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n : mostly black african weaverbird [syn: whidah, widow bird]

  similar words(2) 

 whydah finch 
 whydah bird 

Whydah may refer in English to:
  • Whydah, a bird in the Viduidae family, also called indigobirds
  • Whydah Gally, a ship captained by pirate "Black Sam" Bellamy that was wrecked in 1717 and discovered in 1984
  • Ouidah, city and colonial fort in present Benin
  • Kingdom of Whydah, which included Ouidah but was headquartered in Savi

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1. mostly black African weaverbird
(synonym) whidah, widow bird
(hypernym) weaver, weaverbird, weaver finch
(member-holonym) Vidua, genus Vidua

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