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turn to west, aim westward
westerly wind, wind coming from the west

westering \west"er*ing\ (?), a. passing to the west. toward heaven's descent had sloped his westering wheel.

Wester can refer to:
  • August Wester (1882–1960), American wrestler
  • Curtis Wester (1951–1995) Canadian Football guard
  • Ivar Wester (1892–1967), Swedish sports shooter.
  • Jacob Wester (1987–), Swedish freeskier
  • Jennifer Wester, American ice dancer
  • Johan Wester, Swedish comedian
  • John Charles Wester, American prelate of the Catholic Church
  • Keith A. Wester (1940–2002), American sound engineer
  • Lina Wester, Swedish ice hockey forward
  • Mats Wester (1964–), Swedish musician
  • Oscar Wester (1995–), Swedish freestyle skier
  • Peter Jansen Wester (1887–1931), Swedish-American botanist
  • Tess Wester, Dutch handball player
  • Travis Wester, American actor

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1. wind that blows from west to east
(synonym) west wind
(hypernym) wind, air current, current of air
(hyponym) prevailing westerly, westerly

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