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sorcery; magic; magical charm or influence

\witch"er*y\ (?), n.; pl. witcheries (&?;).
1. sorcery; enchantment; witchcraft. great comus, deep skilled in all his mother's witcheries. a woman infamous for witcheries. w. scott.
2. fascination; irresistible influence; enchantment. he never felt the witchery of the soft blue sky. the dear, dear witchery of song.
n : the art of sorcery [syn: witchcraft]

Witchery is a Swedish blackened thrash/speed metal band, formed by former members of Satanic Slaughter in 1997. The current lineup consists of vocalist Emperor Magus Caligula (Dark Funeral, ex-Devian), guitarists Patrik Jensen and Rickard "Richard Corpse" Rimfält, bassist Sharlee D'Angelo, and drummer Martin Axenrot. To date, the band has released five full-length studio albums and an EP.

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1. the art of sorcery
(synonym) witchcraft
(hypernym) sorcery, black magic, black art, necromancy
(derivation) hex, bewitch, glamour, witch, enchant, jinx

Rheibiadaeth = n. witchery

Sorcery; enchantment; witchcraft.
Fascination; irresistible influence; enchantment.

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