker's wish to end the conversation
fight (imitative of the sound of a punch) 1. go the whole way; 2. (of a male) do a striptease act; strip off (recent popularity due to the 1997 moive “The Full Monty” which featured men doing a striptease; probably originally from “monte” - a card game in which cards are heaped up, from Spanish “monte” = “mountain”) fondle with a sexual purpose perform cunnilingus on (someone) fight, especially with the fists do completely and thoroughly; commit oneself unreservedly to a course of action move onto an undesirable topic of conversation (used with a negative in order to prevent such an event): "Don't go there - I don't want to know!" (offensive) (of a man) have sex with (a woman) become incredibly angry have sex with get lost to ask to leave or keep one's nose out-in a very nasty way; “go to hell!” become angry, excited, unmanageable break down with emotion deteriorate
go to the vacant piece of land be no longer good go to the cinema 1. degenerate; collapse; 2. give up; admit defeat lose courage to move north to tropical Australia; to become crazy because of the heat and maybe a drink or two or twenty to move or do something very fast or too fast 1) aboriginals go away to seek spiritual enlightenment; 2) go away, travel; 3) to be lost; can't be found (of an inanimate object) disappear: "My pen's gone walking." be in an amorous or sexual relationship with (someone) go home fight: “They had a bit of a go-in behind the pub” used for a night spot or party that is a lot of fun ( "The place was really going off") going tropical; laid-back and fun-loving 1. thorough examination; 2. severe beating or thrashing infatuated with gone crazy or mental used as an intensifier for any slangy sense of the word “gone”, as specifically: 1. deteriorating financially; 2. ill, especially with a hangover; 3. failing dismally, as of a horse in a race, a football team, etc.; 4. left; departed hastily or without a specific destination in mind; 5. drunk; 6. insane; idiotic (from an advertising slogan of “Gowing Bros Ltd” - a Sydney department store) disappeared unsatisfactory; broken; beyond repair; ruined; worthless to fight with successfully fool or dupe someone 1. break wind; fart; 2. express one's anger without restraint not very bright not very bright (v.) succeeed; produce good results months ago
to want to go to the toilet someone is intellectually weak or stupid someone does not have full intelligence; someone is intellectually weak or stupid 1. situation in which fair play prevails and no unfair restrains or limiting conditions apply: “The election was an open go”; 2. situation in which normal restraints do not apply: “It was open go at the bar that night.”
"how are you going?"; "how are you doing?" (Often used with "G'day" and "Mate")
harsh or unfair treatment one's glass is not full What do you think of that woman? how does one proceed from here? weak or incompetent

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Two parameters are possible: Go - passes the performance standards or No Go - fails the performance standards. The evaluation criterion whereby a student cannot partially pass.

Derechos de Autor: Donald Clark Diccionario fuente: Learning, Performance and Training Definitions
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Go en Griego

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(Lex**) πηγαίνετε (Lex*) πηγαίνετε (***freq) (Lex*) πηγαίνετε (μετοχές)

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Ουσ. μετάβαση, πήγαιμα//
προσπάθεια , δοκιμή//
σειρά , προτεραιότητα//
σφρίγος , ζωντάνια//
μόδαΡημ. πηγαίνω , πάω //
φεύγω, μεταβαίνω//
χάνομαι, εξαφανίζομαι, "πάω" //
γίνομαι ,//
εκτείνομαι , φθάνω ως//
μεταβιβάζομαι, περιέρχομαι //
-Before we go any further, here's my question for this week.

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Go en Esperanto
v. iri

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés-Esperanto
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iri, veturi,

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés Esperanto (M.F.)
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Go en Afrikaans
sal, ry, gaan

Derechos de Autor: Tom van der Meijden Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés-Afrikaans Online
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Go en Chino (s)
[E] go, went, gone (n|vi) [P] ir (vi) [C] 去

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Go en Luxemburgués
v - 1. goen (e geet; part. gaang(en); 2. lassgoen (e geet lass; part. lassgaangen)

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Go en Interlingual
n (vim) vigor; (turn) tentativa, torno; v (move) ir, vader; (become) devenir; (depart) partir; (work) functionar occupar se de; v avantiar, facer progressos n permission; disbarcar disviar se retornar; (date from) remontar a facer bancarupta ultrapassar (descend) descender; (founder) *affundar se facer un viage entrar associar se con (depart) partir; (explode) exploder continuar, proceder (leave) exir, sortir; (fire, etc.) extinguer se montar contentar se sin disinvolte vamos carosello vos facera melio vader

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Go en árabe

يذهب ، يمضى يرحل ، يسافر يسلك نهجا معينا = يمتد الى = يؤدى ، يفضى الى يكون عادة فى حالة ما يستهلك ، ينفق = يموت = ينقضى ، يمر = يباع = يضعف = يتمزق ، يتحطم ، ينهار يحدث = يجرى ، يسير = يسفر عن ، تكون نتيجته كذا = ينجح يلجأ يدور: يعمل بالطريقة الملائمة او المتوقعة يعرف بـ = ينتشر ، يشيع ، تقول الاشاعة يساعد على يعتزم او يوشك ان يصبح ، يصاب بـ يقول = يغنى او يعزف بطريقة ما ينسجم يفضى ، ينزع الى يصح فى ، ينطبق على
يجتاز يراهن او يخاطر بـ = يعرض ثمنا يأخذ على عاتقه يتقاسم بنسبة كذا يقرع، يدق ، يعلن يطيق ، يتحمل = يقوى على دفع ثمن معين = يستمتع بـ
ذهاب الزى الاخير ، اخر موضة حادثة جرعة نشاط ، حيوية محاولة نجاح ، شئ ناجح صفقة رابحة مباراة ، و بخاصة فى الملاكمة الجو: لعبة يابانية

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فِعْل : يذهب . يرحل . ينقضي . يُباع . يَضْعُف . يتمزّق . ينهار . يَحْدُث . يجري . يدور . يعمل بالطريقة الملائمة . يُعرَف بـ . يساعد على . يعتزم . يوشك . يصبح . ينسجم . ينطبق على . يتحمّل . يطيق
يطوف . يجول يطلب . يسعى وراء كذا ينطلق . ينجح . يتفوَّق يتقدَّم يُفلِس التاجرُ الخ الوسيط . السمسار يَرْتَفِعُ يَتْرُكُ دُوَّامة الخَيْل . دُوَّامَة

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اِرْتَحَلَ ; اِنْصَرَفَ ; ذَهَبَ ; راحَ ; رَحَلَ ; زاحَ ; غَرَبَ ; غَرَّبَ ; مَضَى

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Go en Visayan
adto;lakat;larga;losulod;milakaw;molakat;mouban;mouli;pumunta (Verb) nagtungha

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Go en Checo
cestovat, chod, chod (jídla), chystat se, dávka, jet, jezdíte, jeďte, jít, mít své místo, mít výsledek, móda, odejít, okolnost, plynout, podílet se, pokus, prodávat za, průběh, přinést, souhlasit, stát se, sázet (se), úspěch

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Go en Estonio
minema; käima, kõndima (I pv)

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Go en Indonesio
tidak diapa2kan/dihukum/mendpt luka on the ~:sibuk,giat

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés - Indonesio
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my child #07

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Mas NDon Inglés Indonesio
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berangkat, gulir, jalan

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés-Indonesio Online
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pergi, leave, be out, go to

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés Indonesio
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Go en Español
v.- andar | marchar | ir | dirigirse | acudir | proceder | llegar | viajar | intentar | combinar | ir al baño (coloquial) | orinar | hacer del cuerpo | defecar | fallecer | morir | perecers.- intento | ímpetu | empuje | vigor | energía

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de una tirada examen final ¡nos vamos! con prisas, sin parar vaivén, alternación rápida, carácter precario, carácter incierto, precariedad, inseguridad; situación crítica

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés Español
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* from the (word) get-go = desde el principio, desde el comienzo, desde el primer momento.
* from the word go = desde el principio, desde el comienzo, desde el primer momento.
* give it + a go = probar Algo, probar suerte, hacer el intento, echarle cara, probar suerte, intentar suerte.
* go-ahead = visto bueno, conformidad, luz verde.
* go-between = intermediario, mediador, correveidile.
* go for/on a jaunt = salir de excursión, ir de excursión, salir de caminata, salir a dar una caminata.
* have + a go = hacer el intento, probar suerte, echarle cara, intentar suerte.
* have + a go at = arremeter contra, atacar a, enfrentarse a, darle caña a, meterse con.
* have + Nombre + on the go = estar haciendo Algo, estar enfrascado en Algo .
* in one go = de una sola vez, de un tirón, de un golpe, de un plumazo.
* merry-go-round = tiovivo.
* no-go area = zona peligrosa, zona prohibida.
* on the go = sin parar, constante, siempre, ininterrumpido, en movimiento, en constante movimiento, siempre en danza.
* those on the go = personas muy activas, las; personas muy ocupadas, las; personas que siempre están viajando, las.
(v.) = ir, marchar.

