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bird hunter

Fowler can refer to:
  • A hunter of wildfowl
  • Fowler's solution
  • A Fowler flap
  • Fowler's Modern English Usage, an English language style guide originally by Henry Watson Fowler
  • a type of cannon
  • Fowler's position: a standard patient position in medicine

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State: OHIO

1. English lexicographer who wrote a well-known book on English usage (1858-1933)
(synonym) Henry Watson Fowler
(hypernym) lexicographer, lexicologist
1. someone who hunts wild birds for food
(hypernym) hunter, huntsman
(derivation) fowl

Liverpool & England

Birthdate: April 9, 1975
Birthplace: Liverpool, England
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Position: Forward
International: 11 caps, 2 goals
World Cups: 0
Previous Clubs: None
Transfer Fee: -
Regarded by many as the best natural finisher in England, Fowler’s last two seasons have been largely wrecked by injury. The natural successor to Ian Rush at his club Liverpool FC, he had hit over 30 goals in domestic competition in each of his first three full seasons. He made his England debut in 1996 against Croatia. More than just a penalty-box poacher, though he excels in that art, Fowler can shoot from outside the box with either foot, while he is also a excellent header of the ball.

      reflow      flower

Adarwr = n. a fowler

A sportsman who pursues wild fowl, or takes or kills for food.

the arts of, referred to Ps. 91:3; 124:7; Prov. 6:5; Jer. 5:26; Hos. 9:8; Ezek. 17:20; Eccl. 9:12. Birds of all kinds abound in Palestine, and the capture of these for the table and for other uses formed the employment of many persons. The traps and snares used for this purpose are mentioned Hos. 5:1; Prov. 7:23; 22:5; Amos 3:5; Ps. 69:22; comp. Deut. 22:6, 7.

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