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Aanroo (Egyptian) More fully, Sekhet-Aanre (the fields of the reeds); more often called Aarru or Sekhet-Aarru; also Aanru, Aaru. The first region of the Afterworlds (Amenti) reached by the deceased in the afterdeath state, which he enters as a khu. "The second division of Amenti. The celestial field of Aanroo is encircled by an iron wall. The field is covered with wheat, and the 'Defunct' are represented gleaning it, for the 'Master of Eternity'; some stalks being three, others five, and the highest seven cubits high. Those who reached the last two numbers entered the state of bliss (which is called in Theosophy Devachan); the disembodied spirits whose harvest was but three cubits high went into lower regions (Kamaloka). Wheat was with the Egyptians the symbol of the Law of Retribution or Karma. The cubits had reference to the seven, five and three human 'principles' " (TG 1).
Beyond Aanroo, in Amenti, are seven halls with guardians, associated with kama-loka by Blavatsky: "Those only of the dead, who know the names of the janitors of the 'seven halls,' will be admitted into Amenti for ever; i.e., those who have passed through the seven races of each round -- otherwise they will rest in the lower fields; and it represents also the seven successive Devachans, or lokas" (SD 1:674n). See also AMENTI ; Tuat

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