Def: Verbo irregular: pasado went, participio gone. Tercera persona singular goes.
Ex: It was 'exceedingly inconvenient' because the books were entered in it 'where no person who goes to consult the catalogue would expect to find them'.
* alarm clock + go off = despertador + sonar.
* alarm + go off = alarma + sonar, despertador + sonar.
* all dressed up and nowhere/no place to go = compuesta y sin novio.
* as + Expresión Temporal + go by = a medida que pasa + Expresión Temporal.
* as the saying goes = como dice el refrán, como dice el dicho.
* as time goes by = a medida que pasa el tiempo, con el paso del tiempo, con el transcurso del tiempo, con el tiempo.
* as time went by = a medida que pasaba el tiempo, con el paso del tiempo, con el transcurso del tiempo, con el tiempo.
* as you go = sobre la marcha.
* attitude + go = actitud + cambiar.
* be time to go = ser hora de irse, ser hora de marcharse.
* come and go = aparecer y desaparecer, ir y venir, entrar y salir.
* credit + go to = mérito + deberse a, mérito + atribuirse a.
* cry of protest + go up = lanzar gritos de protesta.
* day + go on = día + avanzar.
* decide as + Pronombre + go along = decidir sobre la marcha.
* enough to go round = bastante para todos, suficiente para todos.
* everything + go + according to plan = todo + salir + de acuerdo con lo previsto, todo + ir + de acuerdo con lo previsto, todo + ir + según lo previsto, todo + salir + según lo previsto.
* everything + go + fine = todo + ir + bien, todo + salir + bien.
* everything + go + great = todo + ir + fantástico, todo + salir + fantástico.
* go about = acometer, llevar a cabo, realizar, hacer, ir de aquí para allá, andar de aquí para allá, ir de un sitio a otro, andar de un sitio para otro, andar de un lado para otro, deambular.
* go about + Nombre + the wrong way = hacer Algo mal, hacer Algo de modo erróneo, hacer Algo de modo equivocado, hacer Algo de manera equivocada, hacer Algo de manera errónea, hacer Algo de forma errónea, hacer Algo de forma equivocada.
* go about + Posesivo + business = dedicarse a lo de Uno.
* go about + Posesivo + everyday life = dedicarse a + Posesivo + quehacer diario, dedicarse a + Posesivo + quehacer cotidiano, dedicarse a + Posesivo + tareas diarias, dedicarse a + Posesivo + tareas cotidianas.
* go about + things = hacer las cosas, acometer las cosas.
* go + afoul of the law = tener problemas con la ley.
* go after = perseguir, buscar, tratar de conseguir, ir en busca de, ir en pos de, ir tras de, andar tras de, ir a por , seguir, ir después de.
* go against = ir en contra de.
* go against + the current = ir (en) contra (de) la corriente, ir contra corriente.
* go against + the flow = ir (en) contra (de) la corriente, ir contra corriente.
* go against + the stream = ir (en) contra (de) la corriente, ir contra corriente.
* go against + the tide = ir (en) contra (de) la corriente, ir contra corriente.
* go ahead = hacerlo, seguir, continuar, seguir adelante.
* go ahead + as planned = tener lugar según lo planeado, tener lugar según lo previsto.
* go ahead with = seguir adelante con, llevar adelante, continuar con.
* go + all in = jugárselo todo, arriesgarlo todo, apostarlo todo.
* go + all out = tirar la casa por la ventana, ir a por todas, poner toda la carne en el asador, jugárselo todo, echar toda la carne en el asador, emplearse a fondo.
* go + all the way = hacer el amor.
* go along + this road = seguir este camino, hacer esto.
* go + a long way = llegar muy lejos, durar mucho.
* go + a long way (towards/to/in) + Gerundio = contribuir en gran medida a + Infinitivo, ayudar bastante a, conseguir en gran medida + Infinitivo, hacer mucho por.
* go along with = aceptar, estar de acuerdo con.
* go along with + the flow = ir con la corriente, seguir la corriente, dejarse llevar, dejarse llevar por la corriente, dejarse arrastrar, dejarse arrastrar por la corriente.
* go and do it again = hacerlo de nuevo, volverlo a hacer.
* go (and) take a hike = largarse, irse al cuerno, irse al infierno, irse a paseo, irse al diablo, irse a la mierda, irse a freír espárragos, irse a tomar por culo, irse a la porra, perderse de + Posesivo + vista, esfumarse, desaparecer, perderse.
* go + a/one step further = ir aun más lejos, ir todavía más lejos, aventurarse aun más.
* go + (a)round = ir por ahí, andar por ahí.
* go (a)round + a bend = doblar una curva, doblar una esquina.
* go (a)round + a corner = doblar una curva, doblar una esquina.
* go around and around = dar vueltas como un trompo, dar vueltas y vueltas.
* go (a)round in + circles = andarse con rodeos, dar vueltas sin avanzar, marear la perdiz, dar rodeos.
* go (a)round/past + an obstacle = sortear un obstáculo.
* go (a)round + the bend = volverse loco, volverse majareta, perder la cabeza.
* go + (as/so) far as + Infinitivo = llegar al extremo de + Infinitivo, llegar al punto de + Infinitivo.
* go + (as/so) far as to say = atreverse a decir.
* go + (as/so) far back as + Expresión Temporal = remontarse a.
* go + astray = perderse, extraviarse.
* go at it + hammer and tongs = luchar a brazo partido, pelear a brazo partido, luchar a muerte, pelear a muerte, dejarse la piel trabajando, deslomarse trabajando, matarse trabajando, dejarse el pellejo trabajando, tirarse los trastos a la cabeza, discutir violentamente.
* go at + Nombre = intentar + Nombre.
* go away = irse, desaparecer.
* go (away) on + holiday(s) = ir de vacaciones.
* go + awry = salir mal.
* go back + a long way = venir de mucho tiempo atrás, ser muy antiguo, remontarse bastante en el tiempo.
* go back + inside = volver adentro, volver a entrar.
* go back on = incumplir, quebrantar, retractarse, desdecirse, detractarse, romper una promesa.
* go back on + Posesivo + promise = faltar a una promesa, renegar a una promesa, desdecirse de una promesa.
* go back on + Posesivo + steps = desandar lo andado, volver sobre los pasos de Uno.
* go back to = volver a.
* go back to being + friends = volver a ser amigos.
* go back to/for + Tiempo = remontarse a.
* go back to + normal = volver a la normalidad, normalizarse.
* go back to + square one = volver a empezar, desandar lo andado, volver al punto de partida, volver a empezar de cero, regresar al principio.
* go + backwards = volver atrás, retroceder.
* go + bad = estropearse, echarse a perder.
* go + bald = quedarse calvo, perder pelo, salir calvas.
* go + ballistic = dispararse, ponerse por las nubes, ponerse (hecho/como) un energúmeno, ponerse (hecho/como) una fiera, ponerse hecho un basilisco, ponerse (como/hecho) un diablo, llevar a Uno el diablo, llevar a Uno (todos) los diablos, ponerse (hecho/como) un demonio, llevar a Uno el demonio, llevar a Uno (todos) los demonios, montar en cólera.
* go + bananas = irse la cabeza, volverse loco.
* go + bankrupt = arruinarse, quebrar, ir a la quiebra, ir a la bancarrota.
* go + bargain-hunting = ir a la caza de ofertas, ir en búsqueda de ofertas.
* go + batty = volverse loco, volverse chiflado, volverse chalado, volverse majareta.
* go before = preceder, anteceder.
* go + belly up = quebrar, ir a la bancarrota, dejar de funcionar, irse al carajo, irse a pique, fracasar, irse a la porra, irse al traste, salir fatal.
* go + berserk = perder las riendas, perder los estribos, volverse loco, enloquecer, volverse frenético, ponerse loco, ponerse frenético, echar humo por las orejas, ponerse (hecho/como) una fiera, ponerse hecho un basilisco, ponerse hecho una furia, perder la chaveta, ponerse histérico, volverse histérico, ponerse (como/hecho) un diablo, llevar a Uno el diablo, llevar a Uno (todos) los diablos, ponerse (hecho/como) un demonio, llevar a Uno el demonio, llevar a Uno (todos) los demonios.
* go between = ir entre, incluir entre, insertar entre.
* go beyond = ir más allá de, superar, rebasar.
* go + black and blue = amoratarse, cubrirse de cardenales, cubrirse de moratones.
* go + blank = quedarse en blanco.
* go + bonkers = volverse loco, perder la cabeza, volverse majareta.
* go + bright pink = ponerse colorado, ponerse colorado como un tomate, ponerse rojo, ponerse rojo como un tomate, subírsele los colores, ponerse de mil colores.
* go + bright red = ponerse colorado, ponerse colorado como un tomate, ponerse rojo, ponerse rojo como un tomate, subírsele los colores, ponerse de mil colores.
* go + broke = arruinarse.
* go + bust = arruinarse, quebrar.
* go by + Expresión Temporal = pasar por, basarse en, pasar + Expresión Temporal.
* go by + bus = ir en autobús.
* go by + the board = echar por la borda, desestimarse, no aceptarse, rechazarse.
* go by + the book = atenerse a las normas, atenerse a las reglas, ceñirse a las normas, ceñirse a las reglas, seguir las normas a rajatabla, seguir las reglas a rajatabla, seguir las normas al pie de la letra, seguir las reglas a pie de la letra.
* go by + train = ir en tren.
* go + cloudy = enturbiarse, nublarse.
* go + cold = volverse frío, enfriarse.
* go + cold turkey = parar, abandonar, dejar, abstenerse, enfriarse.
* go + Color = ponerse + Color.
* go + crackers = volverse loco, perder la cabeza, volverse majareta.
* go + crazy = perder las riendas, perder los estribos, volverse loco, enloquecer, volverse frenético, ponerse como loco, ponerse frenético, ponerse (hecho/como) una fiera, ponerse hecho un basilisco, ponerse hecho una furia, ponerse (como/hecho) un diablo, llevar a Uno el diablo, llevar a Uno (todos) los diablos, ponerse (hecho/como) un demonio, llevar a Uno el demonio, llevar a Uno (todos) los demonios.
* go + cross-country skiing = hacer esquí de fondo, practicar el esquí de fondo.
* go + dead = dejar de funcionar.
* go + deeper than = ir más allá de, ser algo más profundo que, ser algo más serio que.
* go + ding-dong = hacer din-don, hacer talán-talán, hacer tilín-tilín, repiquetear, tintinear.
* go + door to door = ir de puerta en puerta.
* go + dormant = permancer inactivo, hibernar.
* go down = bajar, dejar de funcionar, interrumpir el funcionamiento, estropearse, caerse, fraguarse, cocinarse, tramarse, ocurrir, suceder.
* go down as = considerarse, recordarse, pasar a la historia como.
* go down + a treat = salir de perlas, ir de perlas, salir a las mil maravillas, ser un éxito, gustar mucho.
* go + downhill = ir cuesta abajo, deteriorarse.
* go down in + history = pasar a la historia, pasar a los anales de la historia, hacer historia, adquirir importancia histórica.
* go down in + history as = pasar a la historia como, pasar a los anales de la historia como.
* go down in + Posesivo + estimation = caerse de + Posesivo + pedestal, perder + Posesivo + estima, bajar en + Posesivo + estima.
* go down in + the annals of history as = pasar a los anales de la historia como, pasar a la historia como.
* go down in + the history books as = pasar a la historia como, pasar a los anales de la historia como.
* go down into + Posesivo + grave = descender a la tumba.
* go down on + Posesivo + knees = caerse de rodillas, hincar las rodillas, arrodillarse.
* go down + the drain = irse al traste, irse a pique, irse a la porra.
* go down + the tube = irse al traste, irse a pique, irse a la porra.
* go down to + posterity = pasar a la posteridad.
* go down to + posterity as = pasar a la posteridad como.
* go + downtown = ir al centro.
* go down + well with = caer bien, sentar bien, ser del gusto de, agradar, complacer, gustar.
* go down with = enfermar de, caer enfermo de, ponerse enfermo de.
* go + elsewhere = ir a otro sitio, buscar en otro sitio.
* go (even) further = dar (aun) más de sí, ir (aun) más allá.
* go + extinct = extinguirse, desaparecer.
* go + eyball to eyeball with = enfrentarse cara a cara con.
* go far beyond = sobrepasar, superar, ir más allá de.
* go + far enough = ser lo suficientemente comprensivo.
* go far in + Gerundio = contribuir en gran medida a + Infinitivo.
* go far too far = pasarse veinte pueblos, pasarse de la raya.
* go far towards + Gerundio = contribuir en gran medida a + Infinitivo.
* go + faster = ir más rápido, acelerar la marcha, acelerar el ritmo.
* go + flat-hunting = buscar piso, buscar alojamiento.
* go for = decidirse por, escoger. optar por, ir a por, buscar.
* go for + a break = tomarse un descanso.
* go for + a drink = ir de copas.
* go for + a drive = darse una vuelta en coche, darse un paseo en coche, darse un garbeo en coche.
* go for + a pee = hacer pis, hacer pipí, cambiarle el agua al canario, echar una meada, mear, orinar.
* go (for a) pee pee = hacer pis, hacer pipí, cambiarle el agua al canario, echar una meada, mear, orinar.
* go for + a picnic = ir de picnic, ir de merienda al campo.
* go for + a ride = darse una vuelta, darse un paseo, darse un garbeo.
* go for + a roll in the hay = hacer el amor, tener sexo.
* go for + a run = salir a correr, ir a correr.
* go for + a slash = cambiarle el agua al canario, echar una meada, mear, orinar.
* go for + a spin = darse una vuelta, darse un paseo, darse un garbeo.
* go for + a stroll = ir a dar un paseo, pasear.
* go for + a tinkle = hacer pis, hacer pipí, cambiarle el agua al canario, echar una meada, mear, orinar.
* go for + a walk = darse un paseo, darse una vuelta, salir a darse una vuelta, ir a darse una vuelta, salir a caminar, ir a caminar.
* go for + a wee = hacer pis, hacer pipí, cambiarle el agua al canario, echar una meada, mear, orinar.
* go (for a) wee wee = hacer pis, hacer pipí, cambiarle el agua al canario, echar una meada, mear, orinar.
* go for + broke = tirar la casa por la ventana, ir a por todas, poner toda la carne en el asador, jugárselo todo, echar toda la carne en el asador.
* go + forever = desaparecer, no volver, irse para siempre, marcharse para siempre.
* go for it! = ¡adelante!, ¡ánimo!, ¡a por todas!.
* go for/on + a recce = darse un garbeo, darse una vuelta, ir a echar un vistazo, pasarse por, acercarse por.
* go forth = salir, partir, ir, avanzar, proseguir.
* go for + the jugular = tirarse a la jugular, tirar a matar.
* go forward = avanzar, seguir adelante.
* go from + bad to worse = ir de mal en peor, emporar.
* go from + strength to strength = ganar cada vez más importancia, ir viento en popa, ir cada vez mejor, ir a las mil maravillas, marchar a las mil maravillas, pisar fuerte, andar pisando fuerte.
* go from ... to ... = ir de ... a ..., pasar de ... a ....
* go + full circle back to = volver a.
* go + full steam ahead = avanzar a todo vapor, avanzar a toda máquina, avanzar a todo gas, avanzar a toda pastilla, avanzar viento en popa, avanzar a toda mecha, avanzar a todo meter.
* go further = dar (aun) más de sí, ir (aun) más allá.
* go + gaga = chochear.
* go + gaga (over) = caérsele la baba por, enloquecerse por, volverse loco por, entusiasmarse con.
* go-getter = persona emprendedora, persona con ambición, persona con iniciativa, luchador, buscavidas.
* go + great guns = ir viento en popa, marchar viento en popa, ir que volar, ir cada vez mejor, ir a las mil maravillas, marchar a las mil maravillas.
* go + green = volverse ecológico, hacerse ecológico.
* go + hand in glove with = ir a la par con, ir al unísono con, corresponderse con.
* go + hand in hand (with) = ir de la mano, ir a la par (con), ir al unísono (con), corresponderse con.
* go + hard = endurecerse, ponerse duro, volverse duro.
* go + hard at = darle caña, darle duro, pisar a fondo, arremeter contra.
* go + haywire = volverse loco, perder la chaveta, estropearse, irse a pique, fracasar, estropearse.
* go + head over heels = caer rodando, caer dando vueltas.
* go + head over heels for = enamorarse locamente de, perder la cabeza por, perder la chaveta por.
* go + head-to-head with = enfrentarse a, oponerse a.
* go + hoarse = enronquecer, quedarse ronco.
* go + home = irse a casa.
* go + home again = volver a casa, regresar a casa.
* go + horribly wrong = salir horriblemente mal.
* go + house-hunting = buscar casa, buscar alojamiento.
* go + hungry = pasar hambre.
* go + hysterical = volverse histérico, ponerse histérico.
* go in = entrar, penetrar.
* go in + (a) convoy = ir en caravana.
* go in + one ear and out the other = entrar por un oído y salir por el otro, traer sin cuidado, resbalarle Algo a Alguien, ser como quien oye llover, ser como hablar con la pared.
* go into = entrar, penetrar, intervenir, participar, tratar, dedicarse a.
* go into + abeyance = quedar en suspenso.
* go into + a decline = empezar a empeorar, empezar a deteriorarse, entrar en declive, ir en declive, caer en decadencia, entrar en decadencia.
* go into + administration = entrar en liquidación, declararse en quiebra, quebrar, declararse en bancarrota, ir a la bancarrota, ir a la quiebra.
* go into + Algo + at length = tratar Algo en detalle, tratar Algo en profundidad.
* go into and out of = entrar y salir.
* go into + a number of editions = editar varias veces.
* go into + bankruptcy = entrar en liquidación, declararse en quiebra, quebrar, declararse en bancarrota, ir a la bancarrota, ir a la quiebra.
* go into + detail(s) = tratar un tema en detalle, profundizar sobre un tema, puntualizar.
* go into + effect = ponerse en práctica, entrar en vigor.
* go into + exile = exiliarse, expatriarse, exilarse.
* go into + hiding = esconderse, ocultarse, darse a la fuga, desaparecer, sumergirse en la clandestinidad, pasar a la clandestinidad, actuar en la clandestinidad.
* go into + labour = entrar en parto, ponerse de parto.
* go into + liquidation = entrar en liquidación, declararse en quiebra, quebrar, declarse en bancarrota, ir a la bancarrota, ir a la quiebra.
* go into + operation = entrar en funcionamiento.
* go into + overdrive = dispararse, ir a toda pastilla.
* go into + raptures = extasiarse, entusiasmarse, deshacerse en elogios, perder el culo.
* go into + receivership = entrar en liquidación, declararse en quiebra, quebrar, declararse en bancarrota, ir a la bancarrota, ir a la quiebra.
* go into + the future = ocurrir en el futuro.
* go into + too much detail = entrar en demasiados detalles.
* go into + trance = entrar en trance.
* go it alone = actuar de un modo independiente.
* go + kaput = irse al traste, irse al garete, irse a pique, fracasar, estropearse.
* go like + a charm = funcionar de lo lindo, funcionar a las mil maravillas.
* go like + hot cakes = venderse como rosquillas, venderse como churros, venderse como pan caliente.
* go + like the clappers = ir echando hostias, ir pitando, ir como un condenado, ir como un bólido, ir como un relámpago, ir echando mecha.
* go-list [golist] = lista de palabras clave.
* go little further than + Gerundio = ir poco más allá de + Infinitivo.
* go + live = salir a la luz, hacerse público, empezar a funcionar.
* go looking for + trouble = buscar pelea, buscar camorra.
* go + mad = volverse loco, volverse majareta, perder la cabeza, enloquecer.
* go + mental = volverse loco, volverse chiflado, volverse chalado, volverse majareta.
* go + missing = perderse, desaparecer.
* go + most of the way = cubrir la mayoría de las necesidades.
* go + no further = no avanzar más.
* go + nowhere = no llevar a ningún sitio, no llevar a ninguna parte.
* go + nuts = volverse loco, flipar.
* go off = marcharse, irse, sonar, dejar de gustar, estropearse, echarse a perder, explotar, estallar.
* go (off) as + planned = salir de acuerdo con lo previsto, salir según lo previsto, salir según lo planeado.
* go off at + a tangent = irse por las ramas, salirse por la tangente, irse por la tangente, divagar, desviarse del tema, salir por los cerrros de Ubeda.
* go off by + Reflexivo = irse solo, marcharse solo.
* go off + course = desviarse del rumbo, perder el rumbo, perder el norte.
* go off like + a shot = salir disparado, salir volando, salir pitando, salir echando leches, salir como una flecha, salir echando humo.
* go off on + another track = desviarse del tema en cuestión, irse por las ramas.
* go off on + a tangent = irse por las ramas, salirse por la tangente, irse por la tangente, divagar, desviarse del tema, salir por los cerrros de Ubeda.
* go off on + side excursions = desviarse de un tema temporalmente.
* go off + Posesivo + head = írsele la cabeza.
* go off + Posesivo + food = quitársele a Uno las ganas de comer, perder las ganas de comer.
* go off + Posesivo + oats = quitársele a Uno las ganas de comer, perder las ganas de comer.
* go off + Posesivo + rocker = volverse loco, volverse chiflado, volverse chalado, volverse estúpido, volverse majareta.
* go + off-road = apartarse de los caminos principales, perderse por los caminos secundarios.
* go off + the rails = descarriarse, desviarse del buen camino, apartarse del buen camino, volverse loco, volverse majareta.
* go off + the road = salirse de la carretera.
* go off + the track = salirse por la tangente, irse por las ramas, irse por la tangente, divagar, desviarse del tema.
* go off without + a glitch = ir sobre ruedas, marchar sobre ruedas, salir sobre ruedas, salir a pedir de boca.
* go off without + a hitch = ir sobre ruedas, marchar sobre ruedas, salir sobre ruedas, salir a pedir de boca.
* go on = continuar, avanzar, continuar diciendo, suceder, acontecer, ocurrir, tener lugar, colocar.
* go on + a bar hop = ir de bares, ir de copas, ir de bar en bar.
* go on + a cruise = hacer un crucero.
* go on + a diet = ponerse a dieta.
* go on and on (and on (forever)) = ser interminable, no acabarse nunca, no parar de hablar, no dejar de hablar, enrollarse como una persiana.
* go on + as before = continuar como antes, seguir como antes.
* go on + duty = comenzar el turno de trabajo.
* go + one better = superar, mejorar, remontar, ser mejor.
* go + one stage further = ir más lejos, ir más allá.
* go on + expedition = emprender una tarea.
* go on for = alargarse, durar, continuar.
* go on + for a lifetime = durar toda una vida.
* go on + Gerundio = continuar + Gerundio.
* go on in = entrar.
* go + online = estar accesible en línea, estar accesible en red, utilizar la red.
* go on + record = quedar constatado, quedar registrado.
* go on + strike = declararse en huelga, ponerse en huelga, hacer huelga.
* go on to = pasar a.
* go on + vacation = ir de vacaciones.
* go on with = continuar con, seguir con.
* go (our/their) separate ways = separarse.
* go out = salir, salir a la calle, salir a dar una vuelta.
* go out and about = salir, ir de aquí a allá.
* go out + boozing = salir de juerga, salir de parranda.
* go out + cold = perder la conciencia, perder el conocimiento, perder el sentido, desmayarse, caer (en) redondo, caerse redondo, quedarse sin conocimiento, quedarse sin sentido, quedar fuera de combate.
* go out + fishing = salir a pescar.
* go out for + a drink = salir de copas, salir a tomar una copa.
* go out for + a drive = salir a dar una vuelta en coche, salir de paseo en coche, salir a pasear en coche, dar una vuelta en coche, dar un paseo en coche.
* go out for + a smoke = salir a fumarse un cigarro, salir a echarse un cigarro.
* go out for + a walk = salir de paseo, salir a dar un paseo.
* go out into + the elements = salir a la intemperie, salir al exterior.
* go out into + the open = salir a la intemperie, salir al exterior.
* go out into + the open air = salir al aire libre, salir al exterior.
* go out into + the open country = salir al campo abierto.
* go out into + the open sea = salir al mar abierto, salir a altamar.
* go out into + the street = salir a la calle, echarse a la calle.
* go out into + the world = echarse al mundo, enfrentarse al mundo.
* go out like + a light = quedarse dormido al instante, quedarse frito al instante.
* go out of = salir.
* go out of + business = quedarse sin negocio, cerrar un negocio.
* go out of + date = volverse obsoleto, pasar de moda, caducar.
* go out of + existence = desaparecer.
* go out of + fashion = volverse obsoleto, pasar de moda.
* go out of + favour = caer en desuso, pasar de moda, perder popularidad.
* go out of + Posesivo + way to + Infinitivo = hacer un gran esfuerzo, esforzarse por, desvivirse, volcarse.
* go out of + Posesivo + mind = perder la cabeza, volverse loco, volverse majareta.
* go out of + print = agotarse.
* go out of + style = pasar de moda.
* go out of + tune = desafinarse, destemplarse.
* go out of + use = caer en desuso.
* go out of + vogue = pasar de moda.
* go (out) on + a date = salir en pareja con, tener una cita, salir con Alguien.
* go out on + a limb = aventurarse, atreverse, arriesgarse.
* go out on + the road
Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés Español (University de Granada España) 7.7
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caminar, conducir, marchar, ir, dirigirse

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés-Español Online
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Go en Ruso
движение, ход
on the go
_.а) в движении
_.б) на склоне, на закате (дней)
_.в) в пьяном виде
2) энергия, рвение, воодушевление
3) [разг.] мода
all the go (очень) в моде
4) [разг.] обстоятельство, неожиданный поворот дел
a pretty go! хорошенькое дельце!
a near go ~ на волосок от чего-л.
5) успех, удача
it's no go! [разг.] полный провал!, ничего не выходит!
6) соглашение, сделка
is it a go? по рукам?
7) [разг.] попытка
to have a go at попытаться, рискнуть, попытать счастья
8) порция вина, кушанья
9) [спорт.] [разг.] встреча по боксу, бой
10) ход (в игре) [adj.] готовый к запуску, пуску (или) эксплуатации

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés-Ruso (Morteza)
Más: Traductor de Inglés a Ruso
(v) ехать; идти; отойти; отходить; поехать; пойти; ходить

Derechos de Autor: Learn more at Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés-Ruso Lingüístico
Más: Traductor de Inglés a Ruso
И он (кто-л.: она, они, вы и т.д.) туда же! Волков бояться - в лес не ходить
Лучше спросить, как пройти, чем сбиваться с пути
Не хвались, когда идешь на бой; хвались, когда возвращаешься после боя; ср.: Не говори «гоп», пока не перепрыгнешь; Не хвались, идучи на рать, а хвались, идучи с рати
Не хвались, идучи на рать Бог дал, Бог взял; Легко пришло, легко ушло
Hу и дела!
"Будете есть здесь или возьмете с собой?"; еда на вынос игра окончена; игра проиграна
Начнем; Продолжим; Поехали; Вот, пожалуйста; Вот оно; Началось
разг. шутл. Который час?
Как (идут) дела?; Как жизнь?
Назвался груздём - полезай в кузов
(Оно) куда-то делось; куда-то задевалось (говорится обычно о вещи, которую не могут найти) Убирайтесь!
В Тулу со своим самоваром (не ездят)
От добра добра не ищут; Лучшее - враг хорошего
1. В добрый путь! Удачного пути! Счастливого пути!; 2. Ай да молодец!; Очень хорошо!; Умница!
Что вас останавливает? За чем дело стало? Что случилось?; В чем загвоздка?; Что не так?
1. В чем дело?; Что происходит?; 2. Как дела?; Что слышно?
(досл.: что продолжается)
Что происходит
You came in blind drunk last night. What's going on? —
Ты вчера пришел в дупель пьяный. Что происходит?
Ты куда собрался/собираешься?
«добро»; разрешение; «зеленая улица»
«добро»; разрешение; «зеленая улица»
все готово; все в полной исправности и готовности; всё работает нормально

при нынешнем положении вещей; уж если на то пошло
по нынешним временам
за раз, за один присест быть рядом, быть близко к собираться (сделать что-л.) 1) быть на склоне лет, быть на закате дней; 2) быть в движении; собираться уходить; 3) быть в работе; 4) быть пьяным
придти в негодность; выйти из строя
вмешиваться, лезть не в свое дело (особенно в дела между мужчиной и женщиной, мужем и женой)
1. общительный; 2. тот, с которым легко иметь дело с самого начала 1. уходить, уезжать, отбывать; 2. Шевелись!; Пошевеливайся!; Действуй!
получить «зеленую улицу»; получить «добро»
дать «добро»; дать разрешение; дать «зеленую улицу»
расхаживать; слоняться 1. Вперед!; Продолжайте!; Действуйте!; Не задерживайте!; Давай!; Валяй!; 2. идти вперед, двигаться вперед; прогрессировать; 3. продолжить(ся)

"Вперед!"; "Продолжайте!"; "Действуйте!"; "Не задерживайте!"; идти вперед, двигаться вперед; продолжить(ся) 1. сотрудничать с..; 2. придерживаться одного мнения с..; 3. продвигаться (в каком-л. деле) вести себя неразумно; страшно разволноваться; буянить; впасть в ярость
вести себя неразумно; страшно разволноваться; буянить; впасть в ярость
"ходить вокруг да около"; обходить пойти по неверному пути; сбиться с пути; заблудиться
1. атаковать; 2. взяться за что-л. или делать что-л. с энтузиазмом, решительно, энергично (разг.) изо всех сил стараться, рвать и метать уйти 1. идти насмарку; 2. пойти наперекосяк
отступиться; не выполнить (обещанного) взять свое слово, обещание назад; нарушить слово
(досл.: быть/становиться бананами)
1. свихнуться; сходить с ума; 2. нервничать
Например: She went bananas when she heard she won the first prize in the talent contest. - Она просто с ума сошла, когда услышала, что выиграла первый приз в конкурсе талантов.

