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Aahla (Sanskrit) [from abhi towards + the verbal root jna to know, have special knowledge of, mastery over; cf Pali abhinna] Inner perception; in Buddhism the five or six transcendental powers, faculties, or superknowledges attained on reaching buddhahood. Gautama Buddha is said to have acquired the six abhijnas the night he attained enlightenment. Generally enumerated as:
1) divyachakshus (divine eye) instantaneous perception of whatever one wills to see;
2) divyasrotra (divine ear) instantaneous comprehension of all sounds on every plane;
3) riddhisakshatkriya, power of becoming visibly manifest at will, intuitive perception;
4) purvanivasajnana (power to know former existences) also called purvanivasanu-smritijnana (recollection of former existences); and
5) parachittajnana (knowledge of others' thoughts) understanding of their minds and hearts.

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