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demand, petition; count; request; rush
claim, demand; pursue; sue


enquiry, inquiry


= demand ; pressure ; push towards ; request ; exigency ; clamour [clamor, -USA].
Ex: The best indexing system can respond to these various demands.
Ex: The pressures of the marketplace mean that any vital facility must be offered by all of the major hosts.
Ex: In the frenetic push towards international cooperation among research libraries, the library needs of the nonscholar are easily overlooked.
Ex: Because the co-ordination of index terms in the index description is decided before any particular request is made, the index is termed a pre-co-ordinate index.
Ex: The LA dangles between short-term exigencies and long-term potentials, and a call for cuts in library school output is trying to cure symptoms rather than diseases.
Ex: Chilton Book Company is probably the largest publisher of repair guides for automobiles and motorcycles, and there is no end to the clamor for these tools at a reference desk.
* a demanda = pro re nata.
* atender a una demanda = cater for/to + interest.
* atender una demanda = cater for/to + demand.
* aumento de la demanda = increase in (the) demand ; increased demand.
* ceder a una demanda = bow to + demand.
* crear demanda = make + demand.
* demanda cada vez menor = falling demand.
* demanda comercial = market demand ; commercial demand.
* demanda de empleo = job demand.
* demanda de mercado = market demand.
* demanda de temporada = seasonal demand.
* demanda de trabajo = job demand.
* demanda estacional = seasonal demand.
* demanda fija = inelastic demand.
* demanda laboral = job demand.
* demanda masiva = mass market.
* demanda mundial = global demand.
* demanda popular = public demand.
* demandas = demand load.
* demanda según la temporada = seasonal demand.
* demanda sin variaciones = inelastic demand.
* edición según la demanda = on-demand publishing.
* en demanda = in-demand.
* estimar la demanda de Algo = gauge + the demand for.
* existir una demanda de = there + be + call for.
* hora de mayor demanda = peak time.
* incremento de la demanda = increased demand.
* indización según la demanda = request-oriented indexing.
* la demanda de = a call for.
* ley de la oferta y la demanda = law of supply and demand.
* nivel de demanda = level of demand.
* oferta y demanda = supply and demand.
* período de mayor demanda = peak time.
* publicación según la demanda = on-demand publishing.
* revista que tiene una gran demanda popular = mass-market journal.
* satisfacer una demanda = meet + demand ; satisfy + demand.
* tener una gran demanda = be in huge demand.
(n.) = appeal ; plea ; claim ; demand.
Ex: Special prominence has been given to the appeals to implement this task, in which libraries have to play an influential part.
Ex: One recent plea for a classification of bibliography along these lines has been by Lloyd Hibberd.
Ex: Dialog also wants relief from outstanding royalty claims from the American Chemical Society.
Ex: Demands from clients will often throw up an occurrence of similar problems, revealing perhaps the operation of an injustice, the lack of an amenity in the neighbourhood, or simply bureaucratic inefficiency.
* demanda colectiva = class action suit ; class action.
* demanda colectiva de los inversionistas = securities class action.
* demanda judicial = litigation ; legal action ; legal proceedings.
* entablar una demanda = bring + a suit against ; file + a suit against ; file + a lawsuit against.
* interponer demanda = face + legal action.
* interponer una demanda = bring + a suit against.
* notificación de demanda = notice of demand.
* poner una demanda = face + legal action.
* presentar una demanda = file + a suit against ; file + a lawsuit against.
* presentar una demanda judicial = take + legal action ; take + legal proceedings.
(v.) = demand ; sue ; clamour for [clamor, -USA] ; bring + a suit against ; take + legal action ; take + legal proceedings ; exact.
Ex: The other part of the picture reveals title indexes to be only crude subject indexes, which for effective use demand imagination and searching skills on the part of the user.
Ex: Given the increasing frequency frequency of lawsuits brought against all kinds of institutions and individuals, libraries and librarians should not assume that they are immune against being sued.
Ex: I've seen people clamor for a say and when it's given to them they don't take it.
Ex: How does one bring a harassment suit against one's employer?.
Ex: If the law is not complied with the individual could take legal action.
Ex: The article 'Publishers go for the jugular over copyright' examines the activities of the American Association of Publishers (AAP) in taking legal proceedings against libraries on copyright grounds and in enforcing payment for photocopying periodical articles.
Ex: Every time the monarch came to parliament to pass a new tax bill, the parliament obliged only after exacting more liberty from him.
* demandar cada vez más enérgicamente = build + pressure.
* demandar el derecho a = press + Posesivo + claim.
* demandar justicia = press + Posesivo + claim.
* demandar mucho esfuerzo por parte de Alguien = tax + Posesivo + imagination.
* demandar por daños y perjuicios = sue + Nombre + for damage(s).
* demandar + Posesivo + atención = demand + Posesivo + attention.
* ser muy demandado = be in huge demand.

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