превзойти; перейти; преодолеть
быть потрясенным; испытать сильное душевное потрясение
When he saw the crash, he went blank. –
Катастрофа потрясла его.
потерять кнтроль над собой; обезуметь; сойти с ума; свихнуться; «поехать»
1. вылететь в трубу; обанкротиться; 2. стать совершенно бесполезным
пройти мимо; миновать ехать на автобусе
легко идти; легко проходить; идти как по маслу
1. легко войти во что-то; войти как нож в масло; 2. легко прйти через (сквозь) что-то
(досл.: становиться холодной индейкой)
прекращать/бросать (какую-либо привычку) прямо сейчас, резко и безвозвратно
Например: 1) - Did it take you a long time to quit smoking? - No. I just went cold turkey, and I never smoked again. - У тебя много ушло времени на то, чтобы бросить курить? - Нет. Я просто резко бросил и никогда больше не курил.
2) I want to quit drinking. I am going cold turkey. - Я хочу бросить пить. Я бросаю прямо сейчас.

переставать действовать; выходить из строя; «вырубиться», «сдохнуть»
1. спускаться, опускаться; 2. утонуть, затонуть; 3. снижаться; 4. уменьшаться, убывать; 5. стихать; 6. садиться; 7. ложиться в постель, идти спать; 8. быть побежденным; 9. быть приемлемым; 10. быть одобренным; 11. вниз; 12. спуск; (брит. сленг) 13. идти в тюрьму; 14. заниматься оральным сексом
потеряться; быть пущенным на ветер; оказаться напрасным; уйти в трубу; лопнуть
(досл.: опуститься с болезнью)
заболеть; свалиться (из-за болезни)
Пример: He suddenly went with a disease, and all the plans were postponed. - Он вдруг заболел, и все планы пришлось отложить.

1. ухудшаться; 2. скатываться все ниже
1. обращаться (с кем-л., с чем-л.) осторожно, аккуратно, выдержанно; 2. действовать (по отношению к кому-л., чему-л.) осторожно, аккуратно, выдержанно
Иди отсюда!; Пойди погуляй!
1. нападать (на кого-л., что-л.) словесно или физически; 2. увлекать(ся) (кем-л., чем-л.); восхищаться; быть неравнодушным идти на прогулку; идти гулять
(досл.: пойти на это)
1. идти на совершение каких-то действий (в попытке выиграть);
2. Не упускай возможности! Лови момент!
As they say in America, let's go for it! - Как говорят в Америке, за дело!

1. выйти из строя; сломаться; 2. выйти из себя
1. идти домой; 2. попасть не в бровь, а в глаз; попасть в точку; попасть в цель; 2. достичь своей цели; преуспеть; иметь успех; 3. удаваться; 4. сделать свое дело
Ходить на охоту
The King was certainly going hunting. —
Король, несомненно, был на охоте. увлекаться чем-л., заниматься 1. входить; 2. вступать; 3. впадать; приходить (в какое-л. состояние); 4. часто бывать, часто посещать; быть вхожим; 5. внимательно рассматривать, исследовать, расследовать; 6. врезаться (во что-л.); 7. носить, надевать (какую-л. одежду); 8. требоваться, уходить, тратиться (на что-л.); 9. go into details - входить в детали, углубляться, вдаваться в подробности

1. заняться бизнесом; 2. начать свое (торговое) дело; 3. основать коммерческое предприятие; 4. начать работать на фирме

вдаваться в детали; излагать подробно
вступать в силу 1. впадать в ярость; выходить из себя; 2. добиться успеха; «выйти на орбиту»
стать членом товарищества
браться за что-л. (обычно - сложное или рискованное дело) самостоятельно, в одиночку
(Досл.: идти, как бомба)
1. нестись, мчаться во весь опор
2. иметь огромный успех
3. идти в гору; быть на подъеме
1) Suits like that go like a bomb in London. -
Такие костюмы в Лондоне имеют огромный успех.
2) He employed very qualified staff and the business went like a bomb. - Он нанял высококвалифицированный персонал, и дела пошли в гору.

сойти с ума, рехнуться
1. уйти; 2. сбежать; 3. впасть; 4. потерять сознание; 5. сойти, пройти (о спектакле и т. д.); 6. выстрелить (об оружии); 7. раздаться (о гудке и т. п.); 8. выпалить (перен.); 9. вспылить, разозлиться; 10. взорвать(ся); 11. разразиться (смехом и т. д.); 12. ослабеть, успокоиться (о боли и т. п.); 13. стать хуже; 14. пойти (в карточной игре); 15. продаваться, находить сбыт; 16. выйти замуж; 17. испытать оргазм выйти из себя; потерять терпение; утратить контроль над собой; дать выход эмоциям
продолжать (делать что-л.)
Despite a terrible headache John went on singing. - Джон продолжал петь несмотря на дикую головную боль.

закутить; загулять; запить
идти, ходить пешком
идти на каникулы
уходить в отпуск
закутить; загулять; запить
закутить; загулять; запить
закутить; загулять; запить
закутить; загулять; запить
закутить; загулять; запить
закутить; загулять; запить
1. выйти; 2. потушить, погасить (свет, огонь и т.п.); 3. забастовать; 4. шлюз
выйти из
выйти из бизнесса; закрыть свое дело
вылететь из памяти
сойти с ума, рехнуться
Постараться изо всех сил.
She went out of the way to please her future mother-in-law. -
Она изо всех сил старалась понравиться своей будущей свекрови.

провалиться, рухнуть; выйти из строя, прийти в негодность 1. переходить (на другую сторону); 2. переходить из одной партии в другую; 3. переменить веру; 4. перечитывать, повторять; 5. изучать в деталях; 6. превосходить; 7. быть отложенным (о проекте закона); 8. переходить, превращаться (хим.); 9. опрокинуться (об экипаже); 10. чинить, чистить
перепить; слишком увлечься выпивкой; чересчур напиться; выйти за рамки дозволенного в плане употребления спиртных напитков; перебрать; превысить (свою) норму выпивки

1. заехать/зайти/заглянуть к (кому-л.);
2. перейти в...
1) I will go over to you. –
Я заеду к вам.
2) He's thinking of going over to Rome. —
Он подумывает о переходе в католичество.
делать что-л. чересчур, «с перебором»; перебирать, не знать меры в чем-л.
страстно влюбиться в кого-л.; безумствовать, потерять голову из-за кого-л.
1. ездить по миру; путешествовать; 2. преуспеть; успешно справиться с работой, заданием, делом; иметь успех
1. взорваться с негромким хлопком, хлопнуть, лопнуть; 2. внезапно умереть; 3. выстрелить; 4. разориться
Синоним: to make a short explosive sound.
The baloon went pop when I stuck a pin in it. -
Шарик лопнул, когда я ткнул в него булавкой.
1. взбеситься, придти в состояние слепой ярости; 2. возмущаться, быть недовольным; 3. крушить, расправляться
1) We won't ask where the Republicans were when couriers and clerks went postal, killing their colleagues (Boston Globe). —
He будем спрашивать, где были республиканцы, когда потерявшие рассудок курьеры и клерки расправлялись со своими коллегами.
2) Members of the crew tried to hold down a single individual, but the individual got up again and essentially went postal in the cockpit (PSI Tech Spot Report). —
Члены экипажа попытались сдержать человека, действовавшего в одиночку, но тому удалось встать, после чего он стал крушить все вокруг себя в кабине самолета.
3) Publishers Go Postal Over New Rate Hikes (Media Life). —
Издатели возмущены новым повышением тарифов / Новое повышение тарифов вызвало взрыв возмущения среди издателей. 1. вращаться, кружиться; 2. обходить; 3. ходить вокруг да около; 4. go-round - карусель; тур; заход, попытка ходить вместе
ухудшаться; идти «из куля в рогожу»
делать больше, чем формально требуется; делать все возможное
делать работу, выполнять задание основательно, тщательно
1. изучить; осмотреть; проверить; 2. пройти через (испытание); выдержать, вынести что-л.; подвергнуться чему-л. быть закаленным; быть опытным
делать что-л. сложное, тяжелое, неприятное 1. идти, ходить куда-л.; 2. просить о чем-л.; 3. выдаваться кому-л., переходить к кому-л. (о призах, деньгах, наследстве и пр.); 4. войти в какое-л. состояние (напр., засыпать); 5. составлять в сумме; 6. (be) going to - собираться, планировать

идти спать, ложиться спать
1. идти к черту; 2. Иди к черту!
1. становиться бесполезным; 2. разрушаться; 3. быть погубленным; 4. потерпеть крах; пойти прахом
шуточная рифма к понятиям «убежать», «скрыться», «исчезнуть»
учиться в школе; ходить в школу
идти спать, ложиться спать; заснуть

1. становиться бесполезным; 2. разрушаться; 3. быть погубленным; 4. гибнуть; 5. потерпеть крах; разориться; 6. пойти прахом; 7. идти к чертям
1) This country is going to the dogs. —
Страна катится в пропасть.
2) My whole life seems to be going to the dogs. —
Вся моя жизнь, кажется, пошла псу под хвост.
3) Over the past few years he has gone to the dogs. —
За последние несколько лет он совсем опустился.

1. обратиться к первоисточнику; 2. обратиться к самому главному начальству
выйти на первый план; стать актуальным
(досл.: «поехать»)
1) кутить; 2) преуспевать; 3) умело и быстро работать; 4) не на шутку разойтись
Например: 1. We went to town yesterday and managed to repair the broken mechanism before the dawn.
(Мы вчера поднажали и смогли починить сломанный механизм до рассвета.)

2. When you make a complaint you don't spare their feelings, do you? You really go to town!
(Но когда вы подаете жалобу, вы ведь не щадите их чувства, не так ли? Вы ведь высказываете все, что у вас на душе накопилось!) быть выброшенным за ненадобностью, пойти в расход; быть потраченным попусту, идти коту под хвост
Аналогично: be wasted.
Пример: A lot of time went to waste. - Было потеряно много времени.
идти на работу
расти (напр., о цене)
1. плыть по течению; 2. не отставать от жизни; идти в ногу со временем
1. ошибиться; 2. выдать неправильный результат; 3. пойти не так, как надо; пойти наперекосяк
пытаться, рисковать, пробовать это не проходит; это не пойдет; этот номер не пройдет; это никуда не годится; это «не фонтан»
Есть! 1. Получилось; 2. получено «добро»
(досл.: не давать мячу останавливаться; вести мяч)
Синоним: keep the ball going
1. "не давать огню потухнуть"; не останавливаться, быть в действии, продолжать делать что-л.;
2. поддерживать разговор
The sales figures have been much better this quarter, so let's keep the ball rolling, guys! -
В этом квартале продажи очень поднялись. Так держать, ребята!

выпустить из рук; отпустить; выкинуть из головы
1. дать себе волю; 2. запустить, забросить себя; махнуть на себя рукой жизнь продолжается добиться успеха; преуспеть
You have to make a go of marriage, you have to work to make a marriage a success.
- Ты должен успешно жениться, и тебе необходимо приложить много усилий, чтобы женитьба была успешной.
1. неудача; срыв; 2. несогласие; 3. тупик; безвыходное положение; 4. отсутствие менструации
дело должно быть доведено до конца; надо продолжать; шоу должно продолжаться; начатое должно быть завершено
завести, поставить будильник на… (определенное время)
1. быстрая перемена тем; 2. быстрое прикосновение к предмету и моментальный отход; 3. быстрый переход от одного к другому; 4. опасное дело; рискованная ситуация; 5. сделанное очень быстро; 6. отрывочный

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G.O. - главная контора, штаб-квартира

Derechos de Autor: Diccionario fuente: Diccionario de Seguros Inglés-Ruso
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(слэнг интернетовских чатов) мне пора (идти)
«запакуй и иди»
годен-не годен; выполнение/сбой

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario de Ordenador Inglés-Ruso
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1. go + Gerund: чем-то часто или постоянно заниматься: He goes frightening people with his stories. - Он постоянно пугает людей своими рассказами.
2. Габон (государство в юго-западной Африке)

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рухнуть, ходить, умирать, уходить, отправляться

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés-Ruso (Dogan)
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Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés-Ruso Online
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1. v. p. went; p-p. gone 1. идти, ходить; быть в движении; передвигаться (в пространстве или во времени); the train goes to London - поезд идет в Лондон; who goes there? - кто идет? (окрик часового); to go after smb. - идти за кем-л. {см. тж. go after} 2. ехать, путешествовать; to go by train - ехать поездом; to go by plane - лететь самолетом; I shall go to France - я поеду во Францию 3. пойти; уходить; уезжать; стартовать; I'll be going now - ну, я пошел; it is time for us to go - нам пора уходить/идти; let me go! - отпустите! 4. отправляться (часто с последующим герундием); go for shopping - отправляться за покупками 5. приводиться в движение; направляться, руководствоваться (by); the engine goes by electricity - машина приводится в движение электричеством; I shall go entirely by what the doctor says - я буду руководствоваться исключительно тем, что говорит врач 6. иметь хождение (о монете, пословице и т. п.); быть в обращении; переходить из уст в уста; the story goes - как говорят 7. быть в действии, работать (о механизме, машине); ходить (о часах); to set the clock going - завести часы 8. звучать, звонить (о колоколе, звонке и т. п.); бить, отбивать (о часах) 9. простираться, вести куда-л., пролегать, тянуться; how far does this road go? - далеко ли тянется эта дорога? 10. пройти, быть принятым, получить признание (о плане, проекте) 11. пройти, окончиться определенным результатом; the election went against him - выборы кончились для него неудачно; how did the voting go? - как прошло голосование?; the play went well - пьеса имела успех 12. проходить; исчезать; рассеиваться, расходиться; much time has gone since that day - с того дня прошло много времени; summer is going - лето проходит; the clouds have gone - тучи рассеялись; all hope is gone - исчезли все надежды 13. умирать, гибнуть; теряться, пропадать; she is gone - она погибла; она скончалась; my sight is going - я теряю зрение 14. рухнуть, свалиться, сломаться, податься; the platform went - трибуна обрушилась; first the sail and then the mast went - сперва подался парус, а затем и мачта 15. потерпеть крах, обанкротиться; the bank may go any day - крах банка ожидается со дня на день 16. отменяться, уничтожаться; this clause of the bill will have to go - эта статья законопроекта должна быть выброшена 17. переходить в собственность, доставаться; the house went to the elder son - дом достался старшему сыну 18. продаваться (по определенной цене) (for); this goes for 1 shilling - это стоит 1 шиллинг; to go cheap - продаваться по дешевой цене 19. подходить, быть под стать чему-л.; the blue scarf goes well with your blouse - этот голубой шарф хорошо подходит к вашей блузке 20. гласить, говорить (о тексте, статье) 21. сделать какое-л. движение; go like this with your left foot! - сделай так левой ногой! 22. класть(ся), ставить(ся) на определенное место; постоянно храниться; where is this carpet to go? - куда постелить этот ковер? 23. умещаться, укладываться во что-л.; six into twelve goes twice - шесть в двенадцати содержится два раза; the thread is too thick to go into the needle - эта нитка слишком толста, чтобы пролезть в иголку 24. глагол-связка в составном именном сказуемом означает: а. постоянно находиться в каком-л. положении или состоянии; б. делаться, становиться; to go hungry - быть, ходить всегда голодным; to go in rags - ходить в лохмотьях; to go mad/mental - сойти с ума; to go sick - захворать; to go bust - собир. разориться; he goes hot and cold - его бросает в жар и в холод 25. в сочетании с последующим герундием означает: чем-то часто или постоянно заниматься; he goes frightening people with his stories - он постоянно пугает людей своими рассказами; to go hunting - ходить на охоту 26. в обороте be going + inf. смыслового глагола выражает намерение совершить какое-л. действие в ближайшем будущем I am going to speak to her я намереваюсь поговорить с ней it is going to rain собирается дождь 27. to go to sea - стать моряком; to go to school - получать школьное образование; ходить в школу; to go on the stage - стать актером; to go on the streets - стать проституткой - go about - go across - go after - go against - go ahead - go along - go at - go away - go back - go before - go behind - go between - go beyond - go by - go down - go far into - go for - go forth - go forward - go in - go in for - go in with - go into - go off - go on - go on for - go out - go over - go round - go through - go to - go together - go under - go up - go with - go without go about your business! - собир. пошел вон!, убирайся!; it will go hard with him - ему трудно/плохо придется; ему не поздоровится; to go by the name of а. быть известным под именем; б. быть связанным с чьим-л. именем; she is six months gone with the child - она на шестом месяце беременности; to go off the deep end - напиться; to go off the handle - выйти из себя; to go all out - напрячь все силы; to go to smb.'s heart - печалить, огорчать кого-л.; to go a long way а. иметь большое значение, влияние (to, towards, with); б. хватать надолго (о деньгах); to go one better - превзойти (соперника); to go right through - идти напролом; to go round the bend - терять равновесие; сходить с ума; to go rounds - ходить по рукам; it goes without saying - само собой разумеется; (it is true) as far as it goes - (верно) поскольку дело касается этого; go along with you! - убирайся!; be gone! - проваливай(те)!; going fifteen - на пятнадцатом году; he went and did it - он взял и сделал это; to go down the drain - собир. быть истраченным впустую (о деньгах); to go easy on smth. - ам. быть тактичным в отношении чего-л.; to go on instruments - вести (самолет) по приборам Syn: advance, move, proceed, progress, rise, leave Ant: stop, cease 2. n. pl. goes собир. 1. движение, ход, ходьба; to be on the go а. быть в движении, в работе; he is always on the go - он вечно куда-то спешит; б. собираться уходить; в. быть пьяным; г. быть на склоне лет, на закате дней 2. энергия; воодушевление; рвение; full of go - полон энергии 3. попытка; have a go (at) - попытаться, рискнуть; let's have a go at it - давайте попробуем 4. обстоятельство, положение; неожиданный поворот дел; here's a pretty go! - ну и положеньице! 5. успех; успешное предприятие; to make a go of it - ам. собир. добиться успеха; преуспеть; no go - бесполезный; безнадежный {см. тж. no go} 6. порция (кушанья); глоток (вина) 7. сделка; is it a go? - идет?; по рукам?; all/quite the go - очень модно; предмет всеобщего увлечения; first go - первым делом, сразу же; at a go - сразу, зараз

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés-Ruso (Mueller24)
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Go en Papiamento

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés Papiamento
Más: Traductor de Inglés a Papiamento
Go en Holandés
lopen, van stapel lopen, gaan

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés-Holandés Online
Más: Traductor de Inglés a Holandés
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Go en Portugués
ir, sair, partir, entrar (go into convulsion)
Livros de IK empreender
Livros de IK procurar
Livros de IK continuar, prosseguir
Livros de IK circular, evitar (go around the foolishness)
Livros de IK voltar atrás
Livros de IK deixar de funcionar, ser preso
Livros de IK buscar, procurar, preferir, escolher, atacar
Livros de IK perseguir um objetivo com determinação, esforçar-se ao máximo (para conseguir algo)
Livros de IK sair
Livros de IK penetrar
Livros de IK ir-se embora, partir, detonar, disparar (alarme)
Livros de IK continuar
Livros de IK examinar, revisar, ensaiar, retocar; ser aceito
Livros de IK fazer um esforço especial passar por, ultrapassar, aplicar (By going through the dispassionate process just described, you are much better able to deal with hard bargainers.)
Livros de IK saltar para
Livros de IK incendiar-se, explodir
Livros de IK ocupado
GUIA DO RIO sistema de repartição
GUIA DO RIO para viagem
Sopa no Mel arriscado
Sopa no Mel

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario de Traductor Inglés-Portugués - Ivo Korytowski's
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ir, vá

Derechos de Autor: Tom van der Meijden Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés-Portugués Online
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[processamento de dados] abr. de general output

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés Portugués (Oliveira)
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Go en Noruego
kjøre, gå

Derechos de Autor: Tom van der Meijden Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés Noruego Online
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Go en Turco

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés Turco
Más: Traductor de Inglés a Turco
gitmek; ulasmak, uzanmak, gitmek; belli bir yeri olmak, ait olmak, belli bir yerde durmak; islemek, çalismak; olmak; (belirli bir durumda) kalmak, durumunu sürdürmek; satilmak, gitmek; harcanmak, tükenmek, gitmek; uymak, uyusmak, gitmek, canlilik, enerji;

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés Turco (M. Yildiz)
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Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Saja Inglés Turco
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Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés Turco Construcción & Maquinaria
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NO-GO TEST EQUIPMENT:GO-NO-GO TEST TEÇHİZATI:Bir soruya iki şıktan yalnız biri ile cevap veren, belirli bir sinyalin tolerans dahilinde olup olmadığını söyleyen test teçhizatı.

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Militar Inglés Turco
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Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Erzin Inglés Turco
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Go en Tailandés
1. ผ่านใกล้ ๆ; ไปโดยทาง : I go by your house every morning.= ผมผ่านบ้านคุณทุกเช้า

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés - Tailandés (Loy)
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(โก) {went,gone,going,goes} vi. ไป,เคลื่อนไป,จากไป,กลายเป็น,กระทำ,บรรลุ, vt. อดทน,อดกลั้น,พนัน n. การไป,พลังงาน,กำลังวังชา,ความพยายาม,ความสำเร็จ, -Phr. (go on ต่อไป,อดทน,อดกลั้น) คำที่มีความหมายเหมือนกัน: pass,move,proceed

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Eci Inglés Tailandés
Más: Traductor de Inglés a Tailandés
ไป,กลายเป็น (เช่นนั้นเช่นนี้) ไป,สูญ,เที่ยวไป,เดิน,เป็นผล,ดำเนินความ,เสนอ,ลงมือทำ,ลง (ช่อง),รวมกันเป็น,ความครื้นเครง,ลองชิม,สมัยนิยม,อาการเคลื่อนไหว,การตกลงกัน

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés - Tailandés
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Go en Vietnamita


◊ danh từ, số nhiều goes

▪ sự đi

▪ sức sống; nhiệt tình, sự hăng hái

◦ full of go : đầy sức sống; đầy nhiệt tình

▪ sự thử (làm gì)

◦ to have a go something : thử cố gắng làm việc gì

▪ lần, hơi, cú

◦ at one go : một lần, một hơi, một cú

◦ to succeed at the first go : làm lần đầu đã thành công ngay

◦ to blow out all the candles at one go : thổi một cái tắt hết các cây nến

▪ khẩu phần, suất (đồ ăn); cốc, chén, hớp (rượu)

◦ to have another go : lấy thêm một suất ăn nữa, uống thêm một chén rượu nữa

▪ (thông tục) việc khó xử, việc rắc rối

◦ what a go! : sao mà rắc rối thế!

▪ (thông tục) sự thành công, sự thắng lợi

◦ to make a go of it : thành công (trong công việc gì...)

▪ (thông tục) sự bận rộn, sự hoạt đông, sự tích cực

▫ a near go

▪ sự suýt chết

▫ all (quite) the go

▪ (thông tục) hợp thời trang

▫ it's no go

▪ (thông tục) việc ấy không xong đâu; không làm ăn gì được

▫ to be on the go

▪ bận rộn hoạt động

▪ đang xuống dốc, đang suy

◊ nội động từ (went, gone)

▪ đi, đi đến, đi tới

◦ to go to Saigon : đi Sàigòn

◦ to go on a journey : đi du lịch

◦ to go bathing : đi tắm

◦ to go shopping : đi mua hàng

▪ thành, thành ra, hoá thành

◦ to go mad : phát điên, hoá điên

◦ to go to sea : trở thành thuỷ thủ

◦ to go on the stage : trở thành diễn viên

◦ to go on the streets : làm đĩ

◦ to go native : trở thành như người địa phương

◦ to go to the bar : trở thành luật sư

▪ trôi qua, trôi đi (thời gian)

◦ how quickly time goes! : sao mà thời gian trôi nhanh thế!

▪ chết, tiêu tan, chấm dứt, mất hết, yếu đi

◦ all hope is gone : mọi hy vọng đều tiêu tan

◦ my sight is going : mắt tôi yếu đi

▪ bắt đầu (làm gì...)

◦ one, two, three go! : một, hai, ba bắt đầu một, hai, ba chạy! (chạy thi)

◦ here goes! : nào bắt đầu nhé!

▪ chạy (máy móc)

◦ does your watch go well? : đồng hồ của anh chạy có tốt không?

◦ the machine goes by electricity : máy chạy bằng điện

◦ to set an engine going : cho máy chạy

▪ điểm đánh (đồng hồ, chuông, kẻng); nổ (súng, pháo...)

◦ the clock has just gone three : đồng hồ vừa điểm ba giờ

▪ ở vào tình trạng, sống trong tình trạng...

◦ to go hungry : sống đói khổ

◦ to go with young : có chửa (súc vật)

◦ to be going with child : có mang (người)

◦ to be six month gone with child : đã có mang sáu tháng

▪ làm theo, hành động theo, hành động phù hợp với, xét theo

◦ to go on appearances : xét bề ngoài, xét hình thức

◦ to go by certain principles : hành động theo một số nguyên tắc nhất định

◦ to go with the tide (tomes) : làm như mọi người, theo thời

▪ đổ, sụp, gãy, vỡ nợ, phá sản

◦ the bridge might go under such a weight : nặng thế cầu có thể gãy

◦ bank goes : ngân hàng vỡ nợ

▪ diễn ra, xảy ra, tiếp diễn, tiến hành, diễn biến; kết quả

◦ how does the affair go? : công việc tiến hành ra sao?

◦ the play went well : vở kịch thành công tốt đẹp

▪ đang lưu hành (tiền bạc)

▪ đặt để, kê; để vừa vào, vừa với, có chỗ, đủ chỗ

◦ where is this table to go? : kê cả cái bàn này vào đâu?

◦ your clothes can't go into this small suitcase : áo quần của anh không để vừa vào chiếc va li nhỏ này đâu

◦ six into twelve goes twice : mười hai chia cho sáu vừa
◊ đi, chuyển động

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés Vietnamita
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Go en Italiano
mollare, lasciar scorrere(cavo)

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Lenguaje del Mar Inglés Italiano
Más: Traductor de Inglés a Italiano
Tutto d'un fiato Avere energia (fisica) Andare controcorrente, essere contro tutti Non accogliere molto bene (uno scherzo o un'idea) Andarci piano Metterci una buona parola Prendere le cose come vengono Provare,
fare un tentativo Rimasti da fare, tentativi rimasti Fare quattro passi Andare a male

Diccionario fuente: Modismos y Proverbios (Inglés- Italiano)
Más: Traductor de Inglés a Italiano
andarsene, andara, andare

Derechos de Autor: Tom van der Meijden Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés-Italiano Online
Más: Traductor de Inglés a Italiano
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Go en Rumano
a merge;a se duce;a deveni;energie;entuziasm;miscare;incercare;moda

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés Rumano (MF)
Más: Traductor de Inglés a Rumano
v.i.: 1. a se plimba, a călători, a umbla (de colo până colo) "Long icicles like crystal daggers hung down from the eaves of the houses, everybody went about in furs, and the little boys wore scarlet caps and skated on the ice." (O. Wilde, Fairy Tales) "..., and Kate, being too feeble to go about much, gave music lessons to beginners on the old square piano in the back room." (J. Joyce, Dubliners) 2. (d. veşti, zvonuri, etc.) a circula, a umbla. "The rumour is going about that John and Mary are getting married." (Cowie & Mackin, Op. cit.) 3. a se apuca de treabă; a-şi vedea de treabă; a se pune pe treabă. "When I go about a thing I mean business, I tell you." (J. Joyce, Dubliners) "And, at evening, the rules having been satisfied, he came out and went about his business." (J. Steinbeck, Tortilla Flat) 4. (mar.) a schimba (de direcţie) "Stand by to go about!' bellowed the captain of the lugger, and Hornblower looked up in surprise to see that they were close up under the stern of the ‘Nonsuch!" (C.S. Forester, The Commodore) v.i.: a fi în compania cuiva, a umbla cu. ‘I don't want you to go about with that girl any more. I don't like her.’ v.i.: 1. a merge după, a merge în urma, a urmări. John warned his little brother not to go after him. His friends advised him to go after her but he refused to do such a thing. 2. a căuta să obţină, a urmări. "Speed was the first thing the early automobile manufacturers went after." (J. Dos Passos, The Big Money) v.i.: 1. a contrazice, a fi contra. "That a man could be saved from disease by means of the injection of a serum seemed to go against logic." (Cowie & Mackin, Op. cit.) 2. a fi împotriva, a fi în defavoarea. The fact that the majority of those present at the meeting went against him, upset him very much. The board of directors went against him to be elected as a chairman. v.i.: a acţiona; a continua, a merge mai departe. "Without preamble he was informed that the idea was excellent and he was to go ahead." (K. Amis, I Like It Here) [Synonyms: proceed, go forward 1] v.i.: a merge fără să se întrerupă, a merge înainte, a continua. "As he had gone along farther in law practice and politics, he had taken more care of his looks." (C. Sandburg, Abraham Lincoln) v.i.: 1. a însoţi pe cineva, a merge împreună. I shouldn't like anybody to go along with me to the seaside. ‘Why should I go along with her? She doesn't like me and my presence would embarrass her.’ 2. a merge cu, a se potrivi / asorta cu. ‘The table in that comer goes along with the wardrobe you have in front of you; the table and the wardrobe go along with those two armchairs you can see on the right. What do you say?' 3. a fi de aceeaşi părere, a împărtăşi opinia cuiva. ‘I have never gone along with him up to now, and I'll never go along with him in future.’ 4. a acţiona în acord cu, a merge umăr la umăr. We expect your friends to go along with us when the time comes. I'd like them to go along with us on solving the acute problem of energy shortage. v.i.: 1. a merge de ici, colo, a umbla dintr-un loc în altul. ‘Stop going around like that! You'll get on my nerves.’ Something is bothering him because he goes around all the time and I dare not ask him what it is. 2. (d. zvonuri, etc.) a circula, a umbla. "There's a rumour going round that the refrigerators were all sunk last week." (G. Greene, The Heart of the Manor) [Synonyms: circulate, go about 2] v.i.: a ieşi / merge (cu cineva), a se plimba cu, a umbla cu. ‘Why, I haven't seen you going around with any of your girlfriends for months now. What has happened to you?' v.i.: a se da la o parte, a se retrage, a se feri. "They went aside from the crowd and conversed together in private." (W. McMordie, English Idioms) [Synonyms: move aside / away II] v.i.: 1. a se pierde, a se rătăci. ‘I'm sorry I haven't brought you the book you lent me; it has gone astray somewhere in the house and I can't find it.’ I gave her a minute description of the street and your house and I don't understand how she could go astray. 2. a greşi, a păcătui. "It is only too easy for a young girl to go astray in London, especially if she is a stranger without friends." (Cowie & Mackin, Op. cit.) v.i.: 1. a se repezi la, a se năpusti asupra, a ataca. ‘When I say go at him, I mean go at him from the very beginning! It's your only chance to win the match.’ 2. a se apuca (de o treabă, etc.) cu nădejde, a se pune pe muncă. It is very difficult to go at the job of building a house of your own. v.i.: a pleca; a se îndepărta, a dispare. "Then, one day in July, Singer suddenly went away without warning." (C. McCullers, The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter) "A mosquito began to whine near his ear and he lay still, hoping it would go away." (N. Mailer, The Naked and the Dead) [Synonyms: leave; depart, go off 1] v.i.: 1. a se înapoia, a se întoarce. "Here I was willing to go back on my own accord, and he treated me as if I was a criminal." (N. Mailer, The Naked and the Dead) "And did you not tell him to go back?' asked Gabriel." (J. Joyce, Dubliners) [Synonyms: return, get back II, 1, turn back II] 2. (d. ceas) a da înapoi, a fi pus înapoi. The clocks go back on the last Sunday in September this year. 3. a da înapoi, a da îndărăt, a regresa. Experts say that the general industrial output will go back next year. [Synonyms: recede, regress, withdraw] v.i.: 1. (fam.) a călca, a încălca, a nesocoti, a nu se ţine de (o promisiune, etc.) If you make a promise, you must keep it and not go back on it. ‘What kind of a man are you? How could you go back on your own word?' 2. a retracta, a reveni asupra (unui lucru, etc.) "I promised you that I'd help you, didn't I? Well, I'm not going back on that." (Cowie & Mackin, Op. cit.) v.i.: a-şi avea originea în, a data din / de la. "Trafford Park is a modern miracle. Thirty years ago it was the country seat of a family whose line goes back to the ancient British kings and whose name the area retains." (W. Greenwood, Love on the Dole) v.i.: 1. (d. timp) a trece, a se scurge. "Seconds went by like minutes, ..." (Al. Sillitoe, Key to the Door) "When Coral struck a match to see her watch, she was disappointed to find how slowly time went by." (G. Greene, Stamboul Train) "A minute went by, and he began to get bored." (N. Mailer, The Naked and the Dead) [Synonyms: pass, elapse] 2. a trece pe lângă, a trece pe alături; a trece. "I'll thumb a lift from Noah as he goes by." (Al. Sillitoe, Key to the Door) "Miss Warren was writing a letter, but she saw them go by." (G. Greene, Stamboul Train) 3. a proceda; a se comporta. Mother told John that she didn't like the way his friends went by at his party. 4. a se conduce după, a se ghida, a se călăuzi după. ‘If you go by those red and blue signs, you will find the new hotel without any trouble.’ ‘You could have avoided the accident if you had gone by the traffic rules.’ 5. a fi numit; a fi cunoscut după / drept. Jane goes by the Midget by all her friends. ‘Last week I met your friend who goes by Fatty.’ 6. a face o scurtă vizită; a trece pe la cineva. ‘I haven't seen John lately. I think I'll go by his flat next week.’ v.i.: 1. a coborî. "I go down the landing stage and wash my face in the icy lake water." (L. Durrell, Justine) 2. (d. preţuri) a scădea, a coborî, a se micşora. "And the price goes down three pence..." (K. Amis, The Anti-Death League) 3. a se scufunda, a se duce la fund. "When the ship goes down, you just ride a nice fat rat to the shore." (N. Mailer, The Naked end the Dead) [Synonyms: sink, submerge, go to the bottom] 4. a apune, a asfinţi, a scăpata. "The moon wait down and left the forest in muffled darkness." (J. Steinbeck, Tortilla Flat) "As the sun went down the landscape was like still frame of an old movie on sepia film." (S. Bellow, Humboldt's Gift) [Synonyms: set, sink; decline] 5. (d. vânt, ploaie, etc.) a slăbi; a conteni. If the rain does not go down, they will not be able to start tomorrow morning. The weatherman said that the wind and the rain would not go down for another twenty four hours. 6. (fig.) a fi primit, a fi acceptat, a fi întâmpinat. "None of these (jokes) had gone down well." (K. Waterhouse, Billy Liar) 7. a cădea, a se prăbuşi. The blow was so powerful that he went down immediately. He couldn't resist any longer. He went down. After a few minutes he managed to stand up but went down again, [Synonyms: fall, collapse] 8. a fi notat / scris / înregistrat. "Every word uttered in court went down for future reference." (Cowie & Mackin, Op. cit.) [Synonyms: get down II, 1; put down I, 8, write down] 9. a fi acceptat; a fi înghiţit. ‘I think this story won't go down. Try another one.’ 10. a părăsi o universitate. "The undergraduates are due to go down today." (W. McMordie, English Idioms) v.i.: a merge, a se duce, a pleca. "Jeeter did not go down to the coal chute to see Lov." (E. Caldwell, Tobacco Road) "I'll go down to Blackstable, but I'll go down on my own." (W.S. Maugham, Cakes and Ale) v.i.: 1. a fi acceptat (de) My explanation for being late at home last night went down perfectly well with my mother, but not with my father. 2. a se îmbolnăvi. "Mr. Armstrong was unable to go into the office on Monday because he had gone down with influenza." (Cowie & Mackin, Op. cit.) v.i.: 1. a se duce după, a merge să aducă. ‘You mustn't waste any time. Go for the doctor immediately.’ 2. a umbla după, a căuta. "When I saw Jack I was sure he'd go for the conch." (W. Golding, Lord of the Flies) 3. a-i plăcea de, a fi atras de, a avea simpatie pentru. "When they were growing up he had never gone for her, like he used to go for Harry and Ernest, because she was a girl." (J. Joyce, Dubliners) [Synonyms: like, be attracted by] 4. (fam.) a ataca, a se da la, a se repezi la. "The taller of the two men had scarcely said a word when the other put up his fists and went for him." (F.T. Wood, English Verbal Idioms) [Synonyms: attack, assail, rush upon, run at] 5. a fi adevărat, a include. ‘You must go to bed now, and that goes for your sister, too.’ ‘I don't like your behaviour, John, and this goes for your friend's behaviour, too.’ 6. a intra, a se angaja (într-o slujbă) ‘Arthur will go for a driver next week. He likes driving a car very much.’ ‘How would you like to go for a shop-assistant in a book-shop?' v.i.: 1. a se ivi, a ieşi la iveală, a-şi face apariţia. It was almost dark outside when they went forth at last. We waited a long time for the bear to go forth again. 2. (d. secrete, etc.) a deveni public, a fi cunoscut. ‘Remember that our agreement is a secret one and it must not go forth in any circumstances.’ v.i.: 1. a înainta, a merge înainte. "When he arose to go forwards he felt queer." (D.H. Lawrence, Sons and Lovers) 2. a progresa, a face progrese. Work on the new school in our village goes forwards in a satisfactory rhythm every day. v.i.: 1. a intra, a pătrunde înăuntru. "He went in and loaded the fire, but couldn't stay by it." (Al. Sillitoe, Key to the Door) "We stood on the ice-coated lawn in front of the gym while he got ready to enter it, resting himself so that he could go in with a show of energy." (J. Knowles, A Separate Peace) [Synonyms: enter, get in I, 1] 2. (d. soare, etc.) a dispărea, a se ascunde. "The sun went in behind some clouds and left us to our jaded thoughts and the crumbs of our provisions." (J. Joyce, Dubliners) [Synonyms: disappear, hide behind] 3. a fi bun, a se potrivi, a corespunde. ‘The wardrobe you've bought is too big, can't you see? It won't go in this small room.’ When they saw her they simply remained agape: she looked like a scarecrow. Nothing she was wearing went in! 4. (d. veşti, etc.) a sosi, a veni. The news of his death that went in that morning shocked all of them. 5. (fam.) a se prinde, a se înţelege. "It's no use. I've read and re-read the chapter on the life-cycle of the river fluke, but it won't go in!" (Cowie & Mackin, Op. cit.) v.i.: 1. a se pasiona pentru, a îndrăgi, a pune mare preţ. "..., I thought since you go in for scientific books you might have an idea." (F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender Is the Night) "I'm not that kind of novelist, I don't go in for reactionary photographic stuff." (J. Wain Hurry On Down) 2. a se ocupa cu, a se îndeletnici cu. "I don't go in for the long views." (N. Mailer, The Naked and the Dead) 3. a participa, a lua parte (la o competiţie, etc.) "He went in for too many events, and so won none." (Cowie & Mackin, Op. cit.) 4. a studia, a se ocupa cu. "But I honestly believe the time has come to expand our interest and go in for more scientific derivatives." (A.J. Cronin, The Citadel) v.i.: a intra, a pătrunde. "It was almost two when they went into the dining-room." (F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender Is the Night) "As he was in the hall I could not go into the front parlour and lie in the window." (J. Joyce. Dubliners) 2. a se lovi, a se izbi, a lua contact (violent) cu. The road was slippery after the rain and John's car went into a tree. 3. a se duce la, a pleca la / spre / către. "About an hour later it is agreed that Aliu shall go into Fada and ask if there be really a government clerk called Johnson." (J. Gary, Mister Johnson) 4. a examina, a cerceta, a discuta. ‘It would be better for us to go into details about the case we have at hand now.’ ‘The doctor knows everything about your mother's illness, so it's useless to go into details now.’ 5. a se împărţi, a se divide. "Six goes into twelve, twice. But thirteen into twelve doesn't go." (Cowie & Mackin, Op. cit.) v.i.: 1. (fam.) a pleca, a o şterge, a o lua la sănătoasa, a-şi lua tălpăşiţa. "I think I'm going off now." (R. Kipling, At the End of the Passage) "She's going off on Saturday to Val Dartie and his wife." (J. Galsworthy, To Let) "There's one thing I want to have a talk about before I go off on this cruise." (N. Shute, On the Beach) [Synonyms: leave, depart, go away] 2. (d. vehicule, etc.) a porni, a se pune în mişcare. "They did not see him next morning, though they heard the trucks go off." (N. Shute, A Town Like Alice) "His beeper shocked them both as it went off." (R. Cook, Brain) 3. (d. actori) a ieşi din scenă. Mallory went off the stage quite exhausted. Tom and Jane were the last actors to go off the stage in the final act of the play. 4. (pop.) a da ortul popii, a muri. "Hating it is what I'm on now more. Hating having the chance to go off and leave everything." (K. Amis, The Anti-Death League) [Synonyms: die, pass away I, 4] 5. a se desfăşura; a se sfârşi. "It was always a great affair, the Misses Morkan's annual dance... For years and years it had gone off in splendid style, as long as anyone could remember; " (J. Joyce, Dubliners) 6. (şi fig.) a se descărca, a se slobozi, a exploda; a începe, a porni, a se aprinde. All the guns of the invasion fleet went off within two seconds of each other, ..." (N. Mailer, The Naked and the Dead) "They had barely reached the corner of Randor Place and stopped to look round when bang! the first can went off." (A.J. Cronin, The Citadel) "High up among the bulging clouds thunder went off like a gun." (W. Golding, Lord of the Flies) 7. (sl.) a-şi ieşi din fire / pepeni; a-şi pierde capul. "I can't help it,’ he said rather pitiably. ‘I go off like it." (D.H. Lawrence, Sons and Lovers) 8. a se întrerupe; a se stinge, a se lua (lumina) The tea was almost boiling when the gas supply went off unexpectedly. He was in the middle of a very exciting story when suddenly the light went off. 9. (d. dureri) a se diminua, a scădea, a slăbi, a ceda, a dispărea. ‘Has your head-ache gone off?'. ‘Not yet, but I'll take some pills and hope it'll go off shortly after that.’ 10. (d. mărfuri) a se vinde (bine), a merge (pe piaţă), a avea căutare. Their new products were going off like hot cakes; it surpassed all their hopes. 11. a renunţa; a nu-i mai plăcea. ‘I've gone off drinking milk since September, last year.’ 12. a adormi, a se culca. "She went off after dinner, and she hasn't woken up since." (N. Shute, On the Beach) 13. a se deteriora, a se strica. ‘Put that meat in the refrigerator; it will go off if you keep it out.’ "This fruit is going off rapidly." (W. McMordie, English Idioms) 14. a se întâmpla, a se petrece. "There seems to be a crowd over there; I wonder what's going off." (F.T. Wood, English Verbal Idioms) v.i.: 1. a continua; a merge înainte, a merge mai departe. "He knew he could not go on forever waiting each year for credit and never receiving it..." (E. Caldwell, Tobacco Road) "So he told them more, and went on till no one was left awake." (Al. Sillitoe, Key to the Door) 2. (fam.) a se purta urât; a-şi da aere. ‘Stop going on like that with your friends, Jane! They won't come here any more.’ 3. (d. timp, etc.) a trece, a se scurge, a expira. "Time went on in Coketown like its own machinery." (Ch. Dickens, Herd Times) "As the day went on they all began to suffer from their feet, the older women especially." (N. Shute, A Town Like Alice) [Synonyms: go by 1, pass by I, 1] 4. a avea loc, a se petrece, a se desfăşura, a se întâmpla. "He told her all that went on in his office, ..." (J. Joyce, Dubliners) "What goes on in your head, Bob?" (N. Mailer, The Naked and the Dead) [Synonyms: happen, take place] 5. a se aprinde; a funcţiona, a merge. "Now it was evening in Monterey, and the lights went on." (J. Steinbeck, Tortilla Rat) ‘Don't let the engine go on; it's a useless waste of fuel.’ 6. a fi cheltuit, a se duce pe. "A lot of my grant goes on books; but I think it's money well spent. Don't you?" (Cowie & Mackin, Op. cit.) v.i.: a vorbi la nesfârşit, a vorbi fără întrerupere. She's a very nice old lady but I don't like the way she goes on about her husband and children and relatives. v.i.: a se apropia de (o vârstă, o oră, etc.) My grandmother is going on for ninety but she works every day from morning till night. "But your daddy said it was time you got up; well, it is going on for nine." (T. Capote, In Cold Blood) v.i.: a continua (să facă ceva), a-i da înainte cu. ‘Most of my pupils go on with their studies while some others are idling their time.’ v.i.: 1. a ieşi, a pleca; a părăsi. "That made him to go out right away and burn over the old cotton fields and plant a crop." (E. Caldwell, Tobacco Road) 2. a ieşi în lume, a merge în societate; a se plimba. "I don't want to go out with you any more." (Al. Sillitoe, Kay to the Door) "We used to go out together, walking, you know, Gabriel, like the way they do in the country." (J. Joyce, Dubliners) 3. (d. cărţi) a apărea, a ieşi de sub tipar. His first novel went out last year and this year another one will go out. 4. (d. veşti, etc.) a se răspândi, a se afla, a deveni cunoscut. The news went out that the last international match of our national football team would take place in our town. 5. (d. foc, etc.) a se stinge. "A pustule of white light flared and went out." (Al. Sillitoe, Key to the Door) "The flare had gone out and they were blinded for a moment in the returning darkness." (N. Mailer, The Naked and the Dead) 6. a muri, a-şi da sufletul, a se stinge. "The only consolation is that that is just how he would have liked to go out." (L. Durrell, Justine) [Synonyms: die, decease, leave the world] 7. (d. luni, ani, etc.) a se termina, a se sfârşi. " 1970 went out with the news of a major earthquake in Peru." (Cowie & Mackin, Op. cit.) 8. a fi demodat, a ieşi din modă, a nu mai fi la modă. ‘This kind of hats, my dear, went out years ago and you still wear them!' 9. (d. flux şi reflux) a se retrage. The sea went out so far away from the shore that you could not see the water any longer. [Synonyms: ebb, retire, recede] v.i.; a exprima compasiune, a simpatiza cu, a fi de partea. "Heaven knows it's not easy for our graduate students - the competition, the scarcity of jobs; one's heart goes out to them!" (J. Gardner, Freddy's Book) v.i.: 1. a studia, a examina, a verifica, a inspecta, a cerceta. The teacher went over every test very carefully again and again. If you have finished your homework, go over it once again, [Synonyms: check, examine, inspect, look over I, 1] 2. a veni spre (cineva), a se apropia. "Churchill went over and put his hand on Hunter's shoulder." (K. Amis, The Anti-Death League) 3. a trece peste, a traversa. The accident happened when he went over the street completely unattentive. 4. a face curat; a aranja (lucrurile) Jane went over her room in a few minutes then left for the office in a great hurry. 5. a repara; a verifica. It was in the middle of the night, and he couldn't find a mechanic anywhere to go over his damaged car. [Synonyms: repair, check] 6. a cugeta, a se gândi, a cântări. "We went over every detail of his story in an effort to discover whether it was true or not." (Cowie & Mackin, Op. cit.) It would be advisable to go over your proposal again before making it public. [Synonyms: ponder, consider] 7. a trece de, a birui, a învinge, a înfrânge. ‘Well, if you study very hard, you'll be able to go over any difficulties with your paper.’ 8. (d. maşini, etc.) a se răsturna, a se rostogoli, a se da de-a berbeleacul. "When the steam boiler went over, it made a terrible clang that was heard by residents in the neighborhood." (E.L. Doctorow, Ragtime) v.i.: 1. a trece de partea, a trece în tabăra. ‘How could you go over to the Browns? Don't you know that they are my rivals?' 2. a se îndrepta spre / către, a se duce la / spre. "Remembering with difficulty why I had come I went over to one of the stalls and examined porcelain vases and flowered tea-sets." (J. Joyce, Dubliners) 3. a se apuca de, a se dedica. Joe has given up writing plays and went over to novels; he has already published one this year. 4. a trece pe la, a se opri pe la; a vizita. ‘On my way home I'll go over to Jane's house and tell her the good news.’ v.i.: 1. a se învârti în jurul; a da un ocol, a ocoli, a face înconjurul. "Mottram, go round the house with Chuma and see that the seals ate put on things." (R. Kipling, At the End of the Passage) 2. a trece (pe la), a vizita. ‘It would be better to go round and see your parents this week.’ v.i.: 1. a trece prin. "Alice was asleep when he went through the bedroom on the way downstairs." (C. McCullers, The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter) "It takes far longer to go through cities than to drive several hundred miles." (J. Steinbeck. Travels with Charley) 2. a examina, a cerceta minuţios. "Just a week after I went through my accounts I woke in the morning with an attack of giddiness." (C.P. Snow, The Time of Hope.) 3. a îndeplini, a realiza. "There was no cast net and the boy remembered when they had sold it. But they went through this fiction every day." (E. Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea) 4. a căuta, a scotoci, a cotrobăi prin, a cerceta, a examina. "You go and have a lovely bath and then bring all your best things in here and we'll go through them together." (K. Amis, The Anti-Death League) "He went all through die two bags and held up die quarter-bottle of brandy." (E. Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms) 5. a risipi, a face praf, a toca, a termina. "It didn't take Albert very long to go through his inheritance." (Cowie & Mackin, Op. cit.) 6. a face faţă, a ţine piept. The last years have been like a nightmare for Mr. Smith but he managed to go through. 7. a repeta; a revedea (un plan, etc.) They went through die last act of the play under John as a stage director. 8. a suferi, a îndura, a trece prin (necazuri, etc.) "Have you any idea what I've gone through in these last five years?" (A.J. Cronin, Shannon's Way) "M. Poirot, you have no idea of what I have gone through." (A. Christie, The Labours of Hercules) v.i.: a persevera, a stărui, a o duce până la capăt, a o scoate la capăt. ‘You have nothing else to do but go through with your study.’ The exercise was very difficult but George went through with it and had a great satisfaction in the end. v.i.: 1. a se scufunda; a dispărea, a se da la fund. At first the ship broke out in flames, then two deafening explosions followed, and in a few minutes it went under. Nobody understood how the thief could go under in such a short time. 2. a se ruina, a scăpăta, a sărăci, a ajunge pe drumuri, a ajunge la sapă de lemn. "Poor Donaldson had no head for business, and it was not long before he went under." (Cowie & Mackin, Op. cit.) v.i.: 1. a (se) urca, a merge sus. "The midwife said it was a boy, and he went quickly up the Stairs." (Al. Sillitoe, Key to the Door) "Mick loved to go up to Mister Singer's room." (C. McCullers, The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter) 2. (d. preţuri) a creşte, a se ridica, a se mări. "The price of gravel had gone up two dollars a ton and a truckload could not be delivered before Friday." (J. Updike, Couples) 3. a se aprinde; a exploda. "The light went up and Christian moved slowly out among the crowd of soldiers." (I. Shaw, The Young Lions) The big gun went up unexpectedly and everybody was terribly frightened. 4. a merge, a călători, a pleca (spre capitală) "...I wrote him a letter saying I was going up to Dublin and would be back in the summer, ..." (J. Joyce, Dubliners) 5. (amer. sl.) a urma să fie spânzurat. The convict will go up tomorrow morning at six o'clock. 6. a se apropia de, a veni / se duce spre / către. "After a while a boy went up to a girl named Delores Brown." (C. McCullers, The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter) "Then he shouldered his last piece of junk and went up to his car, ..." (F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender Is the Night) v.i.: a însoţi, a merge cu. They went to the seaside yesterday and all their children went with them. 2. a merge, a ieşi împreună. ‘How long have you been going with that long-haired young man? I don't like his long hair.’ 3. a fi înţeles cu, a fi în cârdăşie cu; a fi unit cu, a fi de acord cu. ‘As long as you go with those unreliable people, the police will keep an eye on you.’ ‘You better go with us and everything will be all right in the end.’ 4. a se armoniza cu, a se potrivi cu, a concorda cu. "Here is the reddest rose in all the world. "..."I am afraid it will not go with my new dress, " she answered;’' (O. Wilde, Fairy Tales) v.i.: a renunţa la, a se lipsi de. "As we have rather heavy expenses on the house, we have decided to go without a holiday this year." (F.T. Wood, English Prepositional Idioms)

Diccionario fuente: Victors - Phrasal Verbos (Inglés-Rumano)
Más: Traductor de Inglés a Rumano
I. 1. a merge , a umbla
2. (cu forme in "-ing") a se duce la (vinatoare etc.) , a umbla dupa (vinat etc.)
3. a merge , a calatori , a se deplasa (cu autobuzul etc.)
4. a iesi / a umbla in lume
5. a circula , a se raspindi
6. a se duce , a pleca ; a se indeparta
7. (to , as far as) a duce , a ajunge , a se intinde (la , pina la / in)
8. (d. timp etc.) a se scurge ,a merge , a trece
9. a functiona , a merge , a actiona ; a fi in functiune
10. a proceda , a actiona , a se comporta
11. a se desfasura , a se petrece , a merge
12. a reusi , a izbuti , a merge
13. a intentiona , a avea de gind
14. a disparea ; a pieri , a se duce , a trece
15. a se duce , a se (pe)trece , a muri , a raposa
16. a fi , a se afla (intr-o situatie)
17. a se integra , a intra ; a-si avea / a-si gasi locul ; a (apar)tine (de) , a sta
18. a intra , a se cuprinde
19. (d. marfuri) a se vinde , a se da
20. a se imbraca
21. (d. un text) a suna , a glasui , a spune
22. (d. clopotel etc.) a bate , a suna
II. (deosebi nu se traduce) a deveni , a ajunge
III. 1. a indeplini , a face ; a acoperi , a strabate
2. a suporta , a indura ; a accepta
IV. (pl. goes s.) 1. miscare , actiune , agitatie ; tevatura
2. (F.) moda , voga
3. incercare , proba
4. intimplare , (F. ->) poveste ; treaba , afacere
5. (F.) tirg , invoiala , afacere , tranzactie
6. (<- F.) reusita , izbinda , succes
7. (F.) elan , svung , curaj , nerv , verva
8. (univ.) examen ; proba

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(mas) a rula; a se roti; a funcţiona; a merge

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energie; entuziasm; incercare; moda; on the ~ in activitate

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a ceda; a circula, a avea curs; a deveni; a face (un drum, o calatorie); a fi, a se gasi într-un moment; a merge pe, a urma (un drum etc.); a merge, a functiona; a merge, a intra; a merge, a se duce; a muri; a pleca; a se descarca; a se desfasura (dupa o norma,ritm; a se dezvolta; a se stinge; a suna, a bate; a trece; dusca; energie, vioiciune; lovitura; mers, actiunea de a merge; miscare; portie, parte, ratie (de mîncare); încercare; înghititura (de bautura)

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Go en Catalán
loc vés endarrere loc vés endavant v intr vés a, aneu a v intr anar

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sigles (Gross National Product) producte nacional brut

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Go en Polaco
(pt went ) (pp gone ) (pl goes ) vi (on foot ) iść (pójść perf ) (on foot : habitually, regularly ) chodzić (by car etc ) jechać (pojechać perf ) (by car etc : habitually, regularly ) jeździć she went to the kitchen poszła do kuchni I go to see her whenever I can chodzę do niej, kiedy tylko mogę shall we go by car or by train? pojedziemy samochodem czy pociągiem? they go to Tunisia every winter co roku w zimie jeżdżą do Tunezji 2. (depart : on foot ) wychodzić (wyjść perf ) , iść (pójść perf ) (depart : by car etc ) odjeżdżać (odjechać perf ) , wyjeżdżać (wyjechać perf ) 3. (attend ) chodzić she goes to her dancing class on Tuesdays we wtorki chodzi na swój kurs tańca 4. (take part in an activity ) iść (pójść perf ) (take part in an activity : habitually, regularly ) chodzić to go for a walk iść (pójść perf ) na spacer we go dancing on Saturdays w soboty chodzimy potańczyć 5. (work ) chodzić the tape recorder was still going magnetofon ciągle chodził the bell went just then właśnie wtedy zadzwonił dzwonek 6. (become )to go pale blednąć (zblednąć perf ) to go mouldy pleśnieć (spleśnieć perf ) 7. (be sold )to go for 10 pounds pójść (perf) za 10 funtów 8. (intend to )we're going to leave in an hour wyjdziemy za godzinę 9. (be about to )it's going to rain będzie padać 0. (time ) mijać (minąć perf ) , płynąć time went very slowly czas mijał or płynął bardzo wolno 1. (event, activity ) iść (pójść perf ) how did it go? jak poszło? 2. (be given )to go to sb dostać się (perf) komuś 3. (break etc ) pójść (perf) inf the fuse went poszedł bezpiecznik 4. (be placed )the milk goes in the fridge mleko trzymamy w lodówce (try )to have a go (at) próbować (spróbować perf ) (+gen ) I'll have a go at mending it spróbuję to zreperować 2. (turn ) kolej f whose go is it? czyja (teraz) kolej? 3. (move )to be on the go być w ruchu

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iść; jechać; funkcjonowaćaktywność; impet

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Go en Francés
go1 [gBL]
1n (pl goes)
(a)(activity) aller m;
to be always on the go, être toujours à trotter ou à courir;
to keep someone on the go, faire trimer quelqu'un,;
it's all go, on n'a pas une minute à soi, ça n'arrête pas;
(b)(energy) to be full of or have plenty of go, avoir de l'allant;
music full of go, musique pleine de vie;
(c)(try) coup m, essai m;
to make a go of it, (succeed) y réussir;
(it's) your go!, (in game) à vous de jouer!;
(d)F (of fever etc) accès m; (of flu) attaque f;
(e)Old-fashioned it's all the go, ça fait fureur ou rage.
2adj Astronaut all systems are go, tout est paré et en ordre de marche (pour le départ).
go2 v (he goes;
pt went [went];
pp gone [gKn]) (the aux is usu have, occ be)
to go to a place, aller ou se rendre à un endroit;
to go to Paris/to the country, aller à Paris/à la campagne;
(b)(be active, function) marcher;
to set or get a piece of machinery going, mettre une machine en marche ou en mouvement;

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vont, allez, allons, vais, vas

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Go en Búlgaro
ходя; тръгвам; отивам; пристъп; вървя; протичам; движа; движение; замах; енергия; залагам;

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[gou] v (went [went]; gone [gЈn]) 1. отивам, ходя; 2. вървя, хието; 2) подхожда{2} [gou] n (pl goes [gouz]) разг. 1. движение; on the ~ в движе{3} [gou] а 1. в изправност; изправен; 2. моден; 3. напредничав.{4} [gou] n вид японска игра.

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[gou] v (went [went]; gone [gоn]) 1. отивам, ходя; 2. вървя, ходя, минавам; who ~es there? кой e там? кой e? to ~ the sbortest way минавам по/вэемам най-краткия път; 3. движа се, вървя; в движение съм; работя, в действие съм (за механизьм); бия (за cъpце), в обръщение съм (за пари): to set ~ing пускам в действие, задвижвам; to keep ~ing 1) поддържам в действие; 2) вървя си, продължавам; to keep the conversation/fire ~ing поддържам разговора/огъня; to keep s.o. ~ing in/with поддържам/постоянно снабдявам някого с нещо, не оставям някого да му липсва нещо; 4. вървя, минавам, напредвам, развивам се; (пре)успявам; how ~es it? how are things ~ing? разг. как си? как е (работата)? if all ~es well (with us) ако всичко върви добре, ако не ни се случи нещо (лошо); the case went for/against him делото бете решено в негова полза/вреда; 5. отивам си, вървя си, тръгвам; (за)почвам; we mist ~/be ~ing now трябва да си вървим/да тръгваме; they are all gone всички си отидоха; ~! сп. тръгвай! (при стартиране); be gone! ост. отивай си! махай се! Here ~es! хайде! почваме! there you ~ again! пак започна! from tile word ~ от самото начало; 6. изчезвам, изгубвам се; прен. отивам, свършвам се, изчерпвам се; пропадам, загивам; бивам махнат/отстранен/уволнен; it has/is all gone всичко се свърши, нищо няма вече; all hope is gone изчезна/пропадна всяка надежда; that's the way the money ~es сто как отиват парите; that clause will have to ~ тази клауза трябва да се махне; I wish the pain would ~ да можеше да престане болката; the car was the first luxury to ~ колата беше първият лукс, от който се лишиха; 7. пропадам, срутвам се, счупвам се, рухвам; скъсвам се; продънвам се; фалирам; 8. минавам (за време); he has still two months to ~ остават му още два месеца; 9. звъня, бия, удрям; 10. навършвам (години); be is/has gone forty има/навършил e вече четиридесет (години); 11. вървя, минавам, водя (за пьт и пр.), простирам се (за планини и пр.); стигам; 12. Ставам достатьчио дълъг/голям съм; побирам се; влизам, деля се; the belt won't ~ round her waist коланът не є става; the plank just ~es across the brook дъската тъкмо стига да се прекоси потокът; 2 into 6 ~es 3 times 6 делено на 2 е 3; 13. стои, слага се; these books ~ on the top shelf тези книги стоят/се слагат на най-горната полица; 14. продавам се, харча се, вървя; to be ~ing cheap продава се eвтино; that's not dear as things ~ това не e скъпо за днешните цени; ~ing! ~ing! gone! продава се! продава се! продадено! (при тьрг. придружено от три удара на чукчето); 15. вървя, приемам се, валиден съм, минавам; everything ~es here всичко минава/се приема тук; do British pounds ~ here? тук вървят ли английски лири? 16. глася, съм (за текст, мелодия и пр.); this is how the tune ~es ето как e мелодията; 17. бивам даден/ оставен/завещан, падам се (някому), ставам притежание (to); victory always ~es to the strong победата винаги e на силния; honours do not always ~ to the most deserving невинаги най-достойният получава почестите; 18. допринасям, служа; необходим съм; qualities that ~ to make a great man качества, необходими, за да бъде човек велик; 19. само в pres р има, намира се, дава се; предлага се, сервира се; there is a cold supper ~ing downstairs долу има/се сервира студена вечеря; if you hear of any jobs ~ing ако чуеш, че има някъде работа; 20. съм, ходя, намирам се, живея (в някакво обичайно сьстояние); to ~ in fear of o.'s life живея с постоянен страх за живота си; to ~ with young бременна съм (за животно); 21. последван от прил. или израз ставам; to ~ blind ослепявам; to ~ into a faint/a swoon припадам; 22. в сьчет. на гл. to be є pres р на go изразява: 1) близко бьдеще; do you think it is ~ing to rain? мислиш ли, че ще вали? 2) намерение: are you ~ing to behave or not? имаш ли намерение да се държиш/ще се държиш ли прилично/(или не)? I was ~ing to have walked имах намерение/щях да вървя пеша (но не вьрвях); 3) решителност: I'm not ~ing to be cheated няма да позволя да ме (из)мамят; 23. с ger 1) ходя (на ски, лое и пр.); to ~ mushrooming ходя/отивам за гъби; 2) изразява неудоволствие от някаква постьпка, навик: don't ~ telling me lies (хем) да не вземеш да ме лъжеш: 24. залагам; карти обявявам; 25. ам. понасям, търпя; 26. ам. обик. с can (позволявам си) да платя; I can't ~ the price не мога да платя такава цена/толкова пари; to ~ all out напрягам всички сили (for за), запален/въодушевен съм (for за); to ~ it разг. отдавам се/удрям го на живот, живея си; ~ it! разг. хайде! карай! давай! to ~ it alone разг. действувам сам, поемам цялата отговорност; to let ~ вж. letЄ 3; ~ fly a kite/jump in the lake/lay an egg ам. sl. я не се бъркай! я се разкарай! just ~ and try! само се опитай! (заканително); she went and got married тя взе, че се ожени; now you've been and gone and done it! sl. Хубаво си я оплескал! all the time he was speaking he went like this през цялото време, докато говореше, правеше ей така (някакьв жест или гримаса); to ~ bang разг. изгърмявам (за пушка); she's a good cook as cooks ~ now добра e, като имаш предвид какви ca сега готвачките; it ~es without saying от само себе си се разбира, не ще и дума; what I say ~es каквото аз кажа, това става; думата ми тежи; аз заповядвам: this ~es to show това идва да покаже; to ~ to great lengths/trouble/pains to do полагам всички усилия да направя нещо; to ~ for broke ам. разг. напрягам всички сили; to ~ the distance изпълнявам задача; I could ~ a soda ам. (с удоволствие) бих изпил/пийнал една сода; go about 1) ходя насам-натам, излизам, движа се излизам, ходя (с момиче, момче); нося се (за слух); 2) мор. обръщам курса; воен. обръщам се; 3) кръстосвам, движа се по/из; 4) залавям се за, започвам (работа); tell me how to ~ about it кажи ми как да постьпя/да започна; to ~ about o.'s work гледам си/върдааси работата; ~ about your business! гледай си работата! махай се oттук! go across преминавам (река, мост и пр.); go after 1) тичам по (жена); 2) тьрся (работа, служба); go against 1) съм/обръщам се против, във вреда съм на;his appearance ~es against him външният му вид му пречи/не го представя добре; the war is ~ing against them войната няма благоприятен развой/не върви добре за тях; to ~ against the tide/current плувам срещу течeнието (и прен.); 2) противен/противоположен съм на, в разрез съм с; it ~es against me/my conscience съвестта не ми позволява; go ahead 1) напредвам; 2) почвам; продължавам; ~ ahead! тръгвай! карай! 3) изразява разрешение: may I smoke here? - ~ ahead! мога ли да пуша тук? - пуши си! go along 1) вървя (по)край; 2) работя; напредвам (в работа); it'll become easier as you ~ along ще ти стане по-лесно в процеса на работата; 3) придружавам (with s.o. някого); 4) съгласявам се (with s.o. с някого); I ~ along with that съгласен съм с това, съгласих се; 5) вървя ръка за ръка с; happiness does not always ~ along with prosperity щастието не върви винаги ръка за ръка с благосьстоянието; ~ along with you! 1) хайде де! не ми ги разправяй такива! 2) махай се! 3) стига си нахалничил! go around 1) go about 1; 2) go round 5; 3) go round 2; go at 1) нападам, нахвърлям се на; 2) залавям/заемам се енергично с; go away 1) отивам си, заминавам; 2) минавам, изчезвам (за епидемия, болка и пр.); 3) задигам (with s. th. нещо); go back 1) (за)връщам се; 2) отстъпвам (напр. няколко крачки и пр.); 3) тръгвам назад, западам, израждам се; 4) стигам до, водя началото си от; his family ~es back for hundreds of years to the time of... семейството му води началото си отпреди стотици години от времето на...; 5) to ~ back on o.'s word отстъпвам от/не изпълнявам обещанието си; изоставям, измамвам (някого); go before 1) вървя пред, предшествувам; 2) имам предимство над; 3) тръгвам/отивам по-рано; go behind 1) вървя отзад, следвам; 2) търся истинската причина/смисъл; ~ behind s.o.'s back върша/казвам нещо зад гърба на някого; go between посреднича между; go beyond превишавам; to ~ beyond o.'s instructions/orders превишавам дадените ми нареждания; that's ~ing beyond a joke това вече не e шera; go by 1) минавам край/през; 2) минавам, преминавам (и за време); 3) водя се/съдя по; спазвам (правило и пр.); to let ~ by 1) пренебрегвам/не обръщам внимание на нещо; 2) пропускам/изпускам нещо (възможност); that's wrong, but let it ~ by това не e правилно, но от мен да мине; go down 1) слизам (по); 2) падам; спускам се (за път); залязвам (за сльнце и пр.); 3) гълтам се, приемам се (за храна и прен.); a crumb went down the wrong way една троха ми влезе в кривото гърло; to ~ down well харесвам се, приемам се (with от); the play went down well with the audience пиесата бе добре приета от/се хареса на публиката; 4) потъвам; 5) падам, бивам победен; пропадам (и на изпит); to ~ down to an opponent бивам победен от/предавам се на противник; Rome went down before the barbarian invaders Рим падна под ударите на варварските нашественици; б) намалявам, спадам (за цени, температура, тегло, гума, оток и пр.); стихвам, утихвам (за вятър и пр.); 7) западам; he has gone down in the world западнал e; 8) карти не правя обявените взятки, влизам; 9) стигам/продължавам до; this history book ~es down to the 18th century този учебник по история стига до XVIII в.; 10) бивам запомнен; he will ~ down to posterity ще бъде запомнен от бъдещите поколения; 11) разболявам се (with от); 12) бивам записан (в книга); 13) намирам се в упадък; западам; 14) напускам университета; 15) sl. отивам в затвора; go for 1) отивам за, отивам да повикам; 2) нахвърлям се на, нападам, атакувам; ~ for him! дрьж! (на куче); 3) мъча се да постигна/докопам; 4)разг. предпочитам, имам слабост към; 5) поддържам, приемам (идея и пр.); 6) имам значение/влияние; важа; that ~es for nothing/little това няма никакво значение, не важи; that -es for you too това важи и за теб. go forth книж. 1) излизам; поемам, тръгвам; 2) бивам публикуван/издаден; go forward 1) тръгвам, излизам; 2) напредвам (за работа); 3) става; what is ~ing forward here? Какво става тук? 4) to ~ forward with продължавам (работа и пр.); go in 1) влизам; 2) скривам се, затьмнявам се (за луна, слънце); 3) участвувам в състезание; ~ in and win! на добър час! пожелавам ти успех! to ~ in for а) занимавам се с; участвувам в; to ~ in for poultry/bees отглеждам домашни птици/пчели; to ~ in for a course of lectures записвам се за/следвам курс от лекции; б) интересувам се от; обичам, предпочитам, имам слабост към, съм по; to ~ in for sports спортувам; to ~ in with cдpужaвaм се с; go into 1) влизам в; 2) влизам/навлизам/впускам се в; проучвам; занимавам се с; 3) изпадам в (транс, кома); избухвам в (смях); to ~ into a consumption заболявам от туберкулоза; to ~ into liquidation фалирам; обявявам ликвидация; to ~ into second gear превключвам/преминавам на втора скорост; go off 1) отивам си, вървя си; отдалечавам се; тръгвам; излизам от сцената (за актьор); 2) избягвам (с някого); задигам (with нещо); 3) гръмвам (за орьжие); избухвам, експлодирам; удрям, звъня, иззвънявам (за звьнец, будилник); 4) избелявам (за цвят); изчезвам, преминавам (за болка); избледня. вам, заличавам се (за впечатление, чувство); губя свежестта/силата/вкуса си; влошавам се; отслабвам; намалявам; развалям се (за храна); her voice is ~ing off тя започва да губи гласа си, гласът и започва да се разваля; 5) впускам се, отдавам се (into в, на спомени и пр.); избухвам (into в) (смях и пр.); 6) заспивам; припадам; 7) умирам; 8) вървя, минавам, излизам (добре, зле); ставам, случвам се; 9) разпродавам се, похарчвам се; 10) изгубвам вкус към; отказвам се от; I have gone off meat вече не ми се яде/не ям месо; I have gone off motoring вече ми омръзна да карам/нe карам кола; 11) ругая (at); go on 1) продължавам (и с ger); to ~ on with o.'s work/with what one is doing продължавам си работата; 2) разг. постъпвам, действувам, дьржа се; you mustn't ~ on like that недей/не прави така; she went on dreadfully тя направи ужасна сцена; тя се държа ужасно: she ~es on at her husband terribly тя прави ужасни сцени на мъжа си; 3) говоря надълго и на широко; 4) става, върши се, води се, прави се; how are you ~ing on? как си? как я караш? 5) ставам/по мярка съм на; 6) театр, излизам, появявам се (на сцената); 7) основавам се на, водя се по; what evidence are you ~ing on? на какви доказателства се позоваваш? 8) (пре)минавам (to към); let's ~ on to the next item да преминем към следващата точка; 9) наближавам (вьзраст, час); ~ on! разг. глупости! as time ~es on с течение на времето, след време; the lights suddenly went on изведнъж лампите светнаха; he went on to say that след това/после/по-нататьк (в изказването си) той каза, че; that's enough to ~ on with това ще ти свърши работа засега; it's ~ing on for three months since I saw him (last) има почти три месеца, откакто не съм го виждал; go out 1) излизам; to ~ out of the room излизам от стаята; out you ~! вън! махай се! to ~ out shopping излизам на пазар; 2) излизам, ходя (на театьр, гости и пр.); 3) ходя да работя, ставам (някакьв); to ~ out washing ходя да пера по къщите; to ~ out as a governess ставам гувернантка; 4) излизам на стачка, стачкувам (и to ~ out on strike); 5) емигрирам, заминавам (to), 6) излизам от мода, минава ми модата, не се търся вече (u to ~ out of fashion); 7) угасвам (за светлина), 8) пол. подавам оставка; падам от власт; 9) оттеглям се (за прилив); 10) свършвам, към края си съм; 11) излизам (за заповед и пр.), бивам публикуван/оповестен; ставам известен, разчувам се; 12) кандидатствувам (for за); 13) карти играя последната си карта; правя игра; 14) бия се на дуел; my heart went out to him 1) веднага ми стана симпатичен; 2) изпитах сьчувствие към него, съжалих го; my heart went out in sympathy with her дълбоко и сьчувствувах; to ~ all out разг. правя/полагам всички усилия/всичко възможно;

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ići , namjerati se , micati se gore , biti u pogonu , sezati , pružati se , hodati , voziti se , otputovati , poći , krenuti , micati se idi!!

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fare, skulle, gå

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الگوريتم بلمن-فورد الگوريتم برزنهام الگوريتم موزه انگليسي الگوريتم كريستفايد الگوريتم دويچ- جوزا الگوريتم دايكسترا الگوريتم اقليدس الگوريتم اقليدسي الگوريتم فرگوسن - فركيد الگوريتم فلويد - وارشال الگوريتم گراور اژدهاي هرتر - هايوي الگوريتم جانسون الگوريتم جانسون پيچيدگي كاموگروف الگوريتم كروسكال الگوريتم پريم الگوريتم شور الگوريتم استراسن الگوريتم وارشال الگوريتم ويتربي الگوريتم تجزيه الگوريتمي الگوريتم ها ، اسم جمع الگوريتم الگوريتم تقريبي الگوريتم ب.م.م (بزرگترين مقسوم عليه مشترك) دودويي مرتب ساز بينگو الگوريتم مبتني بر مقايسه الگوريتم قطعي قطر قطري كردن الگوريتم پويا الگوريتم اقليدسي توسعه يافته , الگوريتم اقليدسي گسترش يافته الگوريتم حافظه خارجي الگوريتم حريصانه الگوريتم آميخته قطر اصلي قطر اصلي الگوريتم غير قطعي الگوريتم برون خط الگوريتم بر خط الگوريتم بر خط مثلث بندي بهينه چند ضلعي مسئله مثلث بندي بهينه چند ضلعي متعامد ترسيم متعامد ليست متعامد نمايش ليست متعامد جند ضلعي افقي-عمودي متعامداً محدب چند ضلعي الگوريتم زمان چند جمله اي الگوريتم احتمالي الگوريتم تصادفي الگوريتم بازگشتي الگوريتم rho تقريبي الگوريتم صدق پذيري الگوريتم مرتب سازي الگوريتم تجزيه چند ضلعي ستاره اي شكل الگوريتم مديريت حافظه قضيه ارگوديك زير جمعي

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رفتن‌، روانه‌ ساختن‌، رهسپار شدن‌، عزيمت‌ كردن‌، گذشتن‌،عبور كردن‌، كاركردن‌، گشتن‌، رواج‌ داشتن‌، تمام‌ شدن‌،راه‌ رفتن‌، نابود شدن‌، روي‌ دادن‌، بران‌ بودن‌، درصددبودن‌، راهي‌ شدن‌

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برو به

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نابودشدن، گذشتن، تمام شدن، بران بودن، درصددبودن، روانه ساختن، رواج داشتن، روي دادن، رهسپارشدن، راه رفتن، راهي شدن، رفتن، گشتن، كاركردن، عبوركردن، عزيمت كردن

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خرج شدن ،نوعى پاس با دويدن دريافت کننده به جلو( فوتبال امريکايى)،سفت ،روانه ساختن ،رهسپار شدن ،عزيمت کردن ،گذشتن ،عبور کردن ،کارکردن ،گشتن ،رواج داشتن ،تمام شدن ،راه رفتن ،نابود شدن ،روى دادن ،بران بودن ،درصدد بودن ،راهى شدن
قانون ـ فقه : بسر بردن
ورزش : سخت
 کلمات مرتبط(305)  کلمات مرتبط(go):

بازگشت به واژه go

ask him if he likes to go 
assemble and go 
 bound to go 
bump and go 
 come and go 
 compile and go 
dare he go? 
 do not go 
do not go in an u. hour 
 dot and go one 
f. me wherever i go 
 go about 
go adrift 
 go ahead 
go along 
 go and see him 
go and they will kill you 
 go around mode 
go at 
 go away with 
go back 
 go backdoor 
go bad 
 go bail for someone 
go bankrupt 
 go baseline 
go between 
 go by 
go by the board 
 go cart 
go dan 
 go dan barai 
go dan kumite 
 go devil 
go down 
 go for 
go for a walk 
 go for nothing 
go getter 
 go head 
go hence 
 go hungry 
go in for 

ادامه واژه‌هاي مرتبط(261)

بازگشت به کلمات قبلي....

بازگشت به واژه go

to go with the stream 
to go with the tide 
 to go wrong 
to go(or retire) to rest 
 to go(or run)to seed 
to let go 
to pass go orrun current 
 to stand or go between 
touch and go 
 we shall go 
we will go 
 what is the past of go 
when will you go? 
 you have no option but to go 
you must go 
 you shall go 
you should go 
 you will go 

بازگشت به کلمات قبلي....

بازگشت به واژه go

to go sweethearting 
 to go t. a trial 
to go through 
 to go through the mill 
to go through with 
 to go to 
to go to bed 
 to go to gether 
to go to glory 
 to go to grass 
to go to law 
 to go to meet any one 
to go to mess 
 to go to pieces 
to go to pot 
 to go to rack and ruin 
to go to roost 
 to go to school 
to go to school to 
 to go to sea 
to go to sleep 
 to go to smash 
to go to the bad 
 to go to the bar 
to go to the bottom 
 to go to the devil 
to go to the front 
 to go to the shades 
to go to the streets 
 to go to the wall 
to go to the wars 
 to go to the wright 
to go to this doctor and that 
 to go to with 
to go up 
 to go up one pair of stairs 
to go west 
 to go with 
to go with out anything 

ادامه واژه‌هاي مرتبط(19)

بازگشت به کلمات قبلي....

بازگشت به واژه go

to go for a stroll 
to go for a walk 
 to go for nothing 
to go forth 
 to go forward 
to go hot 
 to go in 
to go in for 
 to go in to liquidation 
to go in with 
 to go into 
to go into raptures 
 to go it 
to go it blind 
 to go narrow 
to go off 
 to go off half 
to go off milk 
 to go off the boil 
 to go on 
to go on a picnic 
 to go on board 
to go on foot 
 to go on pilrimage 
to go on strike 
 to go on the parish 
to go on the stage 
 to go on the stump 
to go one better 
 to go onwards 
to go out of fashion 
 to go out of gear 
to go over 
 to go over the top 
to go phut 
 to go pleasureing 
to go round 
 to go shares 
to go snacks 
 to go spell back ward 

ادامه واژه‌هاي مرتبط(58)

بازگشت به کلمات قبلي....

بازگشت به واژه go

prompt to go 
 sentry go 
shall i go? 
 solicitous to go 
steady as you go 
 stop and go 
stop go policy 
 tell him to go 
they shall go 
 they will go 
thou shalt go 
 thou wilt go 
ti;me to go 
 to be prepared to go 
to cause to go 
 to do (or go)without anything 
to give the go-by to 
 to go (or walk)in procession 
to go (orhit)the pace 
 to go a 
to go a hunting 
 to go a mucker on or over 
to go a mumming 
 to go about 
to go abroad 
 to go along 
to go at 
 to go at any thing 
to go away with 
 to go back 
to go back ward 
 to go backward 
to go bail for any one 
 to go bang 
to go behind 
 to go by 
to go by a rule 
 to go deep in to 
to go down 
 to go down a peg 
to go for a sail 

ادامه واژه‌هاي مرتبط(99)

بازگشت به کلمات قبلي....

بازگشت به واژه go

i will not go 
 i wish you would go 
iam a to go 
 iam a to go there 
iam d. to go 
 iam impatient to go 
in order that he may go 
 in order that i may go 
indigotin (dig-or-go) 
 it fell to my lot to go 
it is high time to go 
 it is necessary for him to go 
it is necessary to go 
 it is not a to go tncre 
it is p that he did not go 
 it is to your i. to go 
it is go 
 it may be as well to go there 
it pleased him to go 
let go 
 let go 1 
let go 2 
 let him go 
let it go hang 
 let me go 
little go 
 load and go 
long a go 
 may i go yes you may 
merry go round 
none but low people go there 
 none but the old shold go 
not long a go 
 not to go 
one must go 
 pay as you go principle 

ادامه واژه‌هاي مرتبط(140)

بازگشت به کلمات قبلي....

بازگشت به واژه go

he must needs go 
he needs must go 
 he refused to go 
he said he shoued go 
 he says (that)he will not go 
he shall go 
 he was loath to go 
he was made to go 
 he was motioned to go 
he was not inclined to go 
 he was signalled to go 
he will go 
 he will go far 
hitch and go 
 i advised him to go there 
i agreed to go 
 i am purposed to go 
i am reluctant to go 
 i am unwilling to go 
i can go 
 i did go 
i did not go 
 i do not go 
i go 
 i had better not go 
i had half a mind to go 
 i have no other place to go 
i heard it go pop 
 i made him go 
i made up my mind to go 
 i may go 
i must go 
 i ought to go 
i ougth to go 
 i shall go 
i told him not to go 
 i want you to go 
i was about to go 
 i will go 

ادامه واژه‌هاي مرتبط(178)

بازگشت به کلمات قبلي....

بازگشت به واژه go

go into 
go into liquidation 
 go long 
go near to do something 
 go no go 
go off 
 go on 
go on strike 
 go out 
go over 
 go round 
go through 
 go to 
go to extreme 
 go to head of 
go to hell 
 go to law 
go to pieces 
 go to rest 
go to sea 
 go to sleep 
go to the bar 
 go to waste 
go wrong 
great go 
happy go lucky 
he did not d. to go 
 he did not let us go 
he durst not go 
 he gave me a sign to go 
he had no evidence to go upon 
 he insisted on me to go 
he is in a hurry to go 
 he is indisposed to go 
he is not willing to go 

ادامه واژه‌هاي مرتبط(217)

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گشتن‌ ، رواج‌ داشتن‌ ، تمام‌ شدن‌ ، راه‌ رفتن‌، نابودشد شدن‌ ، روي‌ دادن‌،برآن‌ بودن‌ ، رفتن‌ ، روانه‌ ساختن‌ ، رهسپار شدن‌ ، عزيمت‌ كردن‌ ،گذ گذشتن‌ ، عبور كردن‌ ،كاركردن‌،درصدد بودن‌ ، راهي‌ شدن‌

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ِ¢ھ üûگ¤ ٹ ِ¢ّ“ ¢¢¬¤¢ٹِ¢¤î¤‘îٹ ِ¢¤î ¤ّ“ن ٹ ِ—ھ£ً £ًٹ ِ¢¤î –ُ‏¥ن ٹ ِ¢ھ ¤‘•¨û¤ ٹ ِ—،‘¨ ù÷گّ¤ ٹ ِ—ê¤ ٹ ِ¢ّ“ ِچ¤“ٹِ¢گ¢ ‎ّ¤ ٹ ِ¢ھ ¢ھ¢ّ“‘÷ ٹِ—ê¤ ùگ¤ ٹ ِ¢ھ ô‘ُ— ٹ ِ—ھگ¢ ڑگّ¤ ٹ ِ—ھً

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ajaa, mennä

Derechos de Autor: Tom van der Meijden Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés-Finlandés Online
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Go en Húngaro
megegyezés, esemény, vizsga, mozgás, járás, alku elkészülni, rajt!, vigyázz, elkészülni, vigyázz

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés-Húngaro
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megy; menni

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés-Húngaro (Száraz)
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Go en Serbio
Ici-Doci-Postici-Otici-Dopirati-Umreti-Nameravati-Went - Gone-Hodati-Proci-Voziti Se-Setati

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Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés-Albanés (ARDi X)
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[gou] v. (went; gone) 1. shkoj; we went by bus ne shkuam me autobus; go shopping shkoj për të bërë pazaret. 2. iki,largohem; I have to go duhet të iki; let's go! ikim! what time does the train go? kur niset treni? 3. bëhem; jam; go hungry më merr uria; go unpunished shpëtoj pa u ndëshkuar; go mad çmendem; go grey thinjem. 4. ikën, kalon (koha). 5. zhvillohet; go well/ badly shkon mirë/keq; how is it going? si duket puna? 6. ecën, punon; the car won't go makina nuk ecën. 7. (qëllim,vendim); be going to do sth do të bëj diçka; it's going to rain do të bjerë shi; it's not going to be easy nuk do të jetë e lehtë. 8. bie (zilja, sirena). 9. harxhohet; all the money goes for food and rent të gjitha paratë shkojnë për ushqimin dhe qiranë. 10. i jepet; go to i kalojnë, ijepen. 11. hiqet qafe, zhduket; he'll have to go ai duhet të qërohet; everything must go i gjithë malli duhet të shitet. 12. digjet, prishet (sigureca etj). 13. bie, humbet (shikimi, dëgjimi). 14. shkon, ujdis me (një ngjyrë, model etj). 15. e ka vendin, i takon; the plates go in the cupboard pjatat e kanë vendin në bufe. 16. mat. pjesëtohet, hyn; three into two won't go treshi te dyshi nuk hyn. 17. thotë (kënga etj); as the saying goes siç thotë ajo fjala e popullit. 18. (në këshilla) ruhu, kujdes se mos; now don't go catching a cold kujdes mos marrësh ndonjë të ftohtë. 19. vete; you've gone and done it now! ama, të bukur punë vajte e bëre! 20. bën (kafsha); the dog went "woof'' qeni bëri "ham". 21. i drejtohem; go to court i drejtohem gjyqit. 22. vdes; his wife went first e para vdiq e shoqja. 23. fig. gëlltis, duroj, honeps; I can't go tea nuk e duroj dot çajin. • as people/things go duke patur parasysh të tjerët/të tjerat; go all out bëhem copë, përpiqem me të gjitha forcat.
-n 1. ikje, vajtje. 2. gj.fol. vrull, energji. 3. gjendje e punëve. 4. gj.fol. mode, stil. 5. gj.fol. provë, përpjekje; let's have another go at this problem let'i kthehemi edhe njëherë këtij problemi. 6. sukses. 7. gj.fol. ujdi, marrëveshje; it's a go u morëm vesh. • have a go! jepi! provoje! it's my go e kam unë radhën; be on the go jam në lëvizje, jam në aktivitet; no go gj.fol. punë që s'bëhet; e pamundur; gjë pavlerë.

go about [gou ë'baut] a) merrem me, jam i zënë me; b) leviz tutjetëhu; c) kthehem, ndërroj drejtim
go ahead a) vazhdoj; b) përparoj, bëj përpara
go along [gou ë'long] a) bie dakord; bashkëpunoj; b) përparoj; vazhdoj; as you go along aty për aty, në vend; go along with mbështes, përkrah (një plan); ndjek (dikë)
go around [gou ë'raund] a) vij vërdallë, dal e bredh; b) shoqërohem (me dikë); c) qarkullon (një fjalë); d) ka për të gjithë
go at [gou æt] a) sulmoj; b) fig. i futem, i turrem (ushqimeve)
go back [gou bæk] a) kthehem; rikthehem; b) tërhiqem, zmbrapsem; c) e kafillimin, shkon deri tek; daton; d) i rikthehem (diçkaje); go back to a subject i kthehem sërish një teme; e) shtrihet
go back on [gou bæk on] a) anuloj (vendimin); b) nuk mbaj, shkel (premtimin); ha fjalën; c) tradhtoj, pres në besë (mikun)
go before [gou bi'fo:] ndodh më përpara
go by [gou bai] a) shkon, kalon (koha); b) nisem nga, udhëhiqem nga
go down [gou daun] a) ulet, bie (çmimi); b) pranohem; pritem; go down badly më presin keq; c) perëndon (dielli); d) shfryhet (balloni); e) zbret
go down with [gou daun with] më zë (një sëmundje)
go for [gou fo:] a) përpiqem të kap; b) zgjedh; c) më tërheq; d) turrem, sulem; e) vlen; does this go for me too? a vlen kjo edhe për mua? f) përkrah, mbështes
go in [gou in] futem, hyj
go in for [gou in fo:] a) marr pjesë; b) paraqitem (në provim); c) përpiqem të bëj; d) futem në (një profesion); e) shijoj; jepem pas
go into [gou 'intu:] a) mat. hyn (te një numër); b) hetoj, shqyrtoj; c) hyj në (një profesion); d) hyj në (një profesion); d) hyj në hollësira, shtjelloj; e) filloj të; go into a rage filloj të nxehem
go in with [gou in with] bashkohem me; marr pjesë në
go it [gou it] gj.fol. eci shpejt, shpejtoj
go it alone [gou daun] e bëj vetë; veproj i pavarur
go off [gou of] a) iki, largohem; b) shkrehet (pushka); c) ngec, nuk punon; d) bie (zilja); e) prishet (ushqimi); f) fiket (drita); ndërpritet (ngrohja); g) ngjet, ndodh
go off with [gou of with] marr
go on [gou on] a) ndodh, ngjet, zhvillohet; b) zë të punojë; c) shkoj përpara; d) vazhdoj (të bëj); e) shkoj gjetiu; f) flas pa pushim; go on abou something s'pushoj së foluri përdiçka; g) mbështetem në, nisem nga
go on at [gou on æt] ngacmoj
go one better [gou uan 'betë:] a) ia kaloj; b) e shtoj (bastin)
go out [gou out] a) dal; b) dal shetitje; c) fiket (cigarja etj); d) del nga moda; e) shoqërohem (me dikë); f) bëj grevë
go over [gou 'ouvë:(r)] a) shqyrtoj, verifikoj; b) rishikoj; rilexoj; c) ribëj; d) ia dal mbanë; e) ndërroj parti; f) zhrg. zhdëp në dru
go over to [gou 'ouvë:(r) tu:] a) kaloj në (diçka tjetër); b) ndërroj parti; c) rad.,tv. ndërroj kanal
go round [gou 'ouvë:(r) raund] a) mjafton për të gjithë; b) vërtitet
go through [gou thru:] a) provoj, kaloj; vuaj, pësoj; b) harxhoj, shpenzoj; c) kontrolloj, hetoj; d) lexoj (një listë); e) kaloj, pranohem
go through with [gou thru: with] i shkoj deri në fund
go together [gou të'gedhë(r)] shoqërohem vazhdimisht
go towards [gou të'wo:dz, two:dz, 'to:dz] kontribuoj për
go under [gou 'andë:(r)] a) zhytem, fundosem; b) rrënohem, falimentoj, marr fund
go up [gou ap] a) ngjitem; b) rritet (çmimi); c) ngrihet (godina); d) pëlcet, shpërthen; e) (in flames) merr zjarr
go with [gou with] a) shoqëroj; b) shkon, është në harmoni me; go without bëj pa, s'kam nevojë për (diçka)
let go [let gou] a) lë, lëshoj; b) heq dorë; c) ia var
let oneself go [let uanself gou] a) nuk përmbahem; b) ia var vetes
to go [tu: gou] a) mbeten; there are only two days to go kanë mbetur edhe dy ditë; b) amer. për ta marrë me vete; she ordered two hamburgers to go ajo porositi dy hamburger për t'i marrë me vete

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés-Albanés (Bujar.S)
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eci, vazhdoj

Diccionario fuente: Diccionario Inglés Albanés
Más: Traductor de Inglés a Albanais
Go en Mongol
v. (goes , went, gone ) 1. явах, зорчих. We went by bus. Бид автобусаар явав. 2. явах, харих, буцах, мордох, хєдлєх. They came at six and went at nine. Тэд зургаад ирээд найман цагт явцгаав. When does the train ~ ? Галт тэрэг хэзээ хєдлєх вэ ? 3. -д, -т явах/ очих. ~ to school/ church сургуульд явах/ сїмд очих. 4. юманд явах. Let's ~ fishing. Загас барихаар явцгаая. He had gone to buy a newspaper. Тэр, сонин авахаар явсан. 5. хїрэх, очих. Does this road ~ to the station? Энэ зам єєртєє рїї очих уу? 6. байдал нь єєрчлєгдєх, хувирах, . . . болох. Her hair's going grey. Тїїний їс нь цайж байна. The milk went sour. Сїї гашлав. 7. муудах, эвдрэх, хуучрах, элэгдэх. 8. эхлэх. 9. ажиллах, явах, хєдлєх. This clock doesn't ~. Энэ цаг явахгїй байна. 10. таарах, зохих, тохирох. 11. зарагдах, гїйх. The new dictionary is going well. Шинэ толь бичиг сайн гїйж байна. 12. ~ (on sth) мєнгє їрэгдэх/ дуусах. All her earnings ~ on clothes. Тїїний олсон бїх мєнгє хувцсандаа явдаг. 13. нас барах, таалал тєгсєх. 14. дохио єгєх, хонх дугарах, дуу авиа гаргах. No one may leave the classroom until the bell goes. Хонх дуугартал нэг ч хїн ангиас гарч болохгїй. The gun went bang. Буу пан хийв. 15. алга болох. 16. єнгєрєх. Summer had gone. Зун єнгєрлєє. How did the game ~? Тоглоом ямаршуу болж єнгєрєв? be going on (for) sth ... орчим насны/ тооны байх, ... цагийн орчим болох. He must be going on for ninety. Тэр, ер дєхєж байх ёстой. There were going on for fifty people at the party. Yдэшлэгт тавь орчим тооны хїн ирсэн байв. be going to do sth 1. ирээдїйд юу хийхээ тєлєвлєх. We're going to spend our holidays in Wales this year. Бид энэ жил Уэллст амрахаар бодож байна. 2. (хойшид/ ирээдїйд юу болохыг заахад хэрэглэдэг): If the drought continues there's going to be a famine. Хэрэв ган тайлагдахгїй бол єлсгєлєн болно. enough/ something/ sth to be going on with тїр аргалах, ойр зуур хэрэглэхэд хїрэх/ хангалттай байх. 'How much money do you need?' '50$ should be enough to be going on with' 'Чамд хэдий хэмжээний мєнгє хэрэгтэй юм бэ?' 'Тавин доллар байхад болно доо.' go all out for sth; go all out to do sth бїх хїчээ дайчлах, чармайх, . . . тєлєє зїтгэх. The Democratic Party are going all out to win the election. Ардчилсан нам сонгуульд ялахын тєлєє чадах бїхнээ хийж байна. go on (with you) яв цаашаа (дїргїйцэх эсвэл їл итгэсэн байдлыг илэрхийлэхэд хэрэглэдэг). go about 1. see go round/ around/ about. 2. завь зїг чигээ єєрчлєх. go about sth їргэлжлїїлэн хийсээр л байх. Despite the threat of war, people went about their work as usual. Хэдийгээр дайны аюул нїїрлэж байсан авч хїмїїс ердийнхєєрєє ажлаа хийцгээсээр л байв. go about sth/ doing sth юм оролдох/ хийж эхлэх. go after sb араас нь хєєх, мєрєєр нь мєшгих. go after sb/ sth араас нь хєєх/ хєєцєлдєх. He goes after every woman he meets. Тэр, учирсан хїїхэн бїрийн хойноос гїйж байдаг. go against sb ашиг сонирхолд їл нийцэх, эсрэг болох. The case may ~ against you. Хэрэг явдал таны эсрэг эргэж болох юм шїї. go against sb/ sth эсэргїїцэх, сєрєх. She went against her mother's wishes and became a dancer. Тэр, ээжийнхээ їгнээс зєрж бїжигчин болов. go against sth зєрєх, эсрэг байх, зєрчилдєх, харшилдах. go ahead 1. тїрїїлэн явах. 2. болох, хийгдэх. go ahead (with sth) юмыг зєвшєєрсєний/ хэсэг эргэлзсэний / эсэргїїцэлтэй тулгарсны дараа хийж эхлэх. go along with sb/ sth санал нийлэх, хїлээн зєвшєєрєх. go at sb дайрах, довтлох. They went at each other furiously. Тэд бие бие рїїгээ улаан галзуу дайрцгаав. go at sth зїтгэх, чармайх, улайран ажиллах. go away 1. явах, зайлах. ~ away! яв/ зайл/ далд ор! 2. ажлаар/ амралтаар явах. 3. сарних, аажмаар алга болох. go back (to. . .) буцаж/ эргэж очих. She doesn't want to ~ back to her husband. Тэр, хар хїнтэйгээ эргэж нийлэх хїсэлгїй билээ. go back (to sth) 1. эргэн санах/ їзэх. 2. . . . цаг їеэс їїсэн бий болсон байх. go back on sth амласнаа їл биелїїлэх. He never goes back on his word. Тэр ямагт хэлсэндээ хїрдэг. go back to sth/ doing sth хэсэг завсарлаад дахин хийж эхлэх. She's decided to ~ back to teaching. Тэр, эргээд багшлахаар шийдсэн. go before урьд цагт/ ємнє нь болж єнгєрєх. go before sb/ sth -ний ємнє танилцуулах, -нд асуудал оруулах. go beyond sth хэтрэх, -аас их байх. The matter has gone beyond a joke. Уг хэрэг тоглоом биш шоглоом болжээ. go by цаг хугацаа єнгєрєх. go by sth -ний дагуу хийх/ гїйцэтгэх/ шийдэх. go down 1. газар унах/ ойчих. 2. живэх. 3. (нар) жаргах. 4. залгих, хоолойгоор орох. 5. буух, буурах, татрах, унах. The flood waters are going down. Yерийн ус татарч байна. 6. муудах, дордох. 7. тїр зогсох, саатал гарах. go down (in sth) бичигдэх, тэмдэглэгдэх. ~ down in history тїїхэнд тэмдэглэгдэх. go down (to sb) ялагдах. go down with sth євчлєх, євчин авах. go for sb дайрах, довтлох. go for sb/ sth 1. хамаарах, хамаатай байх. What I said about Peter goes for you, too. Питерийн тухай хэлсэн миний їг чамд ч бас хамаатай шїї. 2. юманд явах, явж олж ирэх. Shall I ~ for a doctor? Би эмч аваад ирэх її? 3. сэтгэл татагдах, таашаах, илїїд їзэх. go for sth 1. сонгож авах, шилэх. 2. оролдоод їзэх. go in 1. дотогшоо орох. Let's ~ in, it's getting cold. Хїйтэрч байна орцгооё. 2. нар, сар їїлсийн цаагуур орох. go in for sth 1. шалгалт єгєх, уралдаан/ тэмцээнд оролцох. 2. мэргэжил сонгох. 3. сонирхох, хорхойтой болох. go into sth 1. машин юм мєргєх. The car skidded and went into a tree. Машин шарваад мод мєргєв. 2. орох, элсэх. 3. жолооч ба машин техник ямар нэгэн їйлдэл хийж эхлэх. 4. ааш хєдлєх, . . . байдал гаргах. She went into hysterics. Эмэгтэйн зїрхний хий хєдлєв. He went into a long explanation of the affair. Тэр, эл хэргийг нуршин тайлбарлаж гарав. 5. сайтар шалгах/ судлах. 6. мєнгє/ цаг хугацаа зарцуулагдах. go off 1. явах. He's gone off to the dentist's. Тэр, шїдний эмчид їзїїлэхээр явсан. 2. дэлбэрэх. 3. гэнэт чимээ гаргах. 4. гэрэл унтрах, цахилгаан тасрах, г. м. 5. унтах. 6. хоол хїнс муудах, бээх. 7. чанар нь муудах/ дордох. go off sb/ sth залхах, дургїй болох. go off with sb єєр хїнтэй нєхцєж эхнэрээ/ нєхрєє/ амрагаа хаях. go off with sth бусдын юмыг аваад арилаад єгєх. Who's gone off with my pen? Миний їзгийг хэн аваад явчихав аа? go on 1. болох. What's going on here? Энд юу болж байна? go on with sth/ doing sth їргэлжлїїлэн хийх. He went on talking even though no one was listening. Хэн ч сонсохгїй байхад тэр ярьсаар л байв. go on to sth нэг сэдвээс нєгєєд шилжих. go on (at sb) чихнээс хонх уях, муу хэлэх. go on to do sth нэг юмыг дуусгаад нєгєєг эхлэх. go out 1. гэрээс гадагш гарах. 2. явуулах, илгээх. 3. радио/ телевизээр нэвтрїїлэх. 4. унтрах. 5. мэдээ/ мэдээлэл олны сонорт хїрэх. go out (of sth) 1. тэмцээнээс хасагдах. 2. моодноос гарах. go out (to. . .) тєрсєн нутгаасаа гарч єєр газар очих. Our daughter went out to Australia ten years ago. Манай охин арван жилийн ємнє нутгаасаа гарч Австралид очсон. go out of sb/ sth арилах, алга болох. go out with sb; go out (together) найзлах, явалдах, хамтдаа цаг нєхцєєх. go over sth 1. сайтар їзэх, нэгбїрчлэн шалгах. 2. нарийн тайлбарлах. go over to бодлоо єєрчлєх, нэг намаас/ шашинаас нєгєєд орох. go round 1. эргэх, эргэлдэх. 2. тойруу замаар явах, холуур тойрох. 3. хїрэлцээтэй/ хангалттай байх. There aren't enough chairs to go round. Сандал хїрэлцэхгїй байна. go round/ around/ about 1. нааш цааш явах, холхих, явах. 2. (цуу яриа, зар) тарах, тїгэх. 3. євчин тарах, халдварлах. There's a lot of flu going round at the moment. Одоо гадуур ханиад томуу маш их байна. go round (to. . .) ороод/ дайраад гарах. ~ round to the post office шуудангаар дайраад гарах. go round/ around/ about with sb нийлэх, цаг хамт єнгєрєєх. go through (хууль, гэрээ, г. м.) албан ёсны болгох/ батлах. go through sth 1. зовлон бэрхшээл давах, туулах, їзэх/ амсах. 2. сайтар їзэх, эрэх, хайх. 3. нарийвчлан авч їзэх/ судлах. 4. шат дамжлага дамжих. 5. номыг сайжруулан дахин хэвлэх. 6. юу ч їгїй дуусгах, цєлмєх. go through with sth тєлєвлєсєн/ бодсон зїйлээ хийж гїйцэлдїїлэх. He's determined to ~ through with the marriage despite his parents' opposition. Хэдийгээр эцэг эх нь дургїйцэж байвч тэр гэрлэхээр шийдсэн. go to sb/ sth (шагнал, єв хєрєнгє г. м.) -нд очих. The estate went to the eldest son. Хєрєнгє ууган хїїд євлєгдєн очив. go towards sth мєнгє хандивлах, мєнгєнд нэмэр болгох. The money will ~ towards a deposit for a house. Энэ мєнгє байшин авах гэж хадгалж буй мєнгєнд нэмэр болно. go under 1. усан онгоц/ завь живэх. 2. ажил тєрєл нурах, дампуурах. go up 1. єсєх, нэмэгдэх. Prices have gone up sharply this year. Энэ жил їнэ огцом єслєє. 2. барилга байшин баригдах/ босох. A lot of new houses are going up round here. Энэ хавиар олон шинэ байшин баригдаж байна. 3. театрын хєшиг нээгдэх. go up in flames шатах, гал авалцах. go with sb явалдах. go with sth; go together 1. єнгє/ амт таарах, зохих. White wine goes well with fish. Цагаан дарс загастай сайхан таардаг. 2. дагалдах, нэг дор байх. Disease often goes with poverty/ disease and poverty often ~ together. Євчин ядуу зїдїїг їргэлж дагаж байдаг/ євчин ба ядуу зїдїї їргэлж хамт байдаг. go without (sth) -гїй байх. She went without sleep for three days. Тэр, гурав хоног нойргїй байв. n. (pl goes) 1. тоглоомын ээлж. Whose ~ is it? Хэний ээлж вэ?/ хэн явах вэ? 2. идэвхтэй байдал, завгїй байх. at one go нэг амьсгаагаар, шууд, дор нь. be all go тун завгїй байх. first, second, etc go эхний, хоёрдахь оролдлогоо. She passed her driving test first ~. Тэр, эхний оролтоор жолооны шалгалтыг давав. have a go (at sth/ doing sth) хийх гэж оролдох/ їзэх. have a go at sb/ sth загнах, шїїмжлэх, чихнээс нь хонх уях. leave go/ hold (of sth) тавих. Leave ~ of my arm - you're hurting me! Євдєж байна шїї дээ - гарыг минь тавиач! make a go of sth ахих, амжилт гаргах.

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явах, өнгөрөх, очих, мордох, буцах, ямар нэгэн байдалд байх, хөдлөх, ажиллах

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starta, gå

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v.t/i. jaana/chalna intj. jaa'o(m.)/jaa'iey(pl.)

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1. a circumstance حالت- حقيقت- کيفيت- حال- نوبت- واقعہ- ماجرا- سرگزشت
2. the fashion طور- وضع- ڈھب- ڈھنگ- طريقہ- چال- روش- طرز- طرح
3. a glass of spirits شراب کا گلاس
v. n.
1. be in motion چلنا- سدھارنا- چمپت ہونا- حرکت کرنا- جانا- روانہ کرنا- ڈگرنا
2. walk پيروں چلنا- سير کرنا- ٹہلنا- خراماں خراماں چلنا- چہل قدمي کرنا- ہوا خوري کرنا
3. be taken, accepted or regarded رواج ہونا- دستور ہونا- چلنا- مشہور ہونا- مذکور ہونا- ماليت رکھنا- قدر رکھنا- مؤثر ہونا- عمل کرنا- نافذ ہونا- جاري رہنا
4. turn out گزرنا- بيتنا- ہونا- برآنا- پيدا ہونا- واقع ہونا- پلٹنا- بننا- جانا
5. tend جھکنا- راغب ہونا- تقويت کرنا- باعث ہونا- مائل ہونا- مدد کرنا- جانا- رجوع ہونا- مخاطب ہونا- مفيد ہونا
6. pass in mind گزرنا- آنا- جانا- پڑنا- خيال کرنا
7. gestate پيٹ سے ہونا- حاملہ ہونا- پير بھاري ہونا
8. depart کوچ کرنا- رخصت ہونا- الگ ہونا- جدا ہونا- راہ لينا- گريز کرنا- چھوٹنا
9. be lost or ruined انتقال کرنا- مرنا- فنا ہونا- کال کر جانا- نيست و نابود ہونا- برباد ہونا
10. extend پھيلنا- طول کھينچنا- جانا- پہنچنا- بڑھنا
to go about چکر کھانا- کوشش کرنا- پيروي کرنا
to go between بيچ ميں پڑنا- بيچ بچاؤ کرنا- قضيہ رفع کرنا- نبٹانا
to go by بغير خبر لئے ہوئے گزر جانا- چھوڑ جانا- بھول جانا- ترک کرنا
to go back ہٹنا- الٹا پھرنا
to go down حلق سے اترنا- مقبول ہونا -منظور ہونا
to go for nothing اثر نہ کرنا- مؤثر نہ ہونا- اکارت جانا- نرپھل ہونا- کارگر نہ ہونا
to go hard with خطرے ميں ڈالنا- تکليف دينا
to go in پيٹھنا- گھس جانا- سمانا- امانا
to go in and out گرہست کا کام کرنا- دنيوي کام کرنا
to go into or unto صحبت داري کرنا- لگنا- ہم بستر ہونا
to go on جاري رکھنا- چلانا- بڑھنا- چلنا
to go out 1. بجھنا- گل ہونا- مرجانا
2. مشہور ہونا
to go over بڑھنا- مطالعہ کرنا- ملاحظہ کرنا- ديکھنا- خيال کرنا- طرف بدلنا- بغاوت کرنا
to go through پورا کرنا- تعميل کرنا- تمام کرنا- سہنا- برداشت کرنا- پار لگانا
to let go چھوڑنا- چھوڑ دينا- اجازت دينا
to go one's way اپنا راستہ لينا

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iti, hoditi, peljati se; to ~ along napredovati; to ~after prizadevati si za kaj; to ~ beyond prekašati koga, prekoračiti; to ~ by miniti, mimo iti; to ~ down zaiti, propasti; to ~ for iti po; to ~ in vstopiti; to ~ into lotiti se česa; to ~ in for gojiti, lotiti se; to ~ on nadaljevati; to ~ off sprožiti se, oditi; to ~ out poiti; to ~ over pregledati, uspešno opraviti; to ~ up dvigati se, naraščati; to ~ without pogrešati, stradati; to ~ blind (mad) oslepeti (znoreti)

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(v) іти; їздити; їхати; йти; піти; поїхати; ходити

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