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Avichi avici (Sanskrit) [from a not + vichi waves, pleasure] Waveless, having no waves or movement; without happiness; without repose. "A generalized term for places of evil realizations, but not of 'punishment' in the Christian sense; where the will for evil, and the unsatisfied evil longings for pure selfishness, find their chance for expansion -- and final extinction of the entity itself. Avichi has many degrees or grades. Nature has all things in her; if she has heavens where good and true men find rest and peace and bliss, so has she other spheres and states where gravitate those who must find an outlet for the evil passions burning within. They, at the end of their avichi, go to pieces and are ground over and over, and vanish away finally like a shadow before the sunlight in the air -- ground over in Nature's laboratory" (OG 16-17).
Avichi is a state, not a locality per se; nevertheless, an entity, whatever state it may be in, must have location, and consequently so far as the human race is concerned, avichi is Myalba, our earth in certain of its lowest aspects. Furthermore, in avichi, although it can be looked upon as being the representation of stagnation of life and being in immobility, nevertheless this refers to the temporary or quasi-inability to rise along the evolutionary ladder -- yet not completely so. Beings entirely in avichi are born and reborn uninterruptedly, with scarcely intermissions of time periods.
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In Buddhism, (Sanskrit and Pali for "without waves" — Japanese and Chinese: 無間地獄, Wújiàn dìyù and 阿鼻地獄, Ābí dìyù) or Avichi, is the lowest Level of the Naraka or "hell" realm, into which the dead who have committed grave misdeeds may be reborn. It is said to be a cube 20,000 yojanas (120,000 to 300,000 kilometres) to a side, buried deep underneath the divine(non visible) earth. Avīci is often translated into English as "interminable" or "incessant", due to the idea that those beings which have been sent there languish there eternally. The other hells function more like Purgatory, where after perhaps a few aeons of suffering, one might be reborn as some sort of lowly life-form in a somewhat less horrible place; but, those sent to Avīci Hell are thought to be hopeless of any respite.

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