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test, attempt, try; prove; sample; establish; tempt; experiment; chance; evidence

try on

core, to

to prove

(v.) = have + a turn at ; test ; play with ; test drive ; run-in ; try out ; have + a shot at ; try + Posesivo + hand ; put + Nombre + to the test ; try + Nombre + on ; try for.
Ex: Seven of the compositors, moreover, did short stints at press, and one of the pressmen had a turn at composition.
Ex: Inmate library workers often test a new librarian, but once he or she has passed the test, they usually become very protective and staunch promoters of the library.
Ex: In this five-day workshop we will play with the design and building of non-traditional interface solutions.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Out for a spin: a school librarian test drives 14 CD-ROM encyclopedias'.
Ex: Such an arrangement would enable a viewer to run-in whatever program he needs.
Ex: All they need is a willingness to experiment a bit and to try out a pedagogical method others testify to being of some value.
Ex: Our goal is to encourage more citizens to tap into the wealth of free, educational resources available online so more people have a shot at improving their lives and their future.
Ex: He abandoned West Africa for a better life in America, trying his hand as an ice cream man.
Ex: There are 2 important areas where the librarian's interpretation of his role are put to the test: his involvement with audiovisual materials, and his attitude towards teaching.
Ex: The psychiatrist has been trying him on several different anti-depressants and group therapies, but none seems to be helping.
Ex: I was rather cheesed off, but decided to hold off on trying for it again, until after the problem had resolved itself.
* merecer la pena probarlo = be worth + a shot ; be worth + a try.
* por probar nada se pierde = nothing ventured, nothing gained.
* probando Algo = trial and error.
* probar a hacer = have + a bash at.
* probar a hacer Algo por uno mismo = try + Posesivo + own hand at.
* probar Algo = dip + Posesivo + toes into these waters ; give it + a whirl ; give it + a shot ; give it + a try ; give it + a go ; have + a whack at ; have + a crack at ; have + a try ; take + a shot at.
* probar diferentes cosas = mess with.
* probarse = try on.
* probar suerte = have + a go ; give it + a shot ; give + Nombre + a try ; have + a stab at ; take + a stab at ; make + a stab at ; take + Posesivo + chances ; try + Posesivo + luck ; give it + a whirl ; give it + a try ; take + the dip ; take + a long shot ; give it + a go ; give it + a twirl ; have + a whack at ; have + a crack at ; try for ; give it + a go ; have + a try ; take + a shot at.
* probar una solución = try out + a solution.
* valer la pena probarlo = be worth + a shot ; be worth + a try.
(v.) = sample ; taste.
Ex: Such reassurance becomes particularly important if the inquirer has not sampled the file, either in a printed format or in browsing online.
Ex: Professional skills are enhanced by the opportunity which IFLA provides to taste the cultures of other countries in a very accessible (dare I say privileged?) way.
* dejar la comida sin probar = leave + Posesivo + food untouched.
* no probar la comida = leave + Posesivo + food untouched.
* sin haber probado una gota de alcohol = stone-cold sober.
(v.) = evidence ; prove ; assay.
Ex: Although in this case there is no SLIS presence in the teaching, it is noteworthy that the same concern as that evidenced in the City University programme is present.
Ex: One must be able to prove that a new staff member was selected with due process and with clearly delineated criteria.
Ex: An important step is to develop tools to assay the developmental roles of the identified genes.
* lo que/eso (simplemente/sólo) prueba que = which/it (just/only/simply) goes to prove that.
* probar la inocencia de Alguien = prove + Posesivo + innocence.
* probar lo que Uno dice = make + good + Posesivo + claim ; make + good + Posesivo + claim.
* probar que Alguien está en lo cierto = prove + Nombre + right.
* probar que Alguien tiene razón = prove + Nombre + right.
* probar que se está en lo cierto = prove + Posesivo + point ; make + Posesivo + case.
* probar que se tiene razón = prove + Posesivo + point ; make + Posesivo + case.
* probar una idea = test + idea.
* probar un punto = prove + a point.
(v.) = try on.
Ex: A study was designed to investigate comments made while trying on bathing suits in the dressing room of a department store.

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