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unloading; volley, discharge
discharge, unload; release; download, copy files from a distant computer through a modem

volley, exhaust



it discharges

(n.) = downloading ; unloading ; download ; offloading [off-loading] ; discharge.
Ex: This article outlines the downloading of statistics to an IBM PS2/50 and dBase 3 Plus, the processing of the files, and the production of the report.
Ex: Each unit moves around an oval track on a continuous chaindrive in sequence, passing on both sides of a loading and unloading point = Cada unidad se mueve en secuencia alrededor de una pista oval sobre una cadena de tracción continua, pasando a ambos lados de un punto de carga y descarga.
Ex: The software enables the user to specify the entry point of the download.
Ex: It enables easy access to on-line data bases and CD-ROM, off-loading of records, editing, and office tasks such as spreadsheets and word processing.
Ex: In military parlance a volley is a simultaneous discharge of weapons, such as a volley of musket fire, or a broadside from a warship.
* carga o descarga mediante barcaza = lighterage.
* de descarga automática = self-unloading.
* descarga de música = music download.
* descarga eléctrica = electric shock ; electrical discharge.
* descarga estática = static discharge.
* disparar una descarga eléctrica = zap.
* férula de descarga = bite guard ; stress guard ; teeth guard ; dental guard ; night guard.
* tiempo de descarga = download time.
* tiempo de descarga de datos = download time ; latency.
(v.) = unload ; flush ; offload [off-load] ; download ; relieve + Reflexivo.
Ex: The library has a van equipped with an hydraulic lift to unload book trucks.
Ex: The sea swept in across a newly and solidly-built bus stand to come into the river which quickly and conveniently flushed the waters back into the sea.
Ex: Hits retrieved from on-line data bases can be offloaded to the personal data base.
Ex: To download is to capture data online from a remote host computer and transfer it to the store of an in-house standalone system, eg a microcomputer, for processing.
Ex: When I went to the little boys/girls room to relieve myself I was suprised to see the amount of loo rolls stashed in the corner.
* descargar de responsabilidad = remove from + shoulders.
* descargar registros = download + records.